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photo Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich

Marina Alexandrova

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Biography Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
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Marina Alexandrova

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  • Masya for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • SUPER!
  • natasha for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Alexander the best of the best !
  • Olga for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Alexander Yu - the most glamorous among the talented actors, and the most talented among the charming men!
  • Natasja for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • When asked who was most visible on TV indisputable A. Domogarov. I would like to wish this wonderful actor pobolshn zhoroshih roles, with the reward OSKOR.Nadeyus see more of you in teatralnyzh productions and on TV screens. Good luck to you Alexander Y.!
  • Lapinjulia for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • You, Alexander Y., - an actor? 1 today den.A Allen Dellon long otdyhaet.Zdorovya you happiness, God bless you.
  • Olga for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • He has beautiful eyes.
  • Marina for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • love Aleksandr Yurevich, he very ocharovanie.massa charm and talanta.hochu wish you health, happiness, beauty and infinite goodness.
  • anetka for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • I stroked his shirts!
  • Xenia (Yurievna) for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Hello, . Alexander! You can not always explain why and for what it is like this chelovek.Prosto nravites.Hochetsya wish, . that such "simple" truth, . as hope, . faith and love has always been your internal support in your life (for me it helps a lot),
    . Sincerely yours, Xenia.
  • Wolfhound for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • The museum director has personal knowledge of Alexander Domogarova and they walked together with their spouses
  • Faith for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • just love ...
  • Saul, seeing I for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • perfection itself:)
  • Solomiya for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • most perfect:)
  • Evgenia for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Alexander Domogarov, you not only the most beautiful man in the world, but also a talented, good people, so there is not washed pressa.Udachi you in your business, success in all. What a pity that you already difficult something interesting ... and very much like!
  • Nina for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Aleksandr Yurevich, you wonderful, talented man. All the best to you in all endeavors. Be happy.
  • Raisa for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Be happy!
  • Anna Chernyaeva for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Hello, Alexander. I truly admire you, not only as an intelligent actor, but simply as a decent man. And it's not everyone can boast. People can not test more than they can withstand, so it still will improve. All the best, and more.
  • Julia for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • For 10 consecutive years, I do not see in a dream one but you. I still poinmayu, do not expect anything. nothing on trust, I look at things realistically and not confuse real life with a dream. But nothing I can not help it. I think you know what-love. Do not judge too strogo.Povtoryayu, no waiting and no hope. I want to leash one thing: that you were alive and well. I pray for you. I want many, of many years, even on TV you see the old. Take care of yourself, do not be ridiculous and Quit!
  • Nora_Greb for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Vices are part of virtue as poisonous drugs in the therapeutic tools (Kozma pond)
  • Aniger for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • read the previous comments, . realized, . not say anything novogo.Kak said FG Ranevskaya - Beauty - terrible force. "You have conquered the hearts of thousands of women, . Of course the talent will reinforce the impression of the nature of this beauty. Since then the Protect, . than you so generously awarded B-g.Viski and cigarettes is not the best healers of the soul potryaseniy.Budte strong, . love and be loved, . raduyte us, . admirers, . new interesting rabotami.A to do this zdorove.Beregite themselves, . Sasha.,
  • anna for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • www.lietajucicyprian.sk or www.flyingcyprian.com Domogarov in slovak historical film from 18. century, director Mariana Иengel Solиanskб, role Valent Gre?. Premiere 24.6.2010 Art Film, International film festival trenиianske Teplice
  • Mina for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • I would know how to keep you for myself :) and how to take care of you. But I found my love already! Regardless, I admire your amazing talent. You are such a gifted man! I love your voice, too. Whenever I read "Fire and sword," I smile to you ;) Greetings, Mr.Domogarov!
  • Bozena for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • woscheszczajus waszej krasotoj i blagorodstwom.widzela peredaczu pro was,pro waszu zizn po 1 kanalu.wy zameczatelnyj czelowiek i wy obezatelno budietie sczastliwy.nado w eto werit.Bozena.irlandija.
  • Virginija for Domogarov Aleksandr Yurevich
  • Thanks,you a amazing actor,I am loving you movies end you talent you a meising men,take care of yoursel.I am wish you best.
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