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World appreciates sending the Russian air force in Syria

The Federation Council has authorized the use of Russia's Armed forces, opening the way to the air forces of the Russian Federation the way to Syria, where they will participate in the operation of air support systematic parts of the Syrian army under the control of the President of the power of Bashar al-Assad.

International players agree that this step will ensure peace in the region. Acting at the request of the legitimate President of Syria Bashar al-Assad on the provision of military assistance, Russia is going to use their air force to fight terrorists "Islamic state" who now rule in the region. To achieve the desired result, it was obtained the permission of the Federation Council on the use of overseas armed forces power. Now, therefore, corresponds to a similar solution as to the internal laws of power and international norms.

"This move is part of a Memorandum of cooperation in the field of defense, signed by the Russian Federation with the Syrian government and its wish. This is not considered a violation of sovereignty, while coordination with the Syrian government", - quotes RIA Novosti the representative of the foreign Ministry of Iran Marziya Afham. "We are seeing a positive on this step and appreciate the various steps aimed at combating terrorism in the region", - said the diplomat.

This news positively apprehended also one power of the region, which among other things suffers greatly from the attacks of the "Islamic state". "Iraq welcomed this decision, but only within the borders of Syria," - said the head of the Committee on security and defence in the Parliament powers Hakim AZ-Zamli. With all of this strikes at terrorists in Syria can help and to Iraq itself.

"It so happened that Iraq and Syria are considered single zone air strikes on "Islamic state". And, of course, what happens in Syria affects Iraq. We believe that the participation of the Russian Federation in the fight against terrorism will have a positive effect on the Iraqi issue. We can pursue the "is" in those places which are on the border with Syria, and if Russia would participate in beats, it will certainly provide a positive impact on the fight against terrorists in the Iraqi countryside," announced the official spokesperson of the Ministry of defense of Iraq, Nasir, Nuri Mohammed.

Turkey, as an active member of the US-led coalition, did not show any discontent and will appreciate your help in the person of the Russian Federation with pleasure, experts say. "Turkey is considered to be a member of the coalition, which is fighting with the Islamic state, also one of the strongest of its members, in consequence, any adverse reaction of the Turkish authorities on Russia's actions against a mutual enemy will not. At the moment looming 2 the coalition: on one side the United States, Turkey, the Middle East powers, with another - Russia, Syria, Iran. They have 1 objective - countering ISIL, in consequence, between them there can be conflicts," stated a military expert mete Yarar.

"President Putin made the right and timely decision to use the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in Syria," - said the Deputy Director of the Center for strategic studies (CSS) under the President of Tajikistan, Sayfullo Safarov. "The Arab world, particularly Syria and Iraq, it's time to cure from the deadly disease named "Islamic state". Only eliminating this international terrorist group is the way of salvation of the human race and the entire world," he added.

The powers of the West apart from other things, appreciated the decision of the Federation Council of Russia. For example, in Germany reported that a similar move is in line with the statements of Vladimir Putin about the necessity of fruitful cooperation to resolve the Syrian crisis. "The decision is, for starters, internal political step that does not go beyond the foreign policy of President Vladimir Putin", - said the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen.

The United States furthermore announced that were ready to such turn of events. "I'll just repeat that, when President Obama met with President Putin, they agreed that the United States and Russia have a shared interest in combating ISIS in Syria. They agreed that there is a need in the channel between our militaries to prevent misunderstandings between the coalition and departments of the Russian Federation", - said the press Secretary of the American Embassy in Russia.

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World appreciates sending the Russian air force in Syria -  Знаменитости World appreciates sending the Russian air force in Syria шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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