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Shepelev dreamed about death Friske

Opened the latest details of the confrontation between the father of the deceased actress Zhanna Friske and its civil husband TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. Version of the inconsolable father of the singer, the showman could not wait for the death of a patient artist.

Vladimir Borisovich Friske became the guest of the program "live". Specifically in the transfer of the deceased father of the actress told about how in fact, according to men, is Dmitry Shepelev. "At the moment I came here because boiling. Looking at information like the feeling that he's a hero, he always was with her... it was Nothing. He behaved as the last man. Although we didn't want to say that Jeanne did not know about it," said the singer's father.

As said the father Friske, the war between him and Shepelev started after he started to control their own money daughter. "Jeanne could not. The last six months she went blind. But he charged all cash to him. And when Jeanne saw all worse, and in the evening he brought her to sign some papers. I said to her: "in Any case, don't sign anything," said Friske.

Not to mention the fact that, according to Vladimir Borisovich, Shepelev literally could not wait for the death of Joan. "And here started the problems with money. And with medical drugs. We began to fear that he may give her the wrong medication, the pills her... Especially after the phrase: "would have been Faster, it was all over, I was so tired!" - quoted Friske web-site of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Among other things Friske Shepelev accused in the death of grandchild 2's potential. "Not only will they not give me a grandson. He's killed another one. When Jeanne died, Natasha was pregnant. Janna even said that she will recover and be an Auntie. Joan even smiled. What is this man doing? For 9 days he sends us a video where Plato at the disco with his father. We were shocked by this. Natasha the next day puts our family photos with Plato. He calls Natasha: "what are You doing? More would never see him again!" Declares that the who, together with his wife raised him. She cried all day. And the next day called his father with threats. She went to be checked - the baby's heart stopped," - said Vladimir Borisovich.

Shepelev though rarely visited Jeanne, and if it did, it is only for PR. "He sat by her bed and stroked her on the head, when someone came home. And when someone was shot. 1st pictures of Joan. He took off and gave to correspondents. No one could know that she was there - hiding her. But I am grateful. How to raise funds to help Jeanne," said the father of the actress.

Regardless, Vladimir Borisovich is ready to go to the world with Dmitry Shepelev. He tearfully appealed to the frustrated son-in-law: "I wish to state that we do not need funds. We need grandson. Let us give him once a week, I will forget everything".

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