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Russian boxers begin to struggle to qualify for the Olympics 2016

MOSCOW, Oct 24 - R-Sport, Oleg Bogatov. Authorized men's national team of Russia on Boxing will start 1st phase of the struggle to qualify for the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in all 10 weight classes in the new tournament organized by the international Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) - AIBA Pro Boxing (APB).

Voucher for 20 Olympic licenses (two in each weight) lead 80 athletes (eight categories), personally selected by AIBA. The remaining Tickets will later be played in the games world series of Boxing-2015 (WSB), the first European Olympic games in 2015 in Baku, the world Cup 2015 in Qatar and a number of continental tournaments.

Experts AIBA included citizens of Russia in the number of participants in all ten categories. The invitation to the selection APB given to David Ayrapetyan (49 kg), Misha Aloyan (52), Sergey Vodopyanov (56), Dmitry Polyansky (60), Armen Zakaryan (64), Andrew Castle (69), Artem Chebotarev (75), Nikita Ivanov (81), Alexey Egorov (91) and Magomed Omarov ( 91).

Tournaments APB will be held in eight countries: China (fights in the weight category up to 49 kg), Russia (52 and 64), Argentina (56), Kazakhstan (60), Azerbaijan (69, 91 ), Ukraine (75), Bulgaria (81) and Italy (91). On untested stage, athletes will spend 3 restaraunteur fight in the last ten days of October, November and December respectively. Finals competition will be held from 23 to 31 January 2015.

according to the results of the draw Aloyan at the start will meet with Italian Vincenzo Picardie, Vodopyanov - Chinese Zhang Saviem, Polanski with the Uzbek khurshida Tojibaeva, Zakaryan - Ukrainian Vyacheslav Kislitsyna, Castle - with the Azerbaijani Verizom Mamedov, Chebotarev - Ecuadorian Mario Delgado, Ivanov - Irishman Joseph ward, Egorov - the Algerian Shuaiba Belotintsi, and lobster - with the Frenchman Tony Joke. Rival Hayrapetyan until not Assigned.
October 24, kick-off meeting will Polyansky, Ivanov, Egorov and lobster, 25 - Castle, 26 - Aloyan, 27 - Zakaryan, November 1 - Vodopyanov and Chebotarev (possibly Hayrapetyan).

The Russian part of the tournament APB will be held in Novosibirsk - the struggle to qualify for the Olympics will lead bronze medalist of the Olympic games in London two-time world champion Aloyan and European champion 2013 Zakaryan. Director of the Boxing Federation of Russia, judge of the international category AIBA Eugene Sudakov said the Agency " R-Sport "that " Misha and Armen God himself commanded to win, especially as the houses and walls help "." I think that Aloyan, and Zakaryan will be able to show the level of the box at which they are capable, and will delight fans, " he said.

Assessing the chances of the other citizens of Russia, head of the Department said: " All competitors of our athletes in the teeth - a lot will be based only on the value of training our children. We All maximalists, But you have to really look at things. We understand that we will not win in all categories. But if We win four, five or six trips, it can be considered a decent option for the first stage of selection for the Olympic games ".

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Russian boxers begin to struggle to qualify for the Olympics 2016
 -  Знаменитости Russian boxers begin to struggle to qualify for the Olympics 2016
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