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photo Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)

Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)

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Biography Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
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 Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)

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  • Milan for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • I love this actor and I just can not know in what city and kakrmu address he lives at the present time, if anyone knows a contact does not apply! I'll wait!
  • tans for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Cool actor and, in my opinion, the ideal man! who shares my opinion, write!
  • Larrr for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • As an actor - is difficult to say that he managed to impress the world with their dramatic talent, as well as the role he played mediocre, t.nz. Cash. On the role of Wolverine went very well, the role of Van Halsinga too. Outwardly quite charming, but in Hollywood these charming actors quite a lot, so personally for me - nice to look at it in movies, but no more.
  • Mila for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • I think a little differently but I will not give its mnenie.Ya would like to ask is not whether you have information about the current residence actor? If not all the same THANK YOU!
  • Angel for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Very much Jackman! He just п+я+п¦я-п+п¦п¦яTп¦п¦! And how he played ... I do it like, . he simply ideal ... Playing in the basket, . plays the guitar and fortepyano.Oh as I love him! And my favorite cotton, . thin sweater! we did the same taste, . in the sense that I love men in those sweaters ...,
  • я¦я¦я¦ for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • п+п¦п¦пTп¦я¦ it!
  • Katia for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Entry tags, right now went to the site, where pictures Hugh, where he was on the beach, I was in a coma
  • Jan for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • I simply adore! the more I read about it, . the more convinced, . he is perfect in every way! it so be! sexuality out of it and pret! way in my youth I would have about him not say, . but the older he becomes, . to get better and better! sweet, . sweet! forgive me, my husband, . but this is beyond me!,
  • kayote for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Hyu - quite a good actor, one of the best actors in recent times! Do not forget that most Hyu not a movie is released and played in Broadway musicals.
  • Chin for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Hello Darling! Should you grieve Chamar, but Hugh, my husband and he lives in Habar-Gotham City, so that the rest girlfriend :)))) Chmaf!
  • Alex for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Larrr! I am with you totally do not agree, only the role of "Fountain" What is ! And what about this thinks Chin ?!?!?
  • Andrei for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Tell me, please, e-mail address, or that no-one could be to contact Hugh Dzhekmanom.
  • Kisa for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Girls, and your cutie is married but has in addition two children, so you do not shine! Compassion!
  • Kisa for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • Although no one! Nuuu still you do not svetit.A he really cutie!
  • jeanette lyn for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • hugh this is jeanette from twitter i check it every day to see if you've written by any chance my name is jeanette 12/31/71 green eyes brown hair ive written you on twitter alot ill probley regret this but my email is hurtmehugh555 password is jeanette please read them all if you can theres a few pages over a month writing dont worry im not a wierdo bye jeanette
  • jeanette lyn for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • I FORGOT TO TELL YOU I LOVED OKLAHOMA favorite movie fountain.the only reason i put my age and things is so you'll know it'sme on twitter you'll have to read them backwards i think please write back or write me on yahoo jeanettejackman@yahoo.com password beautiful dont think im a wierd obsessed person i am not use to going online in any way and i had a hard time coming up with email words to use and passwords give me a chance to know you write me on either site please bye. jeanette
  • jeanette lyn for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • well i just wrote on here again and it didnt take my message i loved oklahoma favorite movie fountain i just put my age and things so you will know it is me write me on yahoo also jeanettejackman@yahoo.com pass is beautiful im not a obsessed weirdo i just wish i could get to know you talk to you if only on either site who sais a celebrity cant have a freind that is just some one in the world please write me if you can or want bye. jeanette
  • jeanette lyn for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • well ive written you now 3times and it wont post it so short version loved oklahoma favorite fountain write me also on yahoo jeanettejackman@yahoo.com pass beautiful i put my age and things so you will know its really me if you go to my sites im not used to going on line at all i hope know one tries to fake me or you cause it wouldnt be smart who saios a celebrity cant be friends with some one in the world why do people seem to be so picky even though they would say there not if asked i would like to talk with you if nowhere else then on my sights bye, jeanette.
  • jeanette lyn for Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman)
  • sorry for this bull.... i said im not use to this how embarrasing i was hitting the wrong thing it was posting it sorry for the repeat on here . jeanette
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