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Dzhigarkhanjan Armen

( film and theater actor)

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Biography Dzhigarkhanjan Armen
Armen Djigarkhanyan was born on October 3, 1935 in Yerevan. Even in his school years he became interested in theater and cinema, and after graduation went to Moscow and tried to do in GITIS, but failed. Back in Yerevan, Armen Djigarkhanyan settled down to the studio 'Armenfilm' assistant operator. In 1958 he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts - Theater institutna course AK Gulakyan. On a stage actor first came out in January 1955 - in the play 'Ivan Rybakov' Russian Drama Theater named after KS Stanislavsky. In the theater troupe of Yerevan, where Dzhigarkhanjan worked for more than ten years, he was invited as a student, a sophomore. In 1967, the actor invited to the Moscow Theater of the Lenin Komsomol Anatoly Efros, . and in 1969 began to play Dzhigarkhanjan Andrei Goncharov Moscow theater Mayakovsky, . the stage which he, . particularly, . played the role of Stanley Kowalski in 'Streetcar' Desire 'and the Grand Pas in the' Cats on a Hot Tin Roof 'by T. Williams, . Socrates 'conversation with Socrates' Edvard Radzinsky, . General Khludov in 'Boege' by Mikhail Bulgakov,
. In September 1996, Armen Djigarkhanyan left the theater Mayakovsky, but continues vystiupat on stage in productions at other theaters and productions antrepriznyh. In the movie actor made his debut in 1960 Akop role in the film 'meltdown' and the famous Armen Dzhigarhanyanu brought one of his best Movie parts - a young physicist Artem Manvelyan out of the picture producer Frunze Dovlatyan 'Hello, it's me! ". Shortly after the release of this film was followed by other interesting work, . demonstrate the breadth of the actor's range, . psychological authenticity and skill of reincarnation - blacksmith Set Mukuch in 'Triangle', . Levon Poghosyan in the drama 'When the September', . Captain Ovechkin in the popular 'new adventures of the elusive' Edmond Keosayan, . Chekist Artuzov in television tape 'Operation' Trust ', . SR Proshyan in historical painting 'Six July', . Michael Styshnoy in 'Crane',
. All in all, a few decades of his film career Armen Djigarkhanyan played about two hundred Movie parts, becoming the most removed Russia actor. He has diverse roles in the best Soviet and rosiyskih directors, in ribbons of different genres, comedy and adventure films, dramas and music in films. For example, is enough to mention such, beloved movies, . as' Hello, . I am your aunt! " Viktor Titov, . 'Dog in the Manger' John Frieda, . 'Meeting Place Can not Be Changed' Stanislav Govorukhin, . 'Crown imperial Russia' Edmond Keosayan, . 'Tehran-43' Alexander Alova and Vladimir Naumov, . 'Two Arrows' Alla Surikova, . 'Passport' George Danelia, . 'Shirley-Myrli' Vlaimira Menshova, . TV movies 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' and 'Queen Margot',
. One of the best actors of Russia's cinema, with equal success as a role performed in complicated dramatic tapes, and in musical comedies and detective - adventure films. Large professional, easy owning acting technique, capable of a profound psychological pattern, Armen Dzhigarkhanjan passes his skills students VGIK. His graduating class, he had not abandoned to their fate. To help the young actors, artist created his own theater 'D'.

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Dzhigarkhanjan Armen, photo, biography
Dzhigarkhanjan Armen, photo, biography Dzhigarkhanjan Armen  film and theater actor, photo, biography
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