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Lech Kachinsky

(Political activist, former president of Poland)

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Biography Lech Kachinsky
photo Lech Kachinsky
Twin brothers Lech and Yaroslav Kachinsky were born 18 July, 1949 in Warsaw, in the family of the WW2 veteran, officer Rimund and philologist Yadviga.

Lech Alexander Kachinsky (polish Lech Alexander Kaczynski) was 45 minutes younger than his brother.

They were always confused by friends, school teachers. The boys used to take advantage of this. Yaroslav was good at natural sciences, did homework instead Lech, he helped in his turn to his brother with foreign languages and literature. Nevertheless there was a mark by which they could be differed from each other. Lech had two small moles on the cheek.

At the age of 13, the twins starred in the popular Polish fairytale 'Two that Stole the Moon'.

Lech studied on juridical faculty of Warsaw university, got Master's degree in 1972. In 1979 he defended his dissertation in the University of Gdansk, in 1990 he became professor of this university.

Career in politics
Lech began his political career in the Committee of Workers' Defense in 1977 that was counted for anticommunist clandestine activity. He was a council of the interplant strike committee of the city. He was also put in jail for 11 months. After imprisonment he continued participating in union activity as one of the closest fellows of Lech Walesa, future Polish president (1990-1995).

In 1988 Kachinsky joined Walesa's Civil committee. In June, 1989 he was elected to senate, in 1990 appointed the first chairman deputy of "Solidarity". Kachinsky headed bureau of national safety in office of the polish president. From 1992 till 1995 Lech headed the Central auditor commission.

From 1995 Kachinsky had to go on with his researches and teaching. In 2000-2001 Lech held post of the Minister of Justice in Ezh Buzek's government. Supporting restriction of criminal legislation, he became one of the most popular members of the cabinet.

In April, 2001 together with his brother Lech created conservative political party "the Law and Justice" and became its chairman. In September of the same year the party received 9,5 % of votes on parliamentary elections, and Kachinsky again became the deputy, having headed the right opposition in diet.

In November, 2002 Lech got overwhelming majority of votes and was elected as the president (mayor) of Warsaw. On October, 23rd, 2005 Lech Kachinsky became president of the Polish republic.

According to observers, Kachinsky's victory foretold orientation of foreign policy to closer cooperation with the USA and braking of integration with EU, and also deterioration of relations with Russia.

On April, 10th, 2010 the president of Poland died in air crash when went together with delegation to Katyn for participation in memorial actions. The plane due to low visibility touched a tree during landing in airdrome of Smolensk and lighted up. There were no survivors. All political elite of Poland died in this wreck. Total number of victims made 132 persons.

Lech had daughter - Marta Dubinetskaja (born 1980) and granddaughter Eva.

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Photos of Lech Kachinsky
Lech KachinskyLech KachinskyLech KachinskyLech Kachinsky

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Lech Kachinsky, photo, biography
Lech Kachinsky, photo, biography Lech Kachinsky Political activist, former president of Poland, photo, biography
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