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Analysts: Russia and the West have a common desire to battle crime

Angelina Timofeeva. Cooperation in the Syrian Arab Republic could be the beginning of a new rapprochement Between Russia And the West, Despite the deep crisis in the relationship, because of the General desire in the battle with crime And the positive experience of cooperation in this region there are, told on Tuesday in Potsdam, the participants of the discussion " Turning away from Europe? The German-Russian relation under a new sign ".

The discussion took place during the anniversary events dedicated to the 20th anniversary since the creation of the discussion club Alumnivereinigung Club FORUM at German-Russian forum. It was held in the Potsdam office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation " for freedom ".

According to the head of the German-Russian forum Matthias Placca, who spoke at the opening event in Germany, followed the negotiations at the G20 in Turkey Between the presidents of Russia And USA Vladimir Putin And Barack Obama And was relieved to hear the words of the American leader about the fact that dialogues with the Russian colleague were very constructive.

"maybe again, there is a new community to solve big issues, with the participation of Russia And the West. I think that We don't get away from it, Despite the complexity And duration of this process, "said Placek, adding that" We need each other, without Russia will Not work, And without Europe, nothing will happen ".

"We have to say goodbye to illusions that We can influence the Russian Federation or the Russian Federation to change. This is the old illusion of German foreign policy is to believe in this ", - said the head of the Center for the study of Central And Eastern Europe of the German Foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung, member of the German society for foreign policy Stefan Meister.

According to the expert, for the development of relations today "need fresh large projects, and most importantly - one must understand what We wish Between them. ""one must abandon rhetoric And begin to take seriously the problems of the opposite side, that It has become the basis for a new relationship," said Meister.

according to his statement, " the Russian government uses its own chance in the Syrian settlement, to acquire allies in the battle to crime, to fight terrorists along with the West."

"We have a common desire to battle a crime, although the motivation of the Russian capital is connected with the fact to come out of international isolation. Meanwhile, in the result of these actions, the political climate has changed. And Putin's speech at G20 this year was significantly different from his performances in the past year. Despite the fact that the decision on Ukraine's some movement happening. Vsplyvaet more opportunities for meetings And exchange of views, more contacts, And This changes the relationship, " said Meister Fins news .

tried to convince Not to turn away from Russia, but rather to "build bridges" with Moscow And another participant in the debate - the chief of branch in St. Petersburg, Commerzbank Torsten Erdmann. According to the banker, that Is in line with German national interests." Winter is on the doorstep, We in Germany wish to spend the winter in warm houses. The main part of the gas We export from Russia ", - he said.

Erdmann tried to convince the Germans "don't get hysterical" due to the fact that the Russian Federation is discussing the parallel issues of energy cooperation with China." We should not overestimate this fact ", - said the expert, indicating that the decline in trade observed in the Russian Federation Not only with Germany, But with China, too.

"German businessmen in Russia are a stabilization factor. We don't just sell, We create jobs And bring certain cultural values. But It does Not give us the right to demonize some trends in the Russian Federation, " added Erdmann.

"The Russian side is very important to finish with the West the discussion about the values And move on to real politics, in which the Germans are historically Not very strong," said head of Department of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Afghanistan Alexey Yusupov.

Yusupov said that the withdrawal of the military forces of the United States And NATO from Afghanistan casts adrift "viable regime" in Kabul, which the Russian side maintains its position of mentor.

"The keynote of Russian diplomacy in Kabul today sounds like" and We said ", And he's Not that wrong, " added the analyst.

However, According to Yusupov, the mutual experience of work in Russia And Germany in Afghanistan Is "a shining example of cooperation" at the level of logistics, sharing of information And map data ". This interaction was stopped after cooling in relations Between Russia And the EU in connection with the Ukrainian crisis.

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Analysts: Russia and the West have a common desire to battle crime
 -  Знаменитости Analysts: Russia and the West have a common desire to battle crime
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