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Parting with Lev Durov will be held in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya

Farewell to the actor Lev Durov, who is 84-th year of life died in the Metropolitan hospital, will be held in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya the first day of the week, August 24, said the artistic head of the theatre Sergey Solomatov.
"Farewell will be in the Theater. Most likely It will be the first day of the week Is a day off in the Theater. Farewell ceremony will start at 10 am. A preliminary conversation with the relatives was", - has declared "Russian news service" Solomatov.
He called the departure of the Lion Durov from the life of an irreplaceable loss." Lev Konstantinovich since 1967 he worked in the Theater, came up with a song. He has always been the benchmark of professionalism, theater ethics, theatrical skill. Bitterly. He last played in the theatre's repertoire. This is a very Big loss for the Russian theatre And Russian art... the Artist, on which several generations", - has added Solomatov. Lev Durov died in the night of Thursday in the Russian capital on 84th year of life. He died in the intensive care unit of the First city hospital After a long illness. On admission Durov was announced on the 7th of August, his condition was assessed as extremely serious. After some improvement Durova again became worse, doctors diagnosed him with severe pneumonia. Lev Durov ? a native Muscovite, was born in Lefortovo, where he spent his childhood. It comes from the famous dynasty of circus performers ?animal trainers And clowns Durov. In a school setting were engaged in a drama circle at the Palace of pioneers, And then entered the famous School-Studio of the Moscow Art Theatre. There his teachers were great Mat " old people ". Upon completion of the School in 1954 Durov was invited to a private theatre Konstantin Shakh-Azizov ? then Director of the Central children's theater (now RAMT). The first one in my life the cast on stage is met with a great Director Anatoly Efros, which Then didn't leave for about 30 years And which largely determined the fate of his acting. Debut Durov was held in the Theater in 1955. It was a performance of "good luck" which was made by Anatoly Efros on the play by the famous Soviet playwright Viktor Rozov And in which partners Lev Konstantinovich were Oleg Efremov, Oleg Anofriev, Gennady Pechnikov. Ten years artist years he worked in the CCC. After the expulsion of the scene from "Lenkom" the Director took with him several of his artists, among whom was my grandfather! Thus began a new page of life the Lion Durov in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where He worked from 1967 until the end of his days. At the current stage actor during the life of Efros played in such plays as "Romeo And Juliet" (Tybalt) And Othello (Iago) Shakespeare, Chekhov's "Three sisters" (Chebutykin) And the Seagull (Sorin), in "the Marriage" by Gogol (Rivkin) And "Brother Alyosha" (Snegirev) by Dostoevsky. Then Durov graduated from the advanced directing courses in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya made several productions. Among them Shakespeare's " the Tempest ", "Forest" Ostrovsky, "After benefit" by Chekhov, "Clown" Simon And others. In practice, at the same time with the theater And began acting career Durov. He began acting in 1954 And did not leave the set until the end of life. Durov was an extremely popular artist. Him in the movie was carried by great masters. He starred Mikhail Romm ( "Nine days of one year" ), Tatyana Lioznova in " Seventeen moments of spring ", worked with Georgi Daneliya in the film "I walk around Moscow" Vasily Shukshin " Kalina Krasnaya ". Unforgettable his work in the films "Big break" And D'artagnan And the 3 Musketeers ". The actor believed that his fate is not offended ? was interesting work in film And Theatre. He was a tireless man who in old age has not reduced its pace of life and never stopped. He stated that " we cannot afford to grow old. And I struggled to keep a childish Outlook on life, to look at the world with wide open eyes ". Friend And colleague Lev Konstantinovich artist Vladimir Kachan said that the geography of the title Durov "people's Actor of the USSR" formally narrowed to the size of Russia. But still in Belarus And Ukraine, Kazakhstan And the Baltic States, Israel And the U.S. And in other countries, " remember And love drama clown bully anecdotique, in its Board a man for all segments of the inhabitants, And therefore is the national actor the Lion Durov ". And the memory of this forever.

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Parting with Lev Durov will be held in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya
 -  Знаменитости Parting with Lev Durov will be held in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya
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