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Domogarov hard going through the death of his beloved

Famous actor Alexander Domogarov hard going through the death of his beloved lady, which killed the cancer. However, the actor locates within himself the strength to fight with her folks.

On its own official page in social network Facebook Alexander Domogarov is shared with the subscribers own grief. He grieved the death of his beloved ladies of Larisa Chernikova: he continuously publishes her photo and even put 1 picture on avatar. "40 days this photo will be on all my publications," explained a sad artist.

According to Domogarova, he was not even invited to the funeral of Larissa. "Yesterday saw LARISSA! If not FRIENDS!!!, I wouldn't even informed, I was not notified!!!" - announced actor.

Alexander continues to fight with beloved relatives, and it is going to her sister Kira. "I want to CLOSE the TOPIC of KIRA CARP AND FAMILY! Time put everything in its place. Larissa buried at the family cemetery, the inhabitants of our planet has not change, the anger and resentment remained , but it stays with me, it's my pain that I failed to protect. May all live so as we live! The Lord sees. If someone will be curious, after 40 days, I will answer questions! (here and further the spelling and punctuation preserved. - Approx. ed.)," said Domogarov.

He hinted that no one and fears nothing. "I already have "FRIGHTENING.", about Kira! I am telling EVERYBODY! I will NOT REST until THIS MAGGOT will NOT COME WITH POKLONNOJ HEAD!!!! For your SISTER!!!!and Kira can recommend a couple of publications to which it will be able to live another month or two.. and later on, in about 3 years will have to move to Kazakhstan ...)))(((()))" - wrote artist.

Remember that the incident between Domogarova and relatives Chernikova lasts for several months. During the life of the actor Larissa accused her sister Kira in greed: if the collected cash is not used for treating young women, but for themselves.

"Now I was approached from the "caravan of stories", the theme to help Larissa to feed her "sister" Kira...I should probably have replied rudely., for the following reasons sister Larissa raises funds for life - .. (( so my advice Kira-.., might be worth to implement your own property abroad,give money sister who, when she was not ill - PROVIDED own sister's LIFE!!! Apartments, cars and so on... that means Kira must implement the property, to give money to the sister, to return with the child in the Russian Federation and to rent a room somewhere in Kaluga, it's cheaper than in Europe!" in his characteristic manner wrote Domogarov.

"About me - I secretly still transfer cash close to my man and AGAIN NO one will ever KNOW!!! This is my answer to "caravan" and Kira's" sister".. don't let me God to have such relatives..." - said Alexander in Facebook.

A little later, the actor told details. Approached by the famous publication, who wishes to write about Larisa, having interviewed her family members and the actor. Despite the promise to supply the material intelligent, Domogarov does not doubt in return. "I don'T Want to Talk IN the CARAVAN AND ON NTV ABOUT LARISA!!! They still do, AND will MAKE DIRTY!!!!! I remain faithful to her and any programmes and articles in my name will not be mentioned!!!! I'LL SUE NTV AND CARAVAN STORIES!!!!" - threatened the enraged artist.

Source: Domogarov hard going through the death of his beloved

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