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The Czech Republic has joined the campaign " ribbon of St. George "

May 6, at the Russian centre of science and culture in Prague hosted an evening for the Russian and Czech veterans, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the great Victory and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia From the Nazis. The event was organized and hosted by office in the Czech Republic jointly Czech Club Russia " and the Society of veterans of the name Ludwig Freedom.

the event held at RCSC on the Day of St. George. Before everyone guests and attendees were distributed St. George ribbons.

Gathered in the Great hall of the RCSC in Prague veterans and guests applauded the Commissioner of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Czech Republic Leonid Hamza, head of the Association of veterans of the name Ludwig Freedom Ludwig Engel and leader of the "club of Russia" Zdenek Zbytek. They congratulated the guests With the upcoming anniversary and cordially thanked the attending veterans for their personal contribution to the great Victory.

Russian and Czech veterans paid homage to the singer of the song and dance ensemble of the Russian army A. V. Alexandrov Peter Bogachev. He sang songs of the war years - " the Cossacks in Berlin ", " darkie ", "Song of the front driver" and " Victory Day ", which were warmly welcomed by the audience.

A speech about the historical lessons of the Second world war, said the head of the "club of Russia" Zdenek Zbytek. He emphasized the historical role of Russia in the battle With fascism and the forces of evil and the importance of the fight against fascism and radicalism in modern conditions.

Vice-speaker of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Philip Vojtech paid homage to the veterans on the holiday and wished them health and prosperity. Showed that now in the EU there are forces that are trying to distort historical facts and tried to convince those present to avoid forgetting the heroism of the peoples who defeated fascism. Expressed his view about the origins of migration issues in the European Union and the difficult situation in such countries as Libya and Ukraine, where now the civil war. Tried to convince Europe to quickly abandon immaturity, called for the restoration of the mutually beneficial interaction between the EU and the Czech Republic, for a United and peaceful Europe to the Urals.

With cheers the ceremony also acted as Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic Andrey Kuznetsov and military attach? of the Embassy Oleg Smirnov. Oleg Smirnov presented the President of the "club of Russia" Zdenek Zbytek memorable gift - the picture of the Order of Victory.

In front of the audience and the participants were also made by the senators of the Upper House of the Czech Parliament Jan veleba and Jaroslav Doubrava, the people's Deputy of the Chamber of deputies of the Czech Republic Stanislav Berkovets, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of industry and trade in the Government of Milos Zeman Miroslav Gregr.

Attendees were warmly welcomed currently in Prague the participants of motocross " Moscow - Berlin ", in which were members of motorcycle clubs from Germany, Macedonia and Russia. On behalf of the participants of motocross a member of the Club "Night wolves" Maxim Novikov paid homage to the veterans on the Victory anniversary, widely celebrated this year in Russia and abroad. Told about the memorial ceremonies, among which was attended by the participants of motocross in the Czech Republic. Read a message to veterans from the city of eagle to the veterans and residents of Europe. On behalf of bikers gave the RCSC library books about the history of the great Patriotic war.

In response, said the Cossack ataman of the Union of the Czech lands and Slovakia Mikhail Dzuba. This organization has provided support for the stay of the participants of motocross in the Czech Republic. On behalf of the Union, He presented the Russian present motocross letters of commendation.

then the evening featured performances by veterans and grandchildren of world war II veterans who shared their memories of the war and the events that took place in the Czech Republic and Europe-the daughter of the President of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union Hero Ludvika Freedom Zoya Glushakova-Svobodova, grandson of veteran Paul Cutter, a veteran of the Club airborne troops Colonel Jaroslav Vondra and most others.

in the lobby and the Crystal hall of the RCSC in Prague, guests of the concert were able to get acquainted With the exhibition of posters of the war years "Brink of Victory" from the State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia, as well As the photo exhibition " 1945. The liberation by the red army of the capitals of Europe ", jointly prepared by the information Agency information Agency and Rossotrudnichestvo.

the gala evening was attended by over 400 guests. Including Czech, Slovak and Russian veterans, people's deputies of the Czech Parliament Authorized military atasata and the Russian Embassy, around the country and local citizens.

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The Czech Republic has joined the campaign ` ribbon of St. George `
 -  Знаменитости The Czech Republic has joined the campaign ` ribbon of St. George `
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