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NORTH Arkady

( Singer, singer)

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Biography NORTH Arkady
Arkady D. North (real name - Zvezdin) was born March 12, 1939 in the city of Ivanovo. His father, Dmitry Ivanovich, was a great chief of the Ivanovo railroad. Mother, Galina Davydovna - physician-radiologist. In the family they had five children: older sister and brothers Ludmila Valentin, Leo, Michael and Arkady.

In deststve Arkady learned to play the seven-stringed guitar. He was just a phenomenal memory, . and he knew and performed to the accompaniment of guitars huge number of different songs: songs by Soviet composers, . popular at that time foreign hits and of course the "city romances" - songs, . which were popular among the teenagers of the time,
. One sister gave Arcadia handwritten songbook, which contained verses Esenina and Rubtsov, and a lot of thieves lyrics. Arkady they learned, and my sister showed how these songs have to be carried, in what manner and with what tone. Frequently visiting the youth companies, Arkady never refused requests from friends to sing and sang with great pleasure. In 1957, Arkady graduated from high school and enrolled at the Leningrad Forestry Academy for Planning and Economic Department.

None creative activity - KVN concert of student initiative - not without the participation of Arcadia. Everywhere he appeared with a guitar, sang songs, became fascinated with jazz - he sang in high school orchestra in English, in imitation of Armstrong.

Of course, such a bohemian life was much more interesting as boring lectures on political economy or philosophy. There were "tails", "two" ... Teachers said Arkady: "If you really, . Zvezdin, . so love to sing, . then go to school variety show and does not take someone else's place! "But Ms. Arkady graduated from the Academy, . distribution was retained in Leningrad and in 1965 started his career in Soyuzeksportlese.,

. While still a student, in 1963, held the first sound recordings Arcadia North
. At some companies, he sang a few songs with guitar. And recorded Arcadia Rudolf Fuchs, who later played in the fate of the singer's crucial.

Fuchs was a Soviet businessman - underground, of course. He was connected with those who are home-produced records on the bones "and even vinyl discs ... In addition, Fuchs recorded at his home of amateur singers. After that first accidental recording a few years the Northern and Fuchs did not meet.

In 1968-1969 he served in the Soviet Army, a lieutenant in the Air Force helicopter regiment near Leningrad. Later on this period of his life he ran into the people Arkady legend that the service he allegedly had to pass in the skies of Vietnam.

In December 1969, Arkady and married to Valentina Boitsova. June 14, 1971 and gave birth to daughter Natalya.

In the late 60s-early 70s (at Shelega is 1967.) Arkady Fuchs came to home to buy either a plate, or something else. And Fuchs suggested Sevrnomu perform a few songs. It was found that the repertoire is small - about 30 songs. But a trained eye could see Fuchs talent Arcadia. While the country is already there were a lot of films with songs of bards, and the emergence of another is unlikely to be so markedly. Then Fuchs defines a unique and memorable image: "No Soviet music, . no jazz, . No tents, campfires! Your trump card - Blatnjak! "It Fuchs and came up with a loud, stage name, . - And Arkady Zvezdin becomes Arkady North.,

. Fuchs actively down the North since 1972
. From early recordings can upomnyaut so-called. "Programs for Gosconcert". The last entry in Fkusa dated November 1975: "At birthday daughter Fuchs". Early records of North eagerly bought, but greater competition such performers art song, as Galich, Vysotsky, Kukin, Vizbor North was not. However, many collectors were his records. The concerned North and Sergei Maklakov-passionate "magnitofonschik and music fan. Through intermediaries he was able to locate the North, and in the same 1972 (a Shelega 1969), the Arkady arrived at the apartment to Maklakov. One of the first "maklakovskih" records of the Northern ballad was "Luka Mudischev".

"When I listened to film the North, not knowing him, I imagined a sort of mighty praen, hero. Vote because it has a low, hoarse. Besides, I was sure that he is a urkagan, Zhigan with Moldavian, who had more than one spell in gaol. I confess, I did a little afraid of - God only knows what kind of person! "- This is remembered about the meeting itself Maklakov. Then head was recorded by an entire 500 meter spool. And since then began a good friendly relations between the North and Maklakov.

And making a few records of the Northern, sing songs with guitar, Maklakov planned to write Arcadia with orchestra. And the meeting brought Maklakova with Nicholas Rezanov - leader of the ensemble, who played in the restaurant "Float".

Rezanov became a professional musician in 1968. Head lenkontsertovskogo "Traditsional-dzhazbenda Roman Morgulyan helped Nicholas Rezanov artistic council to pass and took it to his team. Next year Rezanov switches to the "Jazz Orchestra Joseph Weinstein" and mastering the banjo. Here he gets a musical moniker Michelle Pearl. According to one legend, this name came up while working in this team Vsevolod Levinstein, better known now as Showa Novgorodtsev, host of several popular programs on Radio BBC SI ". In 1970m Nicholas Rezanov works in Chita Philharmonic, as part of VIA's good youth "in favor of Yuri Antonov. Shortly Rezanov settles in Leningrad restaurant "float" as the head of the group "Brothers Pearl."

. The first record of the Northern Arcadia "Brothers pearl", which later received the name of 'Oh, mummy', held in April 1975, at the apartment collector Dmitri Koletina - friend and colleague Sergei Maklakova

Arkady with Koletinym friendships, and in the autumn of the same (1975), the Arkady settled in his apartment. The fact is that by that time, Arcadia was a place to live, he left the family and home, and lost his job in the 'Exportles'. In Koletinyh North lived for about one and a half years. During this time, D. M. Koletinym produced many records Arcadia with a guitar on which performed as a street and the thieves, and lyrical songs and romances.

In 1976, Arkady has made several attempts to get rid of his fully developed disease - alcohol dependence. Unfortunately, and treatment in the Leningrad Institute. Bechterew, and in a Moscow hospital on Kashirskoye highway only lead to short-term remission. From about mid-1976 Arkady already was not working, and completely converted to a bohemian lifestyle of the underground artist. His personal relationships with family Koletinyh more and more complicated.

Later recordings were carried out in an apartment Maklakova. Northern liked recorded on tape. He felt that his songs needed, that they are waiting. And spread out on each record on the full program

. "As he sang, how he laid out!", . - Recalled Vladimir Mazurin, . musician and electrician, . each Sergei Maklakova, . - "In such momnety thought: well, why we live, why should hide?" Look, here it is - the Russian soul, . in its entirety, . open and patient, . Bright and cheerful,
. Today rarely hear that someone so selflessly laid out to. All we shoved - corrupt and insincere. I am - a fan of jazz, devout fan. But the North - this is also jazz. How does the trumpet in his hands, lips, lungs, the heart of Louis Armstrong, and is mocked and ridiculed snobs criminal songs lived in Arcadia, North. "

. Maklakovskie record Arcadia North, accompanied by "Brothers Pearl" received the extraordinary popularity
. People of different professions and ages love songs of the North and his voice. And, as always happens with popular artists around the North begin piling various, sometimes unbelievable legends.

In comments to the songs during the recording Arkady North has often said "We in Odessa ..."," When I was in Odessa ... ". Because of these kommentraiev, and even for the stylized "Odessa" way of singing songs, many have decided that the singer originally from Odessa. But in Odessa, this did not know ... Rumors spread that the North had emigrated to America in a more civil, that he lives in America, immensely rich, and now for pleasure appears sometimes in the restaurant "Odessa" at Brighton. Some argued that he had heard of the Northern Song, when he sat with him on the Kolyma. Others said that the North - an illegitimate son of party leader Anastas Mikoyan, and this explains the fact that for such "seditious" song singer has not paid the price of freedom ...

Rumors spread, the popularity grew, life goes on ... Arcadia often invited to visit, treated, fed, and demanded songs. He could sing all night until the morning, often "walk" for weeks. But despite their popularity, Arkady remained a modest, in the new company was not very talkative, but always friendly. Perhaps the alcohol gave him a sense of emancipation, helped the pain hurts and injustices.

In early 1977 is an incomprehensible story of the Leningrad collector Viktor Nabokov. In January, he recorded two concerts with the ensemble of Northern Arcadia 'Overtone', one of which was made in the original rock 'n' roll style. But then suddenly in the address Arcadia heard accusations that he stole Naboko original records. What really lay behind the story - still remains unknown. Shortly thereafter, Arkady goes from Leningrad, but there is a connection between his departure and the story - also unknown.

. Just at this time Kiev collector Fred Revelsonu can be found in Fuchs's Arcadia and inviting him on tour to Kiev, where Arkady and arrives in April 1977
. This recording was made of the concert with the ensemble Gregory Balbera, resulting album was released the tape recorder, known as "Hello Kiev!".

And soon the North receives an invitation from the Odessa Collector Vladislav Kotsishevskogo, and in late April arrives in Odessa. In the spring of 1977, North Arkady wrote in Odessa concerts with the ensemble of "The Black Sea Gull", assembled specifically for these records. First, in three concerts with Omsk author of the executing Vladimir Shandrikovym, and later in the summer of 1977 - in two solo concerts. One of them - 'Aunt Shura', is widely recognized as a model of the classics in the genre of street poetry.

Autumn of 1977 Arkady again referred for treatment in a Moscow clinic. At this time, can achieve remission for a year.

After treatment, Arkady returned to Leningrad, where Sergei Maklakov re-organize its records with the "brothers Pearl". Now they are carried out at a respectable level of music (concerts 'Dixieland', 'Seeing-1977'), as well as more original in terms of his repertoire. Basically not performed folk songs, and songs to poems piterskogo amateur poet Vladimir Romenskaya friend Arcadia North and Sergei Maklakova.

. The repertoire of the North was about a thousand songs, most of naizut he knew, having a wonderful childhood memory
. Arkady Northern sang songs of diverse origins: the words of Vladimir Vysotsky, Dolsky, Vertinsky, Galic, Aleshkovskii, Lobanovskiy from repertuala Utesov, P. Leshchenko, Kozina. Sang and works whose authors are neizvsetnymi - songs that have become popular in fact. In songs, the North can not find an open political protest: Arkady avoided politics and did not want to have any business in this wicked lady. He did not relish the role of a rebel.

But, though the songs in the repertoire were many, and they will sooner or later exhausted. Began repeats, which does not delighted Maklakova, who continued to "supervise" the North. Among friends Maklakova poetic gift had one man - Vladimir Romensky. He came to the rescue.

Vladimir Romenskyi born May 20, 1935 in Leningrad. His father and mother were physicians. In the blockade of Vladimir with his mother remained in Leningrad. After the war he went to school, graduated ten classes. He served in the army rank and file from 1955 to 1958. After the Army, worked in a factory electrician. With Maklakov Romny introduced in 1971, their mutual friends, and they lived not far from each other. Sometimes Romenskyi present when the records are organized Maklakov - there Vladimir and met with the North.

In verses Romny not been candid thug theme. But these poems were very sincere, they were quite rhythmic and beautifully laid down on music. In the records of the Northern 78-80 years and just dominate songs on poems by Vladimir Romny. This Autumn Petersburg, . and "Clouds", . and "Friend Sergei" - the song, . dedicated to Sergei Maklakov, . and "The Lieutenant Golitsyn" - that Romenskyi brought scattered fragments and a refrain in the type, . we now know, . Although the authorship of the song attributed to his many, . and the continuation of "Lieutenant" - psenya "Do not be sad, . The officers ..."; and songs, . written to friends: "Nightmares", . "Coop", . Itogi, . "Girls, . girls ..,
. Many poems V. Romny not lost its relevance and now. Read the poem "decent" (by the way, do not forget that it was written no later than the 1980go, and there meets the definition of the epoch "zastoyka", at least 5 years before Gorbachev), "Equality" ...

Soon the North once again went to Odessa, to its new civilian wife Zinaida. (For information about the fact that their marriage was registered, has not yet confirmed. As well as the fact that Arkady has received registration from Odessa). The spring and summer of 1978, Arkady again cooperates with B. Kotsishevskim, written under his guitar, as well as with the ensembles 'The Black Sea Gull' and 'Six plus one'.

Arkady is the fall in Moscow, and at the same time is a recurrence of his illness. In the capital, organized several restaurants speeches North, one of them - for the hockey players of the USSR. Arkady soon parted ways with Zinaida, which probably is further exacerbated by his illness. Records in this period is quite a bit - with the ensemble 'Aelita' in Feodosiya, and a concert of songs based on poems Esenina in Odessa.

By this time, the North finally became a professional 'the underground' and the tramp. His way of life - in fact, is most unlikely to Soviet reality. Without any registration, no passport, not to mention the 'official' place of work, the North free to travel around the country, and openly participates in the records of the repertory, it is unacceptable to the Soviet regime.

. In early 1979 Arkady returned to Leningrad
. Here is closely converges with the company 'business' acquaintances. Ramenskoye and B. Tikhomirov, working steering wheel door, rather favorable to the Soviet era business. At the apartment of one of them, Valery Shorin, Arkady live a few months.

Spring Sergei Maklakov organizes its next record with 'Brothers pearl'. True, the ensemble this time appears under the name 'God's abode'. Around the same time, Arcadia finds his first 'impresario' - Rudolf Fuchs. It organizes the speech of Northern Georgi Ordanovskim and rock band 'Russians' (record, unfortunately, not preserved). Soon Arkadi received an invitation to tour the city Tikhoretsk where and sent in early summer.
. In Tikhoretsk head of the local recording studio Stanislav Safonov organizes record with a band of Northern 'Meeting', with the participation of well-known in the genre of the singer and organist Anatolia Mezentseva
. After Tikhoretsk North Kushchevskaya goes to the village where the local collector N. Pushkarsky is recorded with the ensemble 'Kazachok', and then to Rostov-na-Donu. There Arkady gives several concerts restaurant. In late summer, he came to Odessa, where he recorded his 'gold disc' - a big concert with 'Black Sea gull' from Odessa classics, so-called 'Kherson concert'.

. Then Arkady goes to Moscow.

. During his stay in Moscow, the North again in favor with restaurant concert, which, according to the recollections of different people, it was quite a lot
. Rumor attributed the Northern and special concerts for senior government and Party leaders, but the exact way it is not. He lives in this period at different homes, until finally he settled in Anatolia Pisarev. Here he lived until the spring of 1980, recording a lot of home concerts, including - with songs composed by himself A. Pisarev.

In February, at the invitation of Maklakova Arkady briefly arrives in Leningrad, where he recorded a concert with the Brotherhood pearl '(' Olympic 'show or' Sobriety '), as well as in domestic concert with Vladimir Romny. Then returned to Moscow, where he receives a small amount for some concerts. But the money from him steal, and some of those whom he trusts ... This becomes a strong shock to the Arcadia North, and he decides to drink, to commit suicide (per year before his death he vshili ampoule). But ampoule somehow does not work, and this further exacerbates the depression of the singer.

North returned to Leningrad and goes into the booze - and last longer ... An apartment in. Shorin he suddenly comes a massive brain hemorrhage.

Thus the final hours and minutes described the singer Michael Sheleg: "They rushed to call an ambulance. As she arrived, until doctors examined disgust drunken unconscious body, while able to take to the hospital, the time has been lost. Apparently, in the hospital in no hurry to begin the operation, looking at the shabby appearance incoming patient - and another homeless drunk. On the night of 11 to 12 April 1980, in 1 hour and 35 minutes from a brain haemorrhage died Arkady Dmitrievich Zvezdin - king thug lyrics. The diagnosis: hypertension with atherosclerosis and severe malnutrition.

. Prophecy were the words of his friend, the poet Vladimir Romny: "Someone will die a lonely drinking bout, and the newspapers would not write, oh, say, suffered a heavy grief ..."

. Few of the admirers of the North during the life saw him
. But his voice is known to many. That voice and now, after almost 30 years after the death of its owner, lives. It sounds from the old tapes and new CDs. And while we listen to it until recall - Arkady Northern alive ... Alive that "second life", which is given only talent.

Buried Arkady Dmitrievich Zvezdin (North) in St. Petersburg in the crematorium.


The artistic heritage of a. North consists of more than one hundred tape album. The list continues to be refined by collector enthusiasts. Not all records can be considered the Northern traced to the moment. Previously unknown recording from time to time 'float' until now.

In May 1980, had already emigrated Rudolf Fuchs in the New York newspaper 'The new Russian word' published an article by the memory Arcadia North. In the future, Fuchs has published several articles on the North, and in 1989 on his initiative at the Leningrad record company 'Melody' was released on CD 'In memory of Arcadia North'.

. In the 90 years records of the Northern published on CD-ROM Moscow by RCD, and several other smaller record companies, and in the future - studio 'Night Taxi' A
. V. Frumin, who now owns the legal rights to publish entries A. North.

Since 1996, in St. Petersburg, annual festivals memory Arcadia Zvezdina-North. But the executable at these festivals, the genre is far from what he did Arkady North ...

. The first mention of the North in the Soviet press have appeared in the late 80's, and in 1995 Michael Shelegov was written and published the book 'Singing, Zhigan', where the first provides a brief biography of the North
. Later, M. Sheleg stated it in his book 'Arkady North. Two facets of life ', which was published in 1997, and reprinted in 2000.

In 2006, the Internet published text books and. Efimova and D. Petrova (M. Loov, M. Inozemtseva, K. Cousin, A. Y-ova, A. P-va, r. Mr. yna, C. C-ova, C. M-Eva, G. L-ova, under the scientific. Hand-tion R. I. Soloviev) 'Arkady North, the Soviet Union'.


Voice Arcadia North for the first time sounded with the screen in a Soviet propaganda film 'conspiracy against the country of the Soviets' (film? 1), 1984. (Director Vermisheva E., studio TSSDF) as a 'sound picture' for cadres, showing the first wave of Russian emigration. Was used a piece of song 'Do not be sad, gentlemen'.

. In 1993, there is documentary television program on the Arcadia North 'North Chanson' by Michael Sheleg.

. In 1997, filmed 'It was almost that the signs' (directed by Dmitry Zavilgelsky) documentary music film tells about the fate of the famous Leningrad underground singer - Arkady Dmitrievich Zvezdina-North
. Tele-film premiere on the channel TVC in 1998

. In 2005, the director Dmitry Zavilgelsky made the film 'When we get back ...' The film tells the story of a monument to the underground singer, 70-ies North Arcadia (Zvezdina) in St. Petersburg, . through the 'prism' tragic history, . destroyed in the 70 years the monument known bards Aaron Krupp,

In 2005, the American movie comes out (on the Russian-Jewish theme) Everything is Illuminated, directed by Leo Shreeybera (Liev Schreiber), with actor Ilaey Wood (Elijah Wood) in the main role. In one scene, the movie sounds a song performed by Northern Arcadia.

. December 30, 2008 at 22:10 on Channel Five (St. Petersburg) premiered a new documentary for the anniversary of North Arcadia 'A man who was not' (http://www.5-tv.ru/video/1015676/)

. Films about A
. North can be seen in the Virtual cinema documentary film http://www.filmdoc.ru

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NORTH Arkady, photo, biography
NORTH Arkady, photo, biography NORTH Arkady  Singer, singer, photo, biography
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