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Tatyana Kotova

( 'Miss Russia 2006' member of the girl pop group "VIA Gra".)

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Biography Tatyana Kotova
photo Tatyana Kotova
At the recent prestigious beauty contest 'Miss Russia' won our countrywoman, a resident of the village Sholokhov, Tatyana Kotova. Serious girl, . 5 th year student of Rostov State University, . studying crisis management at the Department of Economics, . one day become known, . rich, . the most beautiful girl of Russia! It looks like a fairy tale, . is not it?,

. Tatiana, a friendly, cheerful, sociable family, which is more than one generation is known for the beauty
. Pope, Nicholas A., a former miner, is currently engaged in entrepreneurial activity. My mother, Marina, worked in a bank. Grandmother, Anna Gavrilovna, now lives with Tanya's parents and a granddaughter survive for, in fact makes it possible for a competition, Tanya is forced to adhere to a strict diet. Tatyana also has a younger sister, Katya. She was admitted to the same school, and at the same faculty that Tatiana. The sisters are very good friends, despite the difference in character and tastes. Tatiana is more inclined to beauty, more artistic, Katja totally absorbed learning. Tatyana is a cousin - Marina Kotova, who recently won the district competition 'Miss Cossack'.

The quest for physical perfection parents develop in girls from childhood. Pope Thani has unraveled in the five months her hands. When a little girl grew up, he started every morning with charging them. Tanya soon learned to make twine, was remarkably flexible and malleable child, and yet my father taught Tatiana boxing, that it can stand up for himself! Tatyana Kotova. Biography.

In 13 years, Tatiana carried away belly dancers. Professional educators, who would have been able to teach her, there was not only in the village, but also in the city. It was only the stubbornness and a burning desire for whatever was to learn how to dance belly dance! "She got out the tape and studied for nim.Uchilas hard, . persistently, . not days or weeks, . a whole years! That's where I can apply my father planted a love of sports!,

. In beauty contests Tatiana became involved in school, . despite a stern warning to mothers: 'No contests, . prepare for the control! " The costume for the contest realized at the time: skirt from Grandma's shawl, . black gloves to the elbow of tights, . and the top crowned roskashnaya fox - my father's hunting trophy,
. And she her first victory, the first small step to the future of major achievements. She - 'Miss Autumn-98', 'Miss Charm'. Then the boys began to ask the local beauties first autographs.

Tanya was in my third year ekonomfaka Rostov University, where her completely by chance noticed the head of modeling agency 'Image-Elite'. Invited to visit the master class. And after a brief view stated that such facial features she had not yet met. She said if Tanya learn a little bit, it becomes second Naomi Campbell. The words sank into the soul master of the young beauty, and she began to actively engage in school models, go to fashion shows. Fortunately, that was a bad choreography Tatyana Kotova. Biografiya.podgotovka, handy and children's sportsmanship and belly dancers. Classes at the agency began in April, but a few months later Tatyana invited to participate in the 'Best Model of the Southern Russia', where she entered the first five. As a result of the contest she was invited to take part in the struggle for 'Crystal crown of Crimea', where she received the title 'Vice-Miss'. In September, was a victory in the contest 'Rostov Beauty - 2006'. Charming blonde won the audience and jury beauty, artistry and intelligence. His favorite writer she called Bulgakov.

Tatyana Kotova. Biografiya.A in December, our home town took part in the contest for the right to be called the most beautiful woman of the country. Preparing for the contest has become an ordeal for all fifty contestants. Three weeks before the contest they poselilii in the Moscow boarding. A strict diet allows only fruktty and vegetables. Every day, contenders for three hours for physical exercise and three hours - defile. But the most difficult for Tatiana was that she could not see his parents, which insanely bored, comfort was short, only calls.

And then came the exciting and dolgozhdynny day of the contest, which took place December 15 in Moscow in Gostiny Dvor. Look on the most beautiful girls came famous people, stars, politicians and show business.

Of the fifty participants came to the final 10. Contestants had to show off the intellect, and Tatiana Kotova surprised everyone by naming a book that she read the last - 'Symphony of mind' in. Vorontsov, which many had never heard!

Of the top ten jury selected the top three. But the winner was selected by viewers, . and there certainly lidirovaala Tatyana Kotova - she voted for more than half of viewers! Tatiana became the owner of the title of 'Miss Russia', . crown of white gold 750-carat, . dotted with 85 grenades, . 27 pearls and 1574 diamonds and won the grand prize of $ 100 thousand dollars!,

. Tatyana Kotova
. Biografiya.V Rostov at the ramp waiting for the winner of a white limousine and parents with flowers. Straight from the airport, they went to a press conference in Rostov and then drove home in the village Sholokhov. Here Dad gave Tanya a truly royal welcome - rented a restaurant and invited friends and fellow villagers. In total, about 100 people were. So all this is more like a wedding. Only without the groom. His fate has not yet met Tatiana. So her heart was free, and kotrakt 'Miss Russia' commits this year not to marry

. Tatiana has ambitious plans, very soon a new contest 'Miss World' where Tatiana will represent Russia, sincerely want to wish our victory Zemlyachka! Although we have no competition and then know that the most beautiful girls live in the area Kalitva!

. Since March 2008 Tatyana Kotova is a party to the popular Ukraine-Russia group "VIA Gra"
. Tatiana was the debut video clip I am not afraid, in which she starred with the rest of the participating groups. The first performances of Tatyana in the group were concerts in Moscow, Sungate Port Royal (Antalya, Turkey) and Ogre (Latvia). The first television was filming a concert dedicated to 30-year anniversary of the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".

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Tatyana Kotova, photo, biography
Tatyana Kotova, photo, biography Tatyana Kotova  'Miss Russia 2006' member of the girl pop group "VIA Gra"., photo, biography
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