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Central Committee of Alexander

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 Central Committee of Alexander

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  • Mary for Central Committee of Alexander
  • Dear Aleksandr E.: look, please, on this: DRAFT TeleShow 'POLIANKA' 1. Sounds 'Wedding March' Mendelssohn. 2. Screen 'POLIANKA'. 3. Scene in the registry office. Registrar announces newlyweds husband and wife. 4. Escort decorated cars racing through the streets, cheered by the music. 5. Escort turns from the highway into the woods. 6. Again saver 'POLIANKA'. 7. Hall TV studio. The interior is decorated with a forest glade. Places for visitors - the usual. Each consecutive number is slightly higher than the previous. The audience - individuals, . accompanying the newlyweds. 8. Leading announces the beginning of a talk show and invites the studio Suite. 9. Swing open the two halves of the festively decorated doors and the studio pairs are 7 pairs of newlyweds a wedding march and the applause of spectators. 10. Leading congratulates newlyweds and invites them to take place on a specially designated seats. 11. Lead, . Turning to the camera explains, . popular belief that the couple should proceed 7 bridges to Happiness,
    . Organizers of the program to this effect added his own: a competition among newlyweds and their relatives in the audience. 12. The music is playing. Leading Suite invites couples to go to Sham bridges. Bridges - 7 pieces. The length of each bridge - 2 meters. They arched over the river "sham. 13. The first couple of passes 6 bridges and remains on the 7th. 14. The second pair of passes 5 bridges and remains at the 6 th. 15. The third pair is 4 bridges and remains on the 5th. 16. The fourth pair is 3 bridges and remains on the 4th. 17. The fifth pair of runs 2 bridges and remains at 3-em. 18. Sixth pair of passes 1 bridge and remains at 2nd. 19. The seventh pair is the first bridge and then left it,
    . After the end of this phase of the competition, the couple will continue to neproydennym bridges and rassyadutsya to their seats. Thus get, . all seven pairs will be held on the seven bridges. 20. When couples are seated on the bridges, . questions start leading. Throughout TALK SHOW THEME ISSUES should be limited to Wedding customs, . Wedding ceremony, . STORIES Wedding ceremony DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND TIMES, . AND ISSUES IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF MARRIED EACH OTHER AND RELATIVES spouse (s). For the correct answers are awarded points previously announced,
    . The young have the right to turn to relatives for help, paying part of their accumulated points, which will sminusovany. Price recourse is declared in advance. Price of each issue (recommended) should be calculated on a 100-point scale. The price sets leading to the announcement of the issue. All couples are in equal conditions. The technical side. Every bridegroom is pinned to the collar radiomikrofonchik. Thus, hints to each other in a low voice immediately be identified. At every bridge there is a small, established across the bridge in the center, shirmochka. On both sides are shirmochki keybordy computer (keyboard). Shirmochka need to ensure that one spouse did not see that typing the second spouse. Monitor united the entire hall. Big size. At the time the newlyweds set of answers, gives a neutral image of wedding themes. You can give humorous posters, which are usually made to hang in the hall where the wedding feast. Sounds pleasant melody. When a minute to answer expires, leading requests that the answers to monitor. On the desktop screen is divided into seven bands. Each band has its own serial number. THIS SAME ISSUE HAS MARRIED BRIDGE. Left in the band displayed a response spouse. Right in the same band displayed response wife. TV viewers responses indicate major. Then on the same screen at the request of the lead shown scoring. On the monitor also highlights the seven numbered lanes. In the left part of the band shows the number of points accumulated as a result of this issue, and the right side of the strip highlights the amount of points. Highest scoring appear at the top of the monitor, in the first position. Further down - descending results. On appeal for help. If one of the newlyweds decided to seek assistance from relatives, he did not typed on the keyboard, and waits for the expiration of a minute. Husband asked for help his response is gathering on the keyboard during this moment. When the minute expired, leading asks: Does anyone ask for help to relatives. For example, one bride decided to do. She raises her hand and notify. She loudly announced price support. She calls a relative in the hall, which is waiting for help. He takes the microphone and call answer on one, two, three, four, five. When asked what fills the answer on the keyboard. The answer is her husband already packed on the keyboard during the main moments. Could happen that both husband and wife both turn for help? No! Because the issues of this phase of the competition on knowledge of each other. For example, the question is: what product to your husband loves the most? He is surely aware of themselves, and therefore gaining on the keyboard, for example, the word 'cooked sausage'. The rest is clear. And the next question should be about the spouse. For example, a literary genre she loves the most. All questions must be seven plus seven. At seven in each half of the pair. Issues wonder all at the same time. And meet all at once. What if for assistance, please contact multiple people from different pairs? Please. First they will not often do this as soon sminusuetsya considerable number of points. And even for the correct answer be added the declared number of points, but minus their strongly lowered. Yes, and prompting a relative can not guess. Then, for the answer in general get a zero price minus tips. Step on the bridges over. The newlyweds were on their seats through the remaining bridges. Now the competition among the spectators, relatives willing to help her. The presenter also ask all seven questions in support of each pair of newlyweds. Thematic issues - on the knowledge of rites, wedding customs of different times and peoples. It is almost a competition spectators? Leading announces number of the first pair. Declares the price of their questions. Price should be unified. Asked. Someone from the audience's hand and pulls him to serve microphone. He is responsible. Leading announces response. With proper response pair under this number are added to points. At the wrong - nothing is added. Declared number of the next pair, and all repeats. Before we proceed to the final third stage, declared silent pause. In the meadow invited well-known entertainers with a musical number. After numbers actors congratulate the newlyweds and take pictures with them on the memory. At the end pauses leading requests show on the monitor the results of the first two phases. Declared winner of the para -. The couple was invited to the steps leading to 'paradise'. Rest again congratulates and gives them small gifts. Then he goes to a pair of winner. This leads to a beautiful pair of curtains. The curtain separated and all the visible steps up. Total 7 steps. On the vertical side of the steps are written the names of prizes. These prizes are written by the increasing cost. For example: TV, stirmashinka, refrigerator, furniture, wedding trip inside Russia, a honeymoon resort on foreign. On the last and most expensive step is written: 'apartment'. Lead reports that since the 'dear paradise in the tent', the last step is the very paradise in the form of apartment. A staircase itself is called 'The Road to Paradise. "Couple comes to the first rung. He asks. If the answer is correct, then leader said that the prize is won, but still conditional. I wondered: do the young to step to the next step? Those, for example, agree. Rises in the next step. Leading explains that the correct answer will open the way for them to the next step, and incorrect - will select the prize the previous step. If young people refuse to ascend further and answer the following questions, then they pick up prizes previous steps and go. If you agree to continue, then again to be a question to which they are required to answer. At the wrong answer to the next step all the prizes the previous steps are burned. In this case, the pair are awarded only to a promotional prize. The end of the contest. Upon completion of this phase of young seated on the throne and declared to them personally musical number. Publication comes out well-known entertainers and fulfill your number. Then congratulate the young and photographed with them in memory. Newlywed husband opens up before him a bottle of champagne and pours lead, . latter artists, . wife and a champagne. maintaining large in the frame announces the end of the talk shows and invites everyone to the next talk-show, . be held a week later. I would like to sell my script on TV,
    . How is it done? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Maria
  • AQUARIUS for Central Committee of Alexander
  • Hello! My name is Tatiana Fazleeva. I - Executive Director of the creative laboratory "Aquarius". We are creative, writing songs, music, teach children singing talent. We are planning a children's music series. Help find a sponsor to create a movie. About me: Studio pop craftsmanship 'Aquarius' has existed since November 2006. Head Bragin Igor Bronislavovich - composer, . poet, . arranger, . sound. Igor Bragin - gifted creative people,
    . During the past 10 years he worked as an arranger, composer and sound on the TV channel 'Khabar', 'Autoradio', 'HitFM' radio 'NS' and created his own recording studio. During this time he has accumulated quite a lot of songs, including many potential hits. Creative development reached a peak when you want to share their experiences. Thus, the idea to open an existing recording studio Singers School for the creative abilities of children. In school, from the first moment of its opening, the unusual methods of teaching singing, which is given in conjunction with the actor's skill. Singing polished in the recording studio, while being the voice recording, and the student himself hears his mistakes. Such a complex subject as solfege also taught in an unusual music-game form. Student tries to create music himself, learns to feel it. And a few lessons a child instead of music 'sees, hears, feels' the music. Acting includes foundation stage speech and movement, scenic plastic and expressiveness, setting rates, respiration. In general, the student learns to improvise, to control the audience's attention through voice, movement, behavior. And even if your child does not become a star, then at least fully developed, loving music-oriented art, it just becomes. Since the learning process developed musical memory, . imagination, . perception, . figurative thinking, . attention (all cognitive (intellectual) function Rights), . as well as motor skills, . coordination, . formed personal attitude to yourself and the world,
    . Your child becomes a bright individual personality. But psychologists say that a person who has a hobby easier to feel in society, it is easier to find contact with people, he quickly finds a job. 'We are proud of the quality of education in our school, - said the head of the studio of pop craftsmanship' Aquarius' Bragin Igor. - It is our extraordinary teaching studio provides an opportunity to see and discover the full extent that creativity which lies in every child '. We are located at: RC, Mr.. Almaty, st. Abaya 50, in the hotel circus. Office 401. Phone. 8 (727) 2471098, 8 (727) 327 52 44, +7 777 2820704 e-mail: vodolei11@list.ru
  • Lenya for Central Committee of Alexander
  • As with the Ukrainian transport Tsekalo?, Probably because "Tse" is + "Calo"-turd I understand it happened "is a piece of shit" is a good characteristic for a person.
  • Vladimir for Central Committee of Alexander
  • Alexander and the truth is that what you have to do with the village Pokosnoe Bratsk district, Irkutsk region?
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