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Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich

( actor, poet, singer, composer)

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Biography Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich
photo Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich

Born January 25, 1938 in Moscow.
In 1941, together with his mother Nina Maximovna evacuated to g. Busuluk Orenburg region.
In 1943 returned to Moscow.
In 1945 he went to the first class of the Moscow School б? 273.
In 1947, together with his father went to Germany. In 1949 returned to Moscow.
In 1955 engaged in the drama circle Houses teacher, graduated from high school б? 186 and entered the Moscow Engineering Building Institute. V. V. Kuibyshev, but three months later abandoned him and went to school-studio of. V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater in the USSR they. M. Gorky. He studied at the P. Massal'skaya.
In 1959, he held acting debut in film and theater.
In 1960 he graduated from the School of the studio and began playing at the Theater of Miniatures in Dramatic Theater. A. S. Pushkin.
In 1961, met his future wife, Lyudmila Abramova.
In 1962, a son Arkady.
In 1964, joined the Drama and Comedy Theater on Taganka, where he worked for 16 years (until the end of life). In the same year was born his second son - Nikita.
While working in the theater Vysotsky also appeared in films under contracts with movie studios of the country. Participated in the shooting of more than 30 films.
Since his childhood writing poetry. Total Vysotsky written over 700 poems. Since 1960, began writing songs on his poems, which played the guitar.
Many of Vysotsky's songs were officially banned, but he managed to give concerts in most cities of Russia. Toured the United States, Bulgaria, France, Canada.
In 1967, met with Marina Vlady. Subsequently, they were married.
In 1968 comes the first flexible plate in. Vysotsky with songs from the movie "Vertical".
In 1973 - the first trip abroad (France).
From 1973 to 1976 out of copyright, four minion Vysotsky.
In 1977 in France, published three copyright disc.
In 1979 starred in the famous film with. Govorukhina "Place of the meeting can not be changed.
In 1980 starred in the latter for a movie "Little Tragedies". April 16 of that year was held last documentary shooting, July 17 - the last public appearance in g. Kaliningrad, Moscow Region (now z. Korolev), July 18 - the last performance of "Hamlet" in Taganka.
Died July 25, 1980. Buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

Official site
  • Official site in. S. Vysotsky, all of the poet. His biography, poetry, prose, songs, work in film and theater, forum. Information about fund Vysotsky.

Unofficial page
  • Biography In. S. Vysotsky, the story of his life and work, photos. Poems and songs in format Real Audio, video, links to other resources dedicated to the poet. (Site in English.)

  • Biography In. S. Vysotsky, and many other Russian bards.

  • In. S. Vysotsky on the page Dmitry Pasyutina. It contains material periodicals, biographical chronicle of the poet, interesting details and memories of the life and work of Vysotsky.
  • A very detailed biography in
    . S. Vysotsky portal "Culture of Russia".

Photos Portfolio Interviews
  • O V. S. Vysotsky remember, speak and write the people who knew him. Essays, poems, songs, pictures, dedicated to the poet. Interview with itself Vysotsky and his photo gallery.

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Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich, photo, biography
Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich, photo, biography Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich  actor, poet, singer, composer, photo, biography
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