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Vinokurov Vladimir

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Biography Vinokurov Vladimir
Born March 31, 1948 in Kursk. Father - Winokur Nathan L. (1918-1997), his life was engaged in building, rebuilt after the war, Kursk, has held responsible positions, was a very respected and famous in the city of man. He was awarded many orders and medals of the Soviet Union for participation in the Great Patriotic War, and for work in peacetime. Mother - Anna Vinokur Yulyevna (1922g.rozhd.) Worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature, Distinguished Teacher of the USSR, now retired. Brother - Vinokur Boris Natanovich (1944g.rozhd.), Civil engineer, businessman, vice-president of a large firm. Wife - Pervakova Tamara V. (1953g.rozhd.), A professional ballet dancer, now retired. Daughter - Anastasia Vinokur (1985g.rozhd.), A student at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography.

From an early age Volodya liked to sing. It was closed in the room and sang. Sang well. The school participated in amateur performances. Love to sing passed to him by inheritance. The family loved music, and when guests come to Vinokur, Volodya "put on a chair, and he played songs from the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev, and Nicholas Slichenko.

Noticing her son pull up to the stage, my mother registered him in the choir at the Palace of Pioneers. There he became a soloist and first tried his hand as a soloist. When the Kursk touring artists, Volodya and his brother tried not to miss a single concert. Once in the city came to the legendary Mark Bernes. Volodya met with an outstanding artist, he sang "If they want to whether the Russian war, and received from him appreciation. While the boy was 14 years old and a meeting with Berners was his dizzying event.

In 1962, Vladimir was resting on a ticket to the famous pioneer camp "Artek". There he participated in an international competition, he sang "Buhenvaldsky alarm" composer Vano Muradeli and became the winner, receiving a gold medal from the hands of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The boy received a flattering assessment of the Seeds IOSIFOVICH Dunaevskogo - a professional musician, brother of the famous Isaac Dunaevsky. From the "Artek" Volodya came not only with medals and awards, but with full confidence that should do everything to become an artist. But the father said then: "Will you sing or you will not - time will tell, but the profession should have. After 8 th grade will go to Civil Engineering ".

In 1963, Winokur admitted to the Kursk mounting College, graduating in 1967. During study was a good school life and knew the hard work of the builder. All this time he was accompanied by a dream about art, and as soon as a young man's mutations were established after the vote, he enrolled in the School of Music at the evening department, becoming a student choir conductor separation. Then he made the first attempt to enter the GITIS. At your own risk, Vladimir decided to do without having passed all papers of secondary education, which he had at that time were not there: the protection degree in college was to be held in autumn. He was excellent in three vocal tour, however, when the required documents for secondary education, exams for him, unfortunately, were terminated.

In 1967, Vladimir Vinokur was drafted into the army, service in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Moscow Military District in Moscow. He sang in the choir, was the lead singer, entertainer, has gathered professional experience, and in parallel to abide by all the purely military duties: to carry out drill and combat training, etc.. Together with his army comrades as part of a youth concert group gave concerts in military hospitals as a soloist performed a celebratory concert on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

In 1969, while still in military service, Winokur again filed papers in GITIS, and this time he been lucky - he had successfully passed through all three rounds and was appointed the first course.

Since 1973, a student at GITIS over the past two seasons, worked in a circus on the colored Boulevard - performed two songs, one of which was written by Alexander Pakhmutova, and another - Alex Black. In the circus of the young actor met with two brilliant man - Yuri Nikulin. Meetings and communication with him left a big imprint on the further work of V. Vinokur. At the 4 th year B. Winokur received an invitation to the chief director of the Moscow Operetta Theater Georgy Anisimova. In the two years of work in the theater Winokur has played many roles the current repertoire.

On the recommendation of renowned pianist Mikhail Bank, in 1975 he was invited by Yuriy Malikov in the most popular in those years, the ensemble "Gems". At concerts he performed with parodies of famous singers and artists. Here he writes about those times V. Vinokur in his book "Artist - is forever:" I go out with the number "misfire", and suddenly - unbelievable success. In the ensemble, which he loved and waited for the whole Union ironclad, there was some kind of "operetta" man. Sat-sat backstage, and suddenly "shot".

The "Gems" Winokur daily gaining momentum. In 1977 he became the winner of the All-Russia competition entertainers. Number, with which B. Winokur won the competition "Pro Sergeant Kovalchuk" wrote Leonid Yakubovich. The success of the actor was noted in the press, and then Winokur first think about her solo career.

In the same year, V. Vinokur goes to work in Moskontsert "as a soloist. With great success he was acting in the Theater of Variety, . in the concert hall "Russia" and other venues in Moscow, . takes part in a solemn concert, . dedicated to the 60 Anniversary of the USSR, . in the Kremlin Palace cezdov with aces Soviet stage I. Kobzon, . L. Leshchenko, . Raikin, . L. Zykina, . M. Magomayev, . as well as folk dance ensemble under the supervision of Igor Moiseyev and Song and Dance Ensemble of A. Alexandrov,
. A shared Vladimir in this concert-known entertainer Boris Brunow.

After this concert V. Vinokur gave the green light. He was invited to celebrations and commemorative concerts and tours began - in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, United States, Mexico, Belgium, Germany

. In 1978, as part of the Soviet delegation, together with the well-known artists Winokur Takes part in World Youth Festival in Havana / B "support group" of Soviet performers (Joseph Kobzon, . Lev Leshchenko, . Yevgeny Martynov, . Vakhtang Kikabidze, . Valentina Tolkunova, . Irina Ponarovskaya, . Renat Ibragimov, . Ted Alexander), he appeared before the Soviet athletes - at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid (USA), . in the Moscow Summer Olympics, . as well as competitions in Mexico, . Spain, . United States,
. In the mid-80's popular Soviet artists have begun to address the Russian-speaking audiences in Australia and the United States, Israel, Germany

. Artist prepares new solo program ( "Live in Concert"), . works at the studio Soyuzmultfilm, . voicing Misha, . removed in the movie "The pistol with a silencer", . involved in many television, . recorded in the studio recording "Melody" two plate,

The special friendship for over 30 years associated with Vladimir Vinokur, Lev Leshchenko. Several years ago, born of their pop duo "Levchik and Vovchik". Number, written by Arkady Haitham, was first demonstrated on the anniversary G. Khazanov, and since the joint statement Vinokur and Leshenko enjoy the same success with the public.

V. Vinokur gratefully recalls working with him Directors: Peter slips, Semyon Vertkine, Michael Sheinin, Valerie Greenberg, Alexandra Dostmane, Vitaly Boguslawska whose cooperation continues to this day.

In 1989, V. Vinokur create your own theater parodies, the head of which is present. In 1997, the theater received the status of state. Here were prepared performances "I walk out alone ..." (by A. Arkanov, director A. Shirvindt), "Are there any extra tickets" (by A. Chait, director A. Levenbuk), "Hello!", "Wine-Show-Kur", etc.. For many years, Vladimir Vinokur collaborates with popular satirical writer S. Viola, L. Izmailov, A. Levin, A. Dudoladovym, A. Volodarsky, J. Taksyurom, A. Tsapikom, L. Frantsuzova, S. Drobotenko, V. Koklyushkinym, E. Smolin.

In 1984, VN Vinokur is an Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1988 he was awarded the title People's Artist of Russia. He was awarded the Order of Honor (1990) and the Order of Honor (2000), and 8 medals. In 1998 to commemorate the 50 anniversary of the artist of the Star at the concert hall "Russia" was laid a star's name.

Special pride Vladimir Natanovich - his daughter, Nastia. She works at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. in the ballet studio. Great help to her mother - Tamara V., itself in the recent past, a ballerina, she now serves as the main home choreographer, coach and educator daughter. Nastia has shown great promise and is on track to his cherished dream - to become a prima ballerina.

Vladimir Vinokur unusual hobby - he likes to lose weight. He is fond of shooting sports bow.

Vladimir Vinokur lives and works in Moscow.

  • "I'm an old galaxy". Interview In. Distiller on the home page of Natalia Kim. Photo. Hosted on server "Center for Independent Journalism Kuzbass.

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