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In Germany, spoke about the plans to hold a protest at the base Ramstein

Thousands of active participants will participate in the protests 23-30 June near the American Ramstein air base in Germany, told Last news, one Of the coordinators, a German lawyer Reiner Braun.

according to his statement, to go to demonstrations of disagreement, these people made two things - a possible war in Iran and the role that can play in this war, Ramstein, as well as the development of the situation after the breakup of the INF Treaty. Brown noted that this remains "a technical possibility for deployment of nuclear weapons at Ramstein," and " there is a strong possibility that if nuclear weapons have to be put back in the EU, It will be Ramstein ".

Brown said that leading politicians-conservatives, for example, the head of the Ministry of defense Ursula von der Leyen, " say directly about the fact that after the rupture of the INF Treaty can be any development of events, and This may mean a new placement of nuclear warheads ". In the United States, too, have supporters of the " further development of the nuclear strategy Field, the completion of the INF Treaty, for example the placement of nuclear weapons in the European Union ", this position is supported by the Pentagon, Germany in this case will be "a key country for accommodation, because It has and capabilities, and Central geographical position," says brown.

"We wish to increase the level of discussion about the deployment of nuclear weapons to such a level that this issue was not even raised. This is a preventive peacekeeping policy, " said brown.

in the annual protest to be held near the base of Ramstein for the fifth time in a row, is expected to hold international Congress and festival in the world and the demonstration throughout the week, activists will live in field camp, participants also have plans to get up "live chain" around the base. The cordon, as in previous years, is carried out illegally, without the approval of the authorities. Participation in the stock already told certain people's deputies of the Bundestag, German politicians.

at the beginning of this year, the United States declared the sole exit From the INF Treaty, accusing the Russian Federation in the long-running breach of contract. Vladimir Putin 2 February said that Moscow mirror response to the decision of the capital of the United States to withdraw From the INF Treaty and also suspends participation in the Treaty. The President said that the Russian Federation must not and will not become involved in costly for the capital of Russia the arms race. Meanwhile, Putin added that all the Russian proposals on disarmament " remain on the table and the doors are open ", but asked in a persistent form in the future not to initiate any negotiations on this issue.

The Ramstein air base in Northern Germany - the biggest strong point of the U.S. air force outside the United States, headquarters U.S. air force in the European Union and the only one Of the NATO bases. It is located near the town of Ramstein in Rhineland-Palatinate. The home is located about fifteen thousand soldiers and employs about 30 thousand civilian experts. Ramstein is one Of the 2 bases within Germany, which, according to one version, the stored nuclear warheads. Located in Ramstein in 2011, 603-th center air and space operations is coordination and control of UAVs (drones) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. In Germany there is a broad public debate about the involvement of the state and the government in the dubious position of international law, " war drones ".

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In Germany, spoke about the plans to hold a protest at the base Ramstein -  Знаменитости In Germany, spoke about the plans to hold a protest at the base Ramstein шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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