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Mironov Andrey

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Biography Mironov Andrey
photo Mironov Andrey
Mironov Andrey (07. 03. 1941 - 16. 08. 1987), actor.

Andrei Mironov was born March 8, 1941 in Moscow. His parents - the once famous entertainers Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker. Little Andrew, literally from the cradle was in the theatrical environment: the great Russian singer Ruslanova loaned Maria Mironova a shawl to wrap and chill child when the family evacuated from Moscow during the war.

. Light, graceful, supple, he literally fluttered out of the theater to the studio, with a concert on television, with postscoring on tour
. .. Andrei Mironov, a lot of work. He sought to be realized, realized so fiercely and self-denial, as it happens only in people living their profession, happy in his work.

. Among friends Mironova and Menaker were Leonid Utesov, Zinovy Gerdt and Arkady Raikin, so professional future of the child did not cause any issues
. In 1962, Mironov graduated from Shchukin Theater School name and came to work in the theater of Satire.

Mironov began acting early. The ease and charm to replace him acting beauty in the usual sense of the word. His heroes aroused sympathy, but rarely - trust. Such is the character of Dmitri Mironov from the famous painting "Beware of the Car" (1966). This film Eldar Ryazanov revolutionized the actor's Role 1960's. In the role of the thief Yuri Detochkin he took Smoktunovsky, already known for his Hamlet. "Positive hero" Oleg Efremov turned into scatty investigator. And condiments, this duo garnished Papanova, Evstigneeva and Mironov. Hero of the latter, a rogue Dima, gets on unearned income of the new "Volga" and instead of signaling makes it a trap. Resorting to it Papanova phrase "You posodyut - but you do not steal!" replace lost everyday aphorisms.

Development and the culmination of the image rake chic and charming rogue occurred in the film A. Gaidai's "Diamond Hand" (1968). Hero Mironov Gesha, alias "Count", sang about the "Island of bad luck" and dancing like mad on the deck of the ship something unimaginable. Subsequently, the musicality Mironov used all worked with directors: from the "Diamond Hand" was not, it seems that no one movie, wherever Mironov did not sing. Nobody is embarrassed of his weak voice, as well as thick thighs (but does not prevent the ease of his jump, which was so admired his partner, "Diamond hand" Yuri Nikulin). "Diamond Hand" Mironov has made an idol of the public. In the 1970's it was worn on the hands, in the literal sense: for example, from the service entrance to the theater of Satire waited for his car. The next major role was the Marquis Mironov from the movie "The Property of the Republic" (1971), in which his partner was made by Oleg Tabakov. Among the shock episodes of this film - beautifully staged fight with swords, song with the refrain "Who's new" and the romantic hero's death in the finale that caused the tears to the most sensitive viewers.

. A special group of films Mironov - Soviet musicals, in which he was lord and
. "Straw Hat" (1974) and "Heavenly Swallows" (1976) became classics of the genre that helped them Mironova. Without his songs from these films are not treated any kinokontsert of those that came into vogue in the 1980's. A close friendship with Mark Zakharov benefited Mironov - movie actor. He appeared with him in "The Twelve Chairs" (1976) and because television has become the most popular screen Ostap Bender. A song about the butterfly and the sparrow, which Mironov sang in "The Ordinary miracle", would be sufficient for the success of the film. "The minister-administrator" in his performance - a mixture of cynicism and charm, and fan favorite of women - is excellent, though somewhat deviated from the nature of character Schwartz

. In the theater, Andrei Mironov has played many important roles, the world's dramatic repertoire
. Best of his role in a serious film - Khanin Alexis Herman in the movie "My Friend Ivan Lapshin" (1984). The scene in the bathroom, when the hero tries to Mironov and can not commit suicide - from those that are taught acting craft at the film school. Andrei Mironov was and remains one of the most popular actors of the national cinema. Symbolically, his last role - Mr. Furst (first) in the picture Alla Surikova "Man from the Boulevard des Capucines" (1987). Hero Mironov brings motion picture in the world of Wild West ...*

Andrei Mironov died of a heart attack on Aug. 16, 1987. It happened during a tour Satire Theater in Riga. During the play "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro" Mironov, performing a major role, became ill. His friend and partner, Alexander Shirvindt carried him from the scene. Mironov did not get to the hospital and died in theatrical costume and makeup. Along the railroad tracks, on which the train carrying the body of the actor in Moscow, there were thousands of people and threw them under the wheels of flowers. A people's love has left Mironov and after his death, a beautiful theater in the age of 46 years.

. Filmography:
. 1961 - And if this is love? (Petka)
. 1962 - My younger brother (Yuri)
. 1963 - Three plus two (Roman)
. 1965 - Year, as life (Friedrich Engels)
. 1966 - Beware of the Car (Dima)
. 1967 - Mysterious Wall (Valentin Karpukhin)
. 1968 - The Diamond Arm (Count)
. 1968 - Lesson literature (Felix)
. 1968 - Love (episode)
. 1969 - Family Happiness (the husband in the story Raider)
. 1969 - Two smile (husband of my grandmother's grandmother in the story and Circus)
. 1970 - The wick N100 (couplets in the plot irresponsible charge)
. 1971 - Shade (Cesare Borgia)
. 1971 - Patrimony of the Republic (Marquis)
. 1971 - Old men - robbers (Yuri Proskudin)
. 1971 - Hold on to clouds (General)
. 1973 - Old Wall (episode)
. 1974 - The Straw Hat (Fadinar)
. 1974 - Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia (Andrei)
. 1974 - Leo Gurych Sinichkin (conductor)
. 1975 - Re-marriage (Ilia)
. 1976 - Heavenly swallows (Floridor - Celestin)
. 1976 - The Twelve Chairs (Ostap Bender)
. 1978 - An Ordinary Miracle (Minister-administrator)
. 1979 - no special signs (eye),
. 1979 - Three Men in a boat, not counting the dogs
. 1979 - Fantasy Faryateva (Faryatev)
. 1980 - The collapse of the operations Terror (Eye)
. 1980 - Appointment (Lumina)
. 1980 - On the poor hussar Put in the word (narrator)
. 1981 - Tale of Wanderings (Orlando)
. 1981 - Be my husband (Victor)
. 1983 - Some of provincial life
. 1983 - I return your portrait (Lead)
. 1984 - The blonde in the corner (Nikolai)
. 1984 - My Friend Ivan Lapshin (Hanin)
. 1984 - Victory (Bright)
. 1987 - Pathfinder (Santlis)
. 1987 - Man from the Boulevard des Capucines (Fest)

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. "The purpose of art - self-giving"

. Official Website of Andrei Mironov

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Mironov Andrey, photo, biography
Mironov Andrey, photo, biography Mironov Andrey  Actors Theater, film and stage, theater, photo, biography
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