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Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich

( Actor cinema and theater, People's Artist of Russia)

Photo Gallery Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich (42)
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Biography Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
photo Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
Alexander Domogarov was born July 12, 1963 in Moscow and became the third, long-awaited child in the family. In addition to his brother Andrew, he was still a little sister, who was born dead. The emergence of Sasha was a real joy for him was no longer young parents.

Father - Yuri L. Domogarov GITIS graduated, in 1940, he managed to withdraw in the movie "Alexander Suvorov". And in 1941 went to the front. After being seriously wounded in 1942 was the reserve. In the early 60's worked as managing director Mosconcert. In the 70's: Managing "Soyuzattraktsiona". Last place of service - Director of TSDAMT them. N. Sats. Yuri Davidov long is dead.

Mother - Natalia Petrovna, the art had no relationship. But adored his children to and supported any of their undertakings. Domogarov said that his mother for him was the best friend, he confided to her all his secrets. In the last years of her life she was seriously ill. Alexander Yu is with great regret saying that two children when their mother died nearly one. Due to the employment of the two sons of Natalya Petrovna looked after her daughter Irina. Actor's mother died in June 2002.

. With his brother Andrew Alexander difference in age was 10 years old, so the close friendship between them was not.

. In 1980, he graduated from music school number 36 named Stasova, and enrolled in drama school named M
. S. Shchepkina courses VI. Korshunova. At IV course for an excellent school receive scholarships to be granted to them. Lenski.

Graduated in 1984, won a seat in the theater of the Soviet Army. Since 1995, worked in the theater Mossovet on the stage which played a huge number of productions, including "Portrait of Dorian Gray ',' Nijinsky, Clown of God mad ',' My poor Marat ',' dear friend ', etc..

The first work in film

In the film Alexander Domogarov began acting in 1984. Initially, this talented actor was seen spectators. This is not surprising - the role offered to him mostly anecdotal (Alexander Sumarokov - "Michael Lomonosov", Tap Dance - "And the light shines in the darkness," Andrew - "Cross of Mercy"). Serious work can be considered only as a social drama "do - again!" (1990), but the picture did not make much resonance.

. Finally, in 1992 Domogarov Paul Gorin played in Midshipmen - III "- the third film in the popular adventure trilogy
. This was the first successful actor in film, but real fame came still later.


In 1997, screens out TV's "The Countess de Monsoreau, where Alexander Domogarov appeared in the role of the Comte de Bussy. Beautiful, noble, fearless - as one can not notice such an actor! Role de Bussy had brought Alexander universal recognition, and above all, something to hide, the weaker sex.

And next year Domogarov gained recognition and abroad. The image of Ukrainian Cossack Bohun in the Polish film "Fire and Sword", presented at the Cannes Film Festival, brought worldwide fame Domogarovu. Role - the landmark decision to withdraw it was taken spontaneously: one day was enough actor to make a choice. Alexander in this image looked unusually organically. All - ethnicity (Slavs), "explosive" nature and beautiful appearance - the mother of Alexander Bogunov. "He is tormented by the passions, ready for any sacrifice for the sake of love. Just as I am. "

Star of the national cinema

Currently, Alexander Domogarov - one of the most popular and beloved movie actors spectators. No small service rendered in that its role in the drama "Gangster Petersburg", "Empire under attack" and "Turkish March".

Heroes Domogarova always strong, courageous and, importantly, always beautiful people. In this case the hero, no matter what era actor had not been translated, he was always truthful, natural and realistic.

Actor himself says about his work in movies like: "... although the movies with my participation is under 30, I still roads every movie where the fate smiled withdraw. For this is my life. It's my role. This is my movie ".

Today a rare popular series do without the participation of Alexander Domogarova. Among his works in recent years: Anton Chelyshev in the series "Lost Sun", Timur in the series "Ashes" Phoenix ", Konstantin Semenov in the series" Star of the era ... In the series "Dark instinct" Alexander Domogarov played Dima Korsakov - a talented musician, who protect opera singer Marina Zvereva (the role she performed Love Kazarnovskaya) and with whom she once had an affair.

In 2007, the screens of the country came first domestic blockbuster-style fantasy - "Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs". Alexander Domogarov role it played in the man-eater.


Alexander Domogarovu, actor mostly serial, not foreign, artistic and journalistic projects. In 2006, he became interested in the script of the documentary "Aksioks!" - Of Patriarch Tikhon and his relations with the Bolsheviks, has agreed to participate in a single episode of a game this painting. Actor played GPU investigator for particularly important cases of Jacob Saulovich Agranova.

. After shooting Alexander Domogarov commented on his participation in the film: "My dad used to say:" Great is the man who write the history of our state "
. It is unlikely that someone would write it from beginning to end, but some of the pages to know would not prevent. And think about them. What, for example, moved my character? He knew who was sitting in front of him, and was still firmly convinced that the Patriarch Tikhon to destroy. Why? Why? For me it is a mystery ".


His first wife, Natalia E. Sagoyan, the actor first met in adolescence. It was a summer romance. Country Houses Domogarovyh and Sagoyan are in the same village.

Natalia E., nee Sagoyan, was not only the first wife, but, according to rumors, the first female actor. Fragile, large-eyed, beautiful brunette, she is a domogarovsky ideal of feminine beauty. (All of his subsequent beloved correspond to this image).

Dmitry Domogarov, eldest son of the actor, born on January 7, 1985 in Moscow. The last time my dad saw little Dima year old, shortly before his parents' divorce. Since then, my father never met the boy, although up to 18 years regularly paying alimony to his son. Judging by the official salaries of our actors, alimony were scanty. But the first wife Natalia Domogarova found it humiliating to demand money from him, even when Alexander began to receive large royalties. He left the family, not being a star, name Domogarov while nobody nothing to say, and Dima's mother did not change it because of solidarity with his son. June 7, 2008 in Moscow, Dmitry Domogarova hit by a car. 23-year-old Dmitry died on the operating table. The doctors did everything possible, but to save his life failed. To accompany him on his last journey Alexander Domogarov could not, because he was on tour in Israel.

And then went from a family of Alexander Y. due to the new love. Like many young actors, Domogarov served in the Soviet Army, in the eponymous theater. And here in his life, she will come. Beauty with huge black eyes and luxurious long hair. Ira Gunenkova worked in the theater wardrobe mistress, and studied in Leningrad in drama school part time.

The girl was hanging up on the Knights, but her heart remained free until she met Domogarova. Lean, lanky "rookie" makes one want to cuddle him and warm. Ira began the care, custody and turned into what is already in 1986 they began to live a civil marriage. A 16 April 1988 legalized relationship. Irina sacrificed all for the love of Domogarovu. She left school in St. Petersburg, as the husband said that he did not want a wife-actress. At his insistence, went to work. There were rumors that Alexander allegedly severely jealous Irina Andrei Tashkovu. But in reality they are linked only friendship that continues to this day.

1988 Irina gave birth to a boy Domogarovu. Decided to call the same Alexander. Irina continued to literally blow away dust particles with husband. According to stories told friends, little Sasha knew from birth that all the most delicious, you should leave father. From the family looked perfect.

Domogarov increasingly appeared in films, played in productions. But his real rise began in 1998 when he became an actor of theater. Mossovet. History repeated. The new theater - a new love. After 12 years of happy marriage, Alexander Y. fell in love again. With Natalie Gromushkinoy they met exactly in Theater. Moscow City Council, where Gromushkina came to work after the end GITIS. "The first day she was late for rehearsal, what infuriated the entire troupe, - says in an interview Domogarov. - The girl with flowing hair running down the corridor to the dressing room and has no attention to me ". Alexander was genuinely in love.

In 1998, the director Jerzy Hoffman (a graduate of our fighting positions) has begun the selection of actors for the latter part of the trilogy of novels by Henryk Sienkiewicz. Classic Polish Film have looked at the tapes, thousands of young Russian actors, before running into Alexandra Domogarova. Bohun role in the movie "With Fire and Sword" became his fateful. The next day he woke up after the premiere of the mega-star. In the Internet appeared the sea Polish sites dedicated Domogarovu, stores began to sell T-shirts with the face of an idol. But it is the people's adoration with the actor played a cruel joke.

For several months, Alexander went to the shooting in Warsaw with actress Theater. Natalie Mossovet Gromushkinoy (incidentally it under Alexander for 12 years). His wife Irina while being torn between work, home, son Sasha and Natalia Petrovna, Domogarova mother, who had a broken leg.

Perhaps the truth about the new novel Domogarova would not have surfaced immediately, if not for the Polish journalists who do not leave "Bohun" a step. All The local newspapers were full of images of a star with its companion. Soon photos "Domogarovyh couple" were reprinted one of our publications. It was then, this husband and learned of the existence of understudy.

Learning the truth, Irina was at pains to keep the family. She closed her eyes for lengthy absences of spouse and not lose hope, even when Domogarov openly began to appear with Gromushkinoy in humans, introducing her as his wife.

. Only in 2001, Alexander asked Irina divorce to marry Gromushkinoy
. While all this has long passed, Irina experienced a shock so strong that within a few days after the tragic news had an accident. As always, rode with her son to school, lost control and crashed into a tree. Fortunately, no injuries.

Sasha was then 13 years old and, according to acquaintances of the family, parental divorce, he had a very hard. However, with the boy's father to maintain a cordial relationship, took his new wife, Natalya, and often visited their home.

Actor himself admitted that insanely jealous Natalya, and on this basis they often quarrel occurred. According Gromushkinoy Alexander in terrible anger: "Usually a few days I feel like increasing seismic activity, so it's best to leave the territory before or extinguish the fire before it will flare up". Natalia is not just slam the door, but then returned again, yielding to the persuasion of her husband. There were rumors that the family even came to blows.

Neighborhood actor looked at the union rather skeptical. All too often in family turmoil Alexander Yu asked to help his ex-wife Irina. According to rumors, Irina until recently took care of her ex-husband, who could not and would not leave her alone. She went with her son on his performances, often visited his new apartment, a friend of Gromushkinoy. That Irina nursed Domogarovym when he was in the hospital.

January 20, 2005 Natalia Gromushkina and Alexander Domogarov formalized divorce.

Alexander is very responsive to care passionately Loved Women. After the final break with Gromushkinoy Domogarov cut his wrists. And when he came to himself, began to take revenge: he complained to the management of the Theater. Moscow City Council, demanded that the sacked Gromushkinu. Management tardiness, . but after the incident, . when Domogarov and Gromushkina staged a brawl during a performance directly behind the scenes - no time left on the scene, . running around each other with cries of dressing room, . disrupting performance, . - Chiefs have decided to ask Natalia to leave to avoid the emergency.,

. We do not know what would have ended in clarifying the intricate relationship between ex-spouses, if Alexander had not met his new love.

. With Marina Alexandrova actor met on the set of the series 'Star era'
. Marina played a legendary artist Valentin Serov, Alexander - the famous writer Konstantin Simonov. Gradually, their on-screen passion grew into real love.

The beginning of their romance overshadowed the former wife of Alexander actress Natalia Gromushkina. Wanting to make Domogarovu surprise, one day without warning Alexandrova returned from filming in Moscow from Kiev and saw a man in the apartment of his beloved ex-wife. Marina understood everything without words, but could not hold back emotions and put up a scandal. Which is not turned in her favor. Domogarov just put Alexander's out the door. But later in the struggle for his heart lost to Natalia. Domogarov literally prikipel to Alexandrova. They quarreled, offended, but they are irresistibly attracted to each other.

A new quarrel with both stifled their experiences in the new arms. Domogarov in such moments recalled former wives, on the fan (a leading channel 'Culture' Irina Kaznacheyeva, Helen makeup from behind the scenes program 'Survivor'). A Alexandrova sought solace in young fashion beauties. She was seen together with Alexei Panin, Artur Smolyaninov, Alexei Chadov. Recovering himself, Domogarov begged forgiveness, Marina showering expensive gifts.

Nobody believed in their love. Even my mother Marina Irina Pupenina (this is the real name is Marina) was displeased with the choice her daughter.

- They always find out relations, - says Irina. - I will never forgive Domogarovu that he raised his hand on my daughter.

Despite a truly African passion, Alexander and Marina lived in cohabiting two years. However, the constant strife completely wore out both. In summer 2007, Marina Aleksandrova finally put an end to troubled relations, turned off the phone and went to rest. Domogarov not going to put up with her loss: 'My relationship with it - it's more than love ... This word is not very suitable to describe these feelings. She - the dearest person in my life. It's not what I had before. I mean with women. You see, it means increment to man ... I know her like no other. I know how it breathes, I know what it smells like, think of anything that is going to do. I know all about it! "

Domogarov so believed that Alexandrova certainly come back to him that he was pleased about his plans for their life together: 'We'll get married, it will happen in St. Petersburg. The ceremony will be only her parents. My, unfortunately, has died. And no one else. I do not want a huge celebration, no guests. Everything will be secret and very quiet. "

But Marina did not return. A year later, June 7, 2008, she married 26-year-old Ivan Stebunova talented actor, who was busy with her two performances of the theater 'Contemporary'.

Learning of marriage has abandoned its Marina Alexandrova, Domogarov suffered terribly, and left the town red. Employees of the Theater. Moscow City Council say that to him even attach one employee, which oversees the leading actor during the tour (not too much to drink). She also leads him to his senses, if there was a failure. One day, we are told, did not watch. For half an hour before the start of the play all rushed to look Domogarova, and he lay almost unconscious in his room. 'Brought him back to normal all the forces - and dipped in cold water, and massage did. But Domogarov - brilliant actor. In whatever state it was, but came out on stage, transformed, as if opening Extra! Therefore, it is very appreciated in the theater '- was told in the theater.

While Domogarovu never been with anyone tie strong relations. The longest and perhaps for a lifetime affair with Domogarova with the theater and cinema

. Roles in the theater

. 'Moving wanderers'
. 'La Dame aux Camelias'
. 'Trees die standing' by Alejandro Casona
. 'Name of strange Potemkin ...'( Discovering)
. Macbeth Shakespeare
. 'Dear Friend'
. 'My Poor Marat' by Alexei Arbuzov
. 'My profession
. 'Male season'
. 'Nijinsky, Clown of God mad'
. 'He came'
. 'Paul I'
. 'Crime and Punishment' F
. M. Dostoevsky
. 'Cyrano de Bergerac'
. 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'

. Filmography:

. 1984 Heritage
. 1985 Michael Lomonosov
. 1985 step is the hardest
. 1987 ACCA
. 1988 And the light shines in the darkness
. 1988 My husband and daughter Tamara
. 1989 Visiting Ladies
. 1990 cases - again!
. 1991 Blood for Blood
. 1992 Midshipmen-III
. 1993 If only we knew ...
. 1993 Revenge of the jester
. 1993 Shylock
. 1994 Cross Mercy - series
. 1997 Countess de Monsoro - series
. 1997 La Reine Margot - series
. 1998 fire and sword - (Poland)
. 1999 White Dance
. 1999 At the end of the world - (Poland)
. 1999 diver - (Sweden-Norway)
. 1999 What did the deceased - serial
. 2000 Gangster Petersburg - TV series
. 2000 Game on departure
. 2000 Empire under attack - TV series
. March 2000 Turkish - series
. One June night in 2001 - (Poland)
. 2001 Salome
. 2001 I - a doll
. March 2002 Turkish 2
. March 2003 Turkish 3
. 2003 Idiot - series
. 2003 Why do you need an alibi? - TV series
. 2004 Stylet-2 - serial
. 2004 Honeymoon
. 2004 lost the sun - series
. 2004 Narrow Bridge - Series
. 2004 Ashes of Phoenix - Series
. 2005 Star epoch - Series
. Women's 2005 novel - serial
. 2006 Aksioks! - Documentary
. 2006 Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs
. 2006 Dark instinct - series
. Rock, 2006
. 2006 Satisfaction
. 2006 Graf Montenegro
. 2007 Styx
. 2007 Indy
. 2007 Sin
. 2007 Scenic adventure
. 2007 Gloss
. 2007 Return of the Turkish
. 2008 senior wife
. 2008 White Night, gentle night
. 2009 King
. 2009 Ivan the Terrible and Metropolitan Philip

. Recognition and Awards

. Russia's 2002 Best actor in a foreign film (Film Festival 'Constellation - 2000')
. 2007 People's Artist of Russia
. 2007 Nominated for the 'MTV Movie MTV-Russia' as the best villain (for the film 'Wolfhound')


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  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
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  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
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  • Alexander Domogarov with Natalia Gromushkinoy
  • Vladimir Putin and Alexander Domogarov
  • Alexander Domogarov and Marina Aleksandrova
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Marina Alexandrova
  • Marina Alexandrova
  • Marina Alexandrova
  • Marina Alexandrova
  • Marina Alexandrova
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich

Photos of Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
Domogarov Aleksandr YurevichDomogarov Aleksandr YurevichDomogarov Aleksandr YurevichDomogarov Aleksandr Yurevich

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  • SUPER!
  • natasha for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Alexander the best of the best !
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  • Alexander Yu - the most glamorous among the talented actors, and the most talented among the charming men!
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  • When asked who was most visible on TV indisputable A. Domogarov. I would like to wish this wonderful actor pobolshn zhoroshih roles, with the reward OSKOR.Nadeyus see more of you in teatralnyzh productions and on TV screens. Good luck to you Alexander Y.!
  • Lapinjulia for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • You, Alexander Y., - an actor? 1 today den.A Allen Dellon long otdyhaet.Zdorovya you happiness, God bless you.
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  • He has beautiful eyes.
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  • love Aleksandr Yurevich, he very ocharovanie.massa charm and talanta.hochu wish you health, happiness, beauty and infinite goodness.
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  • I stroked his shirts!
  • Xenia (Yurievna) for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Hello, . Alexander! You can not always explain why and for what it is like this chelovek.Prosto nravites.Hochetsya wish, . that such "simple" truth, . as hope, . faith and love has always been your internal support in your life (for me it helps a lot),
    . Sincerely yours, Xenia.
  • Wolfhound for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • The museum director has personal knowledge of Alexander Domogarova and they walked together with their spouses
  • Faith for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
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  • most perfect:)
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  • Alexander Domogarov, you not only the most beautiful man in the world, but also a talented, good people, so there is not washed pressa.Udachi you in your business, success in all. What a pity that you already difficult something interesting ... and very much like!
  • Nina for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Aleksandr Yurevich, you wonderful, talented man. All the best to you in all endeavors. Be happy.
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  • Be happy!
  • Anna Chernyaeva for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Hello, Alexander. I truly admire you, not only as an intelligent actor, but simply as a decent man. And it's not everyone can boast. People can not test more than they can withstand, so it still will improve. All the best, and more.
  • Julia for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • For 10 consecutive years, I do not see in a dream one but you. I still poinmayu, do not expect anything. nothing on trust, I look at things realistically and not confuse real life with a dream. But nothing I can not help it. I think you know what-love. Do not judge too strogo.Povtoryayu, no waiting and no hope. I want to leash one thing: that you were alive and well. I pray for you. I want many, of many years, even on TV you see the old. Take care of yourself, do not be ridiculous and Quit!
  • Nora_Greb for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Vices are part of virtue as poisonous drugs in the therapeutic tools (Kozma pond)
  • Aniger for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • read the previous comments, . realized, . not say anything novogo.Kak said FG Ranevskaya - Beauty - terrible force. "You have conquered the hearts of thousands of women, . Of course the talent will reinforce the impression of the nature of this beauty. Since then the Protect, . than you so generously awarded B-g.Viski and cigarettes is not the best healers of the soul potryaseniy.Budte strong, . love and be loved, . raduyte us, . admirers, . new interesting rabotami.A to do this zdorove.Beregite themselves, . Sasha.,
  • anna for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • www.lietajucicyprian.sk or www.flyingcyprian.com Domogarov in slovak historical film from 18. century, director Mariana Иengel Solиanskб, role Valent Gre?. Premiere 24.6.2010 Art Film, International film festival trenиianske Teplice
  • Mina for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • I would know how to keep you for myself :) and how to take care of you. But I found my love already! Regardless, I admire your amazing talent. You are such a gifted man! I love your voice, too. Whenever I read "Fire and sword," I smile to you ;) Greetings, Mr.Domogarov!
  • Bozena for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • woscheszczajus waszej krasotoj i blagorodstwom.widzela peredaczu pro was,pro waszu zizn po 1 kanalu.wy zameczatelnyj czelowiek i wy obezatelno budietie sczastliwy.nado w eto werit.Bozena.irlandija.
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  • Thanks,you a amazing actor,I am loving you movies end you talent you a meising men,take care of yoursel.I am wish you best.
  • Nataliya for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • My birthday is also on the 12 July but the year I was born is1970 I wish to both of us to be as beautiful as we are and inspired & happy I like to watch the series of Turezkiy, I think it is the best role of Aleksandr Domogarov Best wishes to Aleksandr
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