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Russian Sambo wrestlers won confidently in all types of programs at the world Cup

CASABLANCA (Morocco), Nov 16 - R-Sport, Oleg Bogatov. The national teams of Russia successfully participated in held in Morocco, the world championship of sport and combat Sambo, winning the team competitions in all kinds of competitions.

Russian athletes won 13 gold medals (27 played). Similarly, in the asset of Russian citizens, four silver and 7 bronze medals. In this case, the results of the world championship 2014 in Narita (Japan) the assets of Russian citizens had eleven first places, seven second and 1 third.

citizens of Russia in competitions on sports Sambo team took first place, winning four gold medals, two silver and two bronze. On the second place team Georgia (2 gold, 3 bronze) 3rd - the national Team of Belarus (1 gold, 5 bronze).

Russian athletes brought in a moneybox of the national team in competitions on sports Sambo five gold and four bronze medals, ahead of the team of Ukraine (2 gold, 1 bronze) and Belarus (1 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze).

Russian national team in combat Sambo Also excelled in Casablanca, winning four gold medals, two Silver and one bronze. The winners of the team competition, included teams from Bulgaria (2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) and Kazakhstan (2 gold, 1 silver).

The winners of the world championship were Russians Anastasia Valova (weight category up to 56 kg), Anastasia Shinkarenko (60), Anna Shcherbakova (64), Olga Zaharova (68) and Anna Balashova (over 80 kg).

men excelled Nikita Kletskov (68), Azamat Sidakov (74), Alsim Chernoskulov (90) and Artem Osipenko ( 100).

in competitions in sport Sambo was won by the citizens of Russia Alexei Ivanov (80), Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (90), Vadim Nemkov (100), Kirill Sidelnikov ( 100).

Silver medals awarded Ilya Kokovich (82), Dmitry Eliseev (100) - sports Sambo, Emir Bukasov (52), Rashad Muradov (68) - combat Sambo. Bronze medalists of the tournament were Maria Molchanova (48), Anna Kharitonova (52), Anna Zhizhina (72), Natalia Kazantseva (80), Valery Soronokov (52), Aymergen Atkunov (57) - sports Sambo, Bair Omoktuyev (74) - combat Sambo.

at the tournament in Casablanca for the first time was used the Olympic system of scoring against a team - by quantity of the won medals (the previously accrued points, besides not only winning, but also other places).

citizens of Russia with 24 medals in a landslide win in the team standings. Second and third places were taken by Teams of Kazakhstan (3 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze) and Ukraine (2 gold, 4 silver, 8 bronze).

the seven strongest teams Also includes Belarus (2, 2, 9), Georgia (2, 2, 5), Bulgaria (2, 2, 2) and Uzbekistan (1, 0, 6). The winners of the tournament were Authorized 23 national teams from 74, published at the start of the competition.

The title of world Champions in combat Sambo in Casablanca for the fifth time was won by Kirill Sidelnikov Vyacheslav Vasilevsky. Four-time world champion in sport Sambo became Alsim Chernoskulov and Artem Osipenko. Three-time champion was Anna Balashova, and double - Alexey Ivanov and Vadim Nemkov serving in combat Sambo.

the fifth time the title of the strongest in the world won the Bulgarian Marko Kosev (combat Sambo, 57), the third - Georgians Vakhtangi Chitashvili (57, sports), as well as Kazakhstan sportsmen fighting style Almas Suleimenov (52) and Arman Ospanov (68).

the head of the international Sambo Federation (FIAS) Vasily Shestakov at the closing ceremony of the tournament in Morocco noticed that the dynamic development of Sambo in the world show increasing interest in sport in many countries, increasing competition in the battle for medals and the brightest new names.

Among the pleasant surprises of the competition in Casablanca include the victory of venesuelly Maria Gu?dez (48), the Second place French women Laurie Fournier (56), silver medals in competitions in combat Sambo, Joash Walkins from Trinidad and Tobago (62), the Korean sangsu ( 100), Samat Zhanybek Uulu from Kyrgyzstan (82), the messenger of Tajikistan Naviagated Cherkasheva ( 100) in sports Sambo, as well as the bronze award of kameruno Poly Sitepen (60) and Diageo Vedio ( 80), German Helge Malt (sports, 90) and fincas Joanna Ylinen (68).

The world championship in 2016 will take place either in Bulgaria or in the United States. FIAS will take a proper decision before 5 December this year.

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Russian Sambo wrestlers won confidently in all types of programs at the world Cup
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