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Durov Lev

( Actor)

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Biography Durov Lev
Born December 23, 1931 in an old Moscow region Lefortovo. It comes from the famous family of Russian circus - animal trainers and clowns, a great-nephew. Durov and W.. Parents Leo Durova were not associated with the circus. Father - Durov Konstantin Vladimirovich (1895g.rozhd.) Worked in SOYuZVZRYVPROMe. Mother - Durova Valentine Ignatyevna (1903g.rozhd.) Worked in the War Archives. Wife - Irina Kirichenko (1931g.rozhd.), Actress. Daughter - Yekaterina Durova Lvovna (1959g.rozhd.), Actress. Grandchildren: Catherine (1979g.rozhd), a student RGGU, Ivan (1986g.rozhd), student.

As stated in the General Gerbovike Vserossiiskoi Empire, "The names of many Durov served Rossiyskomu throne nobility of service and a gift from the Emperor were in 1629 and other years estates. The sixth part Gerbovika takes pedigree of hereditary nobles Durov. Durov the relationships and the famous artistic dynasty Sadovsky: daughter of Vladimir Leonidovich Durova, . Auntie Lev Konstantinovich - Anna, . when she married actor Maly Theater Prov Mikhailovich, . began to carry the name Durova-Sadovskaya.,

. Childhood Lev Konstantinovich passed in the Moscow district of Lefortovo

During the war he was with the boys put out the bomb-lighters on the roof, served in the military hospitals, raising the morale of the wounded: while singing, tap-dance and do not forget to build a mug poumoritelnee to the wounded was fun.

In school, Lev Durov involved in the Drama Studio at the Palace of Pioneers of the Bauman district, where his teacher was SV Sierpinski. Then he entered the Moscow Art Theater School, where George was gathering rate Avdeyevich Gerasimov and Sergei Kapitonovich Blinnikova. Taught on the course all the old Moscow Art Theater: Toporkov, Masalsky, Karev, Rajewski, and, of course, himself Blinnikov. Durov was one of his favorite students. In 1954, after the Moscow Art Theater School Director of the Central Children's Theater Shah Aziz Durova invited to work in his troupe. He agreed and in September went on my first collection of company, where he met with AV. Efros, which then did not leave nearly 27 years. In the Central Children's Theater, he worked for nearly 10 years. How many roles were played! And what! Lev Durov played a variety of roles - from burdock, cucumber, or cloud to Fyodor in "Boris Godunov". In 1955 VS. Pink wrote the comedy "Good luck" and brought it Efros. Since then, the playwright has remained faithful to children's theater and all its pieces brought there: "Finding Joy", "The unequal battle," "Before dinner ... Durov was busy in all these performances that brought him great creative pleasure. When AV. Efros joined the Lenin Komsomol Theater, he took with him several actors, including L. Durova. In the years 1963-1967 LA Durov played on the stage of the Lenin Komsomol.

And when Efros were offered to the Little Theater on the armor and take a 10 artists, then Durov, of course, went along with him. From 1967 to present works in the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

Theater Leo Durova fate is inextricably linked with the work of A. Efros. He created a gallery of impressive images in the performances of the outstanding Soviet film director: Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare, . Chebutykin in "Three Sisters, Anton Chekhov, . Iago in "Othello" by W. Shakespeare, . Zhevakin in "Marriage" by NV Gogol, . Nozdryov in "The Road" by NV Gogol, . as well as in performances,
. "Tribunal" A. Makayonok, "You are someone, stariche?" AB Vasil'eva and others. He created in the theater image Sganarelle in "Don Juan" Jean-B.Molera received international recognition at the Theater Festival in Yugoslavia. Himself an actor of his best theatrical work considers the role of Snegiryov of "brother Alyosha, V. Rozov by F. Dostoyevsky.

... At the festival in g. Edinburgh was represented by "Marriage" by Gogol, which put AV. Efros. One of the reviews in the local newspaper in addition to all sorts of flattering epithets L.K. Durova called "a tragic clown". The author wrote that the play is worth seeing if only because of the fact that it engaged in "a tragic clown Lev Durov". L.K. Durov feels this is the title of the highest, most honorable.

After graduating from the Advanced Directing Courses Lev Durov became director-director. Malaya Bronnaya them delivered performances of "indictment" N. Dumbadze, . "Curtains" M. Vorfolomeeva, . "Cruel Intentions" by A. Arbuzov, . "And yet it moves" A. Khmelik, . "Cinderella" by E. Schwartz, . "Merry" N. Simon, . "Xanthippe and this, . like it ... "S. Aleshin, . "After a benefit" by Chekhov, . "Jews of the city, Peter A,
. and B. Strugackih, "Forest" by A. Ostrovsky, "Polonaise Oginsky N. Kolyada. Not so long ago, he released a bright, celebratory performance of "The Road to New York" L. Malyugin - full of music and dances the story of the adventures of an American millionaire's daughter. The recent premiere - a modern play Voronov Passion Torchalovu ".

In the movie Lion Durov began acting in 1954 and played to date, more than 160 roles .... In his first film "Good morning" he played the role of assistant excavator. In the film "The Guest from the Kuban" He was an assistant combine. Then he played a policeman. He got into such an orbit, where he played, as he calls them, "in polutsvetnyh, poluhudozhestvennyh, polumuzykalnyh films, and played quite a long time, until one day MI. Romm did not take his picture in the "Nine Days in One Year. This was the beginning of his serious entry into the cinema.

Each of his character is individual and distinctive, although it invariably carries a unique tone, his human eccentricity, his temperament, his special look at the world around. It is no accident, . that participation in such scenes, . as "Leap Year" (1962), . "I'm going to look" (1966), . TV movie "All the King's Men" (1971), . "Seventeen Moments of Spring" (1973), . "Kalina Krasnaya" (1974), . Xenia, . beloved wife Theodora "(1974), . "Open Book" (1974), . "The last day of winter" (1975), . "Strange adults" (1974), . "Armed and dangerous", . "Success", . Three Musketeers, . Stories Zoshchenko ", . Farewell to the mothers, . "Bumbarash", . Nose, . "Thirty-fourth ambulance, . The Village Stepanchikovo "and many others brought the actor a genuine popularity and love of the audience,
. Lev Durov - favorite of millions of viewers, gay and cheerful person, whose importation from childhood pranks, and even hooliganism - always with him. His friend Vladimir Cachan very accurately said that "the geography of his title - People's Artist of the USSR - formally narrowed to the size of Russia, but actually increased. Because he is still popular actor and Belarus, . and Ukraine, . and Kazakhstan, . and Baltic, . and Israel, . and U.S., . and all other countries, . where love and remember the artist Durova, . Drama clown, . Hooligan, . anekdotchika, . a guy in the board for all segments of the population, . but because - absolutely People's Artist,

In 1991, Leo Durova was awarded the title People's Artist of USSR. He was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1996), elected a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. In 1996, as artistic director, he released the course students in the School of the Moscow Art Theater.

In 1999, the publishing house "Algorithm" published a book, LK Durova "Sinful notes.

In July 2000 he became a two-time winner of the International Moscow Film Festival for their participation in the movie "the moon was full of sad". Lev Durov - laureate of "Pegasus" for taking part in the movie "Do not send us a messenger?".

Now Lev Durov parallel with the work in his theater is involved in the productions of the School of the modern play "the director Iosif Raihelgauz.

In life, LK Durov always follows the principle - "Forward!". Leisure prefers to dedicate the house, family. Favorite author - Fyodor Dostoevsky. He loves the music of Tchaikovsky. Among the actors especially emphasizes I. Smoktunovsky.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Efimova for Durov Lev
  • Hello, Lev! Please report your response to my play "License", which you sent to watch the theater. Yours - Valentine Korosteleva v. 11.12.04 522-10-56
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