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Igor Krutoy fell on the stage in the Kremlin

Media blasted the news that Igor Krutoy fell on the stage in the Kremlin. The problem happened with the famous composer during the celebration of its 60th anniversary.

Not so long ago Igor Krutoy noticed in the Kremlin own birthday, which was not without memorable curiosity. According to the witnesses, the hero of the feast fell on the stage. It happened at the very beginning of his concert. However, a famous composer could nicely and with humor to get out of the situation.

"Why, when I fell, I had 2 thoughts. You could go to the piano and pretend that nothing happened. But I walked up to the microphone and said, "Well, how do you start the show?" quoted portal Russianshowbiz carefree Cool. He added that this confusion will not get in the TV version of the performances.

By the way, falls on stage is quite a frequent practice among the stars, in consequence during different shows at venues constantly on duty carriage of emergency medical care. Our musicians are absolutely do not think about their own health, because of the beauty by wearing inappropriate shoes, hard suits, even sometimes ignore the high temperature.

For example, not so long ago, the famous artist Dmitry Bikbaev almost sacrificed her life for art. The contractor lost consciousness at the time of filming "I can!". As it turns out, a week before the doctors diagnosed 26-year-old artist bilateral pneumonia. However, despite the diagnosis and fever, Bikbaev still decided to continue shooting in the project. During the General run non Dmitry became ill and was hospitalized.

Besides the unfortunate incident not so long ago, happened to actress Anna Semenovich on the performance in Chekhov. During the onstage heel stars stuck in the crack in the floor. In the star national stage tripped and went sprawling on the floor. "Thank you girls from a medical emergency metropolis Chekhov, who treated my wounds and bandaged leg, and I was able to be on stage," - said Sobyanin. The artist was bruised ankle and heavily skimmed by the leg, but the injury did not prevent her to speak.

As a soloist of the group Serebro Olga Seryabkina received specific professional injury. As we were informed Days.Roux, during the performance, she had a dislocated jaw and was forced to limit themselves to the fellowship, to wear a special bandage on his head. "For 7 years of my professional activity in Serebro, I had various proframe, starting from the fact that I broke the teeth microphone, stretched muscles, tucked his legs before surgery on the ligaments. But it is with me for the first time," he confessed Seryabkina.

Previously fashionable singer Vera Brezhneva was injured in rehearsal performances of "I Want in "VIA GRU". The singer collapsed with a two-meter scenery, severely injured his hand and even lost his memory temporarily. In the beginning was delayed by an hour. And while co-host Brezhneva in all keys entertained hall, backstage crippled singer rushed to the stage.

Source: Igor Krutoy fell on the stage in the Kremlin

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