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GER Anna

( Actress)

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Biography GER Anna
Germ Anna Mikhailovna was born March 14, 1972 in Leningrad. In childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina, then a teacher, but not an actress.

In 12 years, Ani has been compression fracture of the spine. She worked on downhill skiing, fell and got this injury. Doctors predicted her wheelchair, but Anya's mother managed to pull her out of this nightmare. There were endless hikes, trips to the professors, the piles of X-ray images ... Then she was for many years pursued a terrible pain, and not only in the back - were very strong headaches. Anna every day with her falling asleep and waking up, and only years later realized that this pain has taught her a lot. Because the walk and from morning till evening to tell everyone how hurt you - stupid. She had to learn to control themselves and behave just like everyone. This has fostered in her will, and when (after a call to leech) it all left she felt very happy man.

In his youth, Anya became involved in painting and even graduated from art school. Well, after realized that it would be a director, it was a hard decision.

In 1991 she enrolled in acting and directing faculty RATI (GITIS), MA in studio. Zakharova. After studying one year, delivered the second course as external students and moved to third in the studio A. A. Goncharova.

Already in 1993, Anna began playing in Theater. VV. Mayakovsky, to teach the technique of speech in a private studio and duplicate foreign films.

In 1997, Anna starred in the first film and began writing scripts. Actively engaged in education in Film Directing.

In 2005, together with Vladislav Astafiev created a production company 'AG Film', on the basis of which withdrew his first film.

Anna Germ - Member of the Union of Cinematographers Guild and Member of the Screen Actors Guild Russia.


Anna Germ lived with her husband, Roman 8 years old and divorced. Considers herself an actress that played a role in the rift long trips, the permanent separation of the profession.

In 2003, Anna met with Vadim, and they started a relationship. Vadim courted Anya almost a year. In January 2004, the second will be even a wedding. The groom was older than the bride's only two years. Tall, muscular, athletic, intelligent, knew four languages, charming, rich ... In short, an enviable Party. But at the last moment the lovers quarreled and the wedding never took place. "Yellow press" blamed the mother in law, but that there was really no one knows, because the actress does not like to expose intimate details of life on public display.

Interesting facts

Anna enjoys fencing, alpine skiing. After a childhood trauma she had a fear of falling - she was afraid of skis, a bike ... But once again stood on skis, then was surprised to realize that the skills have not gone away.

In addition, Anna sings beautifully, what the audience could see, looking mysterious episode, "Black Crow" where she played the main role of Tatyana Larina Pribludovoy -. Also in collaboration with Marina Migunova she wrote several scripts for films.

. Filmography

. 1997 Harvest Moon Festival
. 1999 Directory of Death
. 2000 Showcase
. 2000 Kamenskaya
. 2000 Lent Monday
. 2001 Mole
. 2001-2005 Black Crow
. 2003 Return of Mukhtar
. 2003 Evlampia Romanova 1
. 2003 Taxi Driver \ jinks \ Monk
. 2003 Ondine
. 2004 Hope spent the last
. 2004 New Men
. 2,006 dead, alive, dangerous

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GER Anna, photo, biography
GER Anna, photo, biography GER Anna  Actress, photo, biography
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