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Lilya Hegai


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Biography Lilya Hegai
photo Lilya Hegai
Lilya Hegai was born on July, 4th 1965 in the Tadjik resort city of Obi-Garm where her parents worked at that time. She is ethnic Korean, though has also Chinese relatives. At a birth Liliya was covered with hair, what means "magic forces" in the child.

Most part of life Lilya lived with her family in Uzbekistan where her unusual capabilities were revelaed. For the first time she had learned about them in childhood when she could expect theft in their house by a neighbor.

Already at the age of six Liliya persuaded her mother not to lend money to a woman who had come to their house. Lilya heard her bad thoughts. In a consequence it appeared that the woman was a trickster. Form that time on her relatives always listened to her and asked her advice concerning any reason.

Being a yougster Lilija Hegaj showed all character traits inherent in indigo children. In the first class she didn't go to school, studying was not interesting for her. She could leave the classroom in the middle of a lesson. She never depended on her schoolmates, always had her own opinion and could stand for herself. Once she simply left the school and never returned there. Parents were not able to influence her. No threats and punishments were effective. When she was locked in her room, she made fire there.

Lilya inherited her talent from her granny. Her grandmother could go to taiga and win a tiger by herself. Her parents loved and cherished her, but she was never understood. She felt lonely. Hegai is her pseudonym that she took from grandfather who fought during czar's time and protected his homeland. Lilya does not reveal her real surname to anybody explaining this as she swore to her grandfather to run on his family.

It was difficult for her to adapt to ordinary life, her insight, childish naïvety baffled her. She always saw and knew everything. Doctors predicted her barrenness, but she knew it was false. Now she has two boys. She always felt others' pain and tried to help people, but she couldn't cope with her own problems. In her own life she was helpless. Without education Lilya had to feed her family and began to play in casinos, her sixth feeling always helped her to win. But in the end she was prohibited from entering any gambling services. But she grew heated and could not stop, she began to lose, gambling became her obsession, she began to drink. She took everything from her house just to play in some casino.

In order to get some advice she called the TV program 'Fight of paranormalists' and was offered to take part in it. Thinking over the offer Lilya came to the project though she did not deem herself as a paranormalist. After winning the title 'the Best Paranormalist' Lilya decided to leave her husband who never respected and valued her properly. Again she fought with her depression and began drinking. One day she saw a sight about her future husband what made her stop ruining her health, she began to give business consultations and found the future husband among form her clients. He also came to her in order to get some piece of advice concerning his work and business.

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  • Lilya Hegai
  • Lilya Hegai
  • Lilya Hegai
  • Lilya Hegai
  • Lilya Hegai
  • Lilya Hegai

Photos of Lilya Hegai
Lilya HegaiLilya HegaiLilya HegaiLilya Hegai

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    Lilya Hegai, photo, biography
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