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Jackie Chan

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Biography Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan). Jackie Chan was born April 7, 1954

Kong Sung Chan - a name he received at birth, which means "Chan, born in Hong Kong". In such a touching for parents of newborn Jackie hometown there is nothing unusual. In 1954, when there is a significant event in the family Chan, Hong Kong is an amazing piece of freedom in the vast field of Communist China. And the parents of the future stars, most recently with difficulty forced their way with a large but poor country by a small, but well, we wanted to be thanks to the very expensive, they have - in the name of his son.

When Jackie Chan was six years old, his parents went to work in Australia, where they settled into the French (or American) embassy cook and maid. The boy was brought with them, and then sent back. From six to sixteen years, and Jackie Chan - student private school, where he was on the traditional Chinese program full swing mastered acting, philosophy and martial arts. Discipline at this institution was the most severe. Classes for sixteen or seventeen hours. But it is here and should look for a starting point of his career. Once a certain producer took to filming the movie Action well trained boy ...

And now Jackie Chan - actor who played a role in about fifty films. Director, brought the dozen paintings. His record includes such hits as "Police Story" and "Armor of God" (both - in several parts), "Showdown in the Bronx" and "Operation A," "Island of Fire" and "City Hunter". Finally, Jackie Chan - man, confidently and boldly, with the victorious cry of "Ya-ya-ya!" erupting in Hollywood, which, in general, does not like strangers.

But back a little back. Thus, it is time that Born in Hong Kong changed his name and became a Sing Lung, which literally means "to become the Dragon". He was already about twenty. Jackie Chan had taken off in the crowd, worked stunt. Then John By, the director and friend of Bruce Lee, Jackie invited as a brigadier stunt.

Of course, the young man admired the legendary Bruce. A legend of legends are born. As Jackie Chan did not take advantage of this rule?

For a long time the question about the true nature of the relationship with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan replied with a truly Asian evasiveness. From his answers with equal success could be concluded that, despite the fact that the fate of not just wiping out the two men on the set, they hardly knew each other, except that greeted. And also, with equal certainty, the conclusion that Bruce Lee is seen in Jackie Chan, and only in him alone, his spiritual heir. No accident that this name appeared - Become a Dragon! After the Dragon fans and journalists called Bruce.

Be that as it may, in the creative biography of Jackie Chan, right after the death of the legendary Bruce Lee arose sensible break, which nearly forced the young actor to leave the cinema. After all, it can not be a coincidence, is not it?..

But over time, in his statements about the Dragon Jackie became more restrained and more certain. "Yes, - he said - we were with Bruce in the same company. And although I can not fully consider myself his heir, his followers can be called like. I'm going after him Though my way of another ".

Jackie Chan can now afford to say so, because his name worldwide, and particularly in Asia, overshadowed by the name of the Bruce, and his films make the charges, which mysteriously deceased dragon and beyond the norm. He has a unique position today. Evidenced by, for example, such a dialogue that took place between him and the journalists. "How did you get in a Hollywood project" An Alan Smiyhee Film ", it seems, not very typical for Jackie Chan?" - Ask him. "Yes, when I suggested this idea, she's absolutely not like - with some lazy he says - but then I got a call Stallone is ..." - "He personally call you?" - Evinces distrust journalists. "Well, of course - surprised and even slightly offended by Jackie. - He is my good friend. He told me: "Let's still do it, and I agreed".

Times change. Now, Jackie Chan, without the risk of seeming ridiculous upstart can safely say that the pleasure to worked with Cameron, Spielberg or Tarantino.

But does forget Bruce Lee, stop mentioning his name and spoke of him with arrogance, he can not, otherwise one secret will be less. He is also the Dragon. But not the second, and the other.

Does Jackie Chan's personal life? Perhaps now that the question sounds absurd. But until recently it was very relevant. Just imagine - for many years the most popular in Hong Kong people managed to conceal not only their love affairs, . but even then, . that married! And this is despite continued harassment of journalists, . all these peeping, . eavesdropping, . probing,
. Of course, rumors about the personal life of an actor appearing periodically. But however they may be close to the truth or, conversely, are ridiculous, he always kept stony silence. Only five years after his marriage, the public learned that her favorite - a family man. And after some time managed to establish that his wife - Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-Jiao. But that's what! The existence of his own son he hid entire thirteen years! In a conspiracy! Stirlitz rest! And if after the "revelations" with his wife Jackie Chan tried to laugh it off, . what, . Mol, . He feared a wave of suicides among the disappointed fans, . then after the "presentation" son was clear: the actor is guided by a natural in his situation, the desire - to protect the rest of the family undue emphasis on foreign,
. As you can see for a long time, he is quite able. And that is also very interesting, such position of Jackie Chan ultimately caused no irritation, and respect: his family is valid for a few years left in peace.

But last summer after a long lull in a storm. Reporters gossip found that the beautiful Helen Ng, Miss Asia-90, markedly rounded tummy. Comparing this finding with the fact that, firstly, Ellen is not married and, secondly, in recent months, she often appeared with Jackie Chan, they concluded that the father of the unborn child - none other than Mr. Chang's own persona. Naturally, the journalists demanded that both confirm or deny the rumor. But they were silent, as the guerrillas on the interrogation. And then the paparazzi remembered the existence of Jack's family and obsessed and his wife, and for seventeen-year-son, and even for the elderly father - and turned their lives into hell. In addition, they launched a very hurtful for the actor whisper, he says, he is a fearless performer tricks before his death, is afraid to confess his deed to his wife. And then Jackie had to go for broke. Jackie Chan held a press conference and in front of hundreds of good journalists who have come from all over Asia, said, repentance, a la Clinton's speech. Well, yes, it was to blame ... but more than anything to love his wife and son ... and if it turns out that a child at Mrs. Ng, my, I am prepared to admit him and give him a decent education. At this point, and Twenty-seven Asian beauty split. Outcome still instructive history is this: Jackie Chan forgiven, and Helen Ng in November, two months ahead of time, gave birth to a girl. But after a public confession, they had not seen even once. And while that Jackie for the newborn showed no interest ...

"You is not difficult to do his own stunts? - Frequently asked Jackie Chan. - Still you for forty! "-" Yes, of course, the reaction is no longer the one that first. But in my youth I had such a good school, that so far she can stay in shape ".

"The most terrible trauma that nearly killed me, I have received during the execution is no trick at the site of the outstanding film" Armor of God ". The shooting took place in Yugoslavia, I flew there for twenty hours, and I was disturbed circadian biorhythm. The trick was very simple: jump over the wall of the castle on the tree, which stood at the bottom. The first time turned the trick perfectly. But something in me it did not suit. When I jumped for the second time, I could not catch a branch. Downstairs was the operator. If he had not walked away, I would have collapsed down on him, but maybe then we would have got away with bruises. And so I hit my head on the ground. The skull was split, and one crashed into the bone marrow. Blood gushed from his ears, people immediately rushed to the phone, trying to find a clinic where they can make the operation. After eight hours I was lying under anesthesia. Surprisingly, everything went well and I recovered fairly quickly. However, now my head is a hole, close the plastic gag ".

Medical Card Jackie Chan should be as thick as "War and Peace". Simply amazing how he does something alive? As soon as he was not mutilated, that just did not break! "Police Story" almost made him a paralytic - have broken two vertebrae. Nose broke three times. Injuries to the knee received so often that he doubted whether it remained at least one whole bone. On the set of "showdown in the Bronx," broke his ankle. Doctors barred attack on the plastered leg. But he had to continue shooting. And then he returned to the set, and the swollen injured leg stretched white socks, colored it with sneakers. Once Jackie Chan almost choked, hurt his throat. Nearly lost an eye when he cut his eyebrow. Another time the shooting at someone else's fault his "enemy" was given a sharp sword. He beat Jack's hand. Blood spurted. Jackie Chan shouted in pain, while the operator continued to shoot, thinking that everything goes according to plan.

In recent years, no insurance company is not the risk is with Mr Chan contract. Too many of these firms went bankrupt paying for crippled hands and feet actor. And you, whether on the ground the insured, would dare to take responsibility for the health of a person who is constantly jumping from a height multimeter, throws herself under the wheels, body substitutes for all kinds of weapons and firearms?

. Yet sooner or later will come a time when Jackie Chan can not do the trick
. What then? "Maybe I will withdraw in other films - calmly, he argues. - Also, I hope to find a talented young actor, who taught all that I can myself. I followed Bruce Lee. I hope that someone will go and for me ".

What is written on his business card? Well, apparently, the answer is simple: Jackie Chan, actor, director, producer, screenwriter.

. But if you wish you could write many more things: the owner of his own studio, . honorary doctor of several universities, . Plenipotentiary Representative of the Hong Kong Tourism Association, . author of four films, . included in the hot Hong Kong's top ten of the century ", . honorary citizen of Seoul, . activist organizations in the protection of animals, . owner of the chain restaurants and so on., . etc.,

And where is the secret? But such. A person, which includes all of the above titles, the man who owns millions, so can teach young people: "You do not know value of money, I, for example, living in hotels, himself, wash underwear and socks, because the laundry is too expensive. You do not know how to save. I stopped in the hotel for a night or two, never leave an unused bar of soap. I wrapped him in a shower cap and a long time to use them ".

And making this and other equally epatage, thought he looked thoughtfully into the distance with an inscrutable expression on his face. As befits a true Asians.

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  • Roman for Jackie Chan
  • Jackie Chan great master and a talented artist! Many times he risked his life on the set! But beyond that, he is also a very kind man. He is engaged in charity and helps keep children's schools. Large him respect.
  • Natalie for Jackie Chan
  • I just adore it! п п?п°я?пҐя?п№ he is an actor, people in general))))
  • Igor for Jackie Chan
  • Jackie is the best actor and I like it very much ....! I'm on it to blaze poshlnoy watch his movies just the same s-everywhere ours, super star ! Well I gotta go ..... See you soon ....
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