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( Film director, writer, member of the State Duma)

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Biography GOVORUKHINA Stanislav
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Born March 29, 1936 in g. Berezniki of Perm, Russian. Father, Don Cossack, was shot in 1936. Mother worked as a laundress and was raising two children.
In 1958 he graduated from the Geological Department, Kazan State University, in 1966 - Directing Department of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Thesis - feature film "Vertical" (1967).
. From 1958 to 1959 worked as a geologist in the Mid-Volga management.
. From 1959 to 1961 he worked at the Kazan television studio.
. From 1966 to 1986 he worked at the Odessa studio feature films, from 1987 - directed film studio (now kinokontsern) "Mosfilm"
. He took off a number of feature films, . such as "Life and the amazing adventures of Robinson Crusoe" (1972), . "Contraband" (1975), . "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" (1979), . "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn" (1981), . "In Search of Captain Grant" (1986), . "Ten Little Indians" (1988), . "Voroshilov Marksman" (1998).,
. Since 1975, participated in writing the scripts for his films
. In those tapes, written by him, - "Pirates of the XX Century", "Secrets of Madame Wong," Invasion ".
. As an actor Govorukhin starred in the films "On the first breath," "Among the gray stones", "Assa", etc.
. Author journalistic and artistic documentary "So one can not live" (1990), "Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn" (1992) and "Russia, we have lost" (1992).
. Prior to 1991, was a member of the USSR Union of Cinematographers
. From December 1991 to 1993 - Member of the Confederation of Union of Cinematographers (MMR), Chairman of the Board of JSC "Cinema Center.
. Autumn of 1991 declined the offer to assume the post of Minister of Culture of the RSFSR.
. 12 December 1993 was elected to the State Duma.
. In October 1995, headed the electoral bloc of candidates to the State Duma Block Stanislav Govorukhin.
. 17 December 1995 was elected to the State Duma of the second convocation.
. In September 1997, was a confidant of Joseph Kobzon elections to the Duma.
. In 1998, was the author and a leading publicist of "Pantheon" on the TV channel "Culture" (RTR-2).
. 19 December 1999 was elected to the State Duma of the third convocation.
. February 19, 2000 was registered as a candidate for President of Russia
. Scored less than one percent of the vote.
Director of the film studio "Vertical". The head of a charitable fund of social protection of veterans and students of film schools film "Cinema Center.
He speaks German and French.
Contains the second marriage. Son from his first marriage Sergei Govorukhin, director of the independent television studio "Gandvik", in 1995, was seriously wounded in Grozny, lost a leg. Grandson, Stanislav.

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  • Maria for GOVORUKHINA Stanislav
  • Since not able to find a personal e-mail Stanislav Sergeyevich, . appeal to him through your site: Dear Stanislav, . hour-a Vvedenskoye am at the cemetery from parents on Central Avenue. depressing absence of recognition-ing of reverence and remembrance at the grave Abdulova Vsevolod Osipovich. And so, within two years after his death,
    . If every actor, starring with him in the wonderful film "The Meeting Place Can not Be Changed," at least once a year bowed to him, he would not have been so neglected ... It's a shame for him, sad for us, and for you too. Sincerely, Maria. September 2004
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    GOVORUKHINA Stanislav, photo, biography
    GOVORUKHINA Stanislav, photo, biography GOVORUKHINA Stanislav  Film director, writer, member of the State Duma, photo, biography
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