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Yuri Solomin Methodievich

( Actor and film and theater director)

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Biography Yuri Solomin Methodievich
photo Yuri Solomin Methodievich
Born on 18 June 1935. G. Chita. Father - Solomin Methodius Viktorovich (1905-1960). Mother - Ryabtseva Zinaida Ananevna (1910-1992). Wife - Olga Solomin (1931 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Solomin Daria (1965 g.rozhd.). Granddaughter - Alexander (1990 g.rozhd.).

Parents YM Solomin had Siberian roots. Methodius V. originally from Transbaikalia. Zinaida Ananevna from Tomsk. Both - excellent musicians, his father played freely on all stringed instruments, the mother had a good voice - mezzo-soprano.

Chita in those years was a city of high cultural traditions. With him the names of Oleg Lundstrem, Nicholas Zadornov, Constantine Sedykh. Family Solomin Sr. was well known in the city. His parents were professional muse, working as a music teacher in the town's House of Pioneers and the House of Folk Art Cheats. In the late 20-ies, they went to Leningrad, came to the Conservatory, where he successfully studied. However, the unexpected happened. As a result of illness Zinaida Ananevna complication and was deaf in one ear. From the conservatory had to leave, my father also left his studies, and together they returned to Chita.

Methodius V. devoted his life to search for music talents in Chita, Buryatia. Among the popular talent, celebrating the opening of which belongs to him, an excellent bass Linhovoin - Executive Party Konchak in Borodin's opera "Prince Igor", in the future - the director of opera Buryatia. Another of his students have found themselves as a high-quality professional musician, - Victor Kuleshov, then a soloist of the Odessa Opera and Musical Theater. Stanislavsky and V.N.Nemirovicha-Danchenko, the present - head of the Cossack Folk Choir.

The main asset Solomin, parents have their sons to the well known actors, folk singers Yuri and Vitaly. The artistic heritage of his father and mother showed a senior - Yuri, already in the school years. From childhood he was a participant plays the city Palace of Pioneers. Development of his creativity and helped the school environment. Two teachers have played a special role in the choice of profession. Physics Teacher, Roman V. Mochalov - talented man, well sung and played on the accordion. The first teacher Yuri Solomin, Natalya Pavlovna Bolshakov attended to, to foster their students, delicately separating ability Yuri. Having lived a long life, without a small age, it is up to the end of his days watching the successes of his famous pupil. And Yuri Methodievich, arriving in Chita, never missed an opportunity to see Natalia Pavlovna. Thanks to the school teachers are not lost over the years.

The choice of profession for the working man is always. For boys, living thousands of miles away from the main cultural centers, not an easy double. Of fate, that the concept of the Maly Theater was included in the life of the young Yuri Solomin, a daily and lifelong.

Even in Chita Yuri saw the film "Little Theater, and his master, made to the 125 th anniversary of the theater. Then he learned about Schepkinskom school, and, after graduating from high school, immediately sent the documents to the address: Moscow, Neglinnaya, 6.

Luck to those who are lucky. This rule, which was subsequently for many years felt the M. Solomin, identified godsend - learning in the class of Vera Nikolaevna Pashennaya, the great Russian actress, where he was adopted in 1953

. A brilliant connoisseur of the traditions of the Maly Theater, and therefore values, policies, practices prevailing in the theater back in the days when it was part of the Imperial Theaters, VN Pashennaya was for the student, then a young actor Yuri Solomin godmother
. Her experience, . Small School, . coming from the AP Lenski, . P. Sadowski, . Alexander Ostrovsky, . found in M. Solomin fertile soil, . an actor, . right idea playwright, . Having perceived the idea of producer, . reveals the traits of his character, . sculpts its image, . relying on a single creative ensemble of actors, . drawing the viewer into the world of the play,

VN Pashennaya Yuri Solomin gave a ticket to the cinema. It recommended that the director of IM Annensky Yuri Solomin for the main role in the film "Sleepless Night" (1959). It also recommended that S. Bondarchuk try Solomin for the role of Prince Bolkonsky in "War and Peace", the role later played by Tikhonov. Then there were a number of roles, more than 50 films and serials in the movies and on television: diverse, dramatic, lyrical, Distinguishing, comedy - and everywhere M. Solomin find his to be unique to him, paint, making each role event. You can simply list some of the pictures, in which he played a major role: "adjutant of his excellency," "Dersu Uzala", "Road to Calvary", "Blockade", "Ordinary Miracle", "Die Fledermaus", "Dreams of Russia" "TASS is authorized to declare". Each of these popular and loved by several generations of viewers in the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Japan and other countries. His favorite works he considers Solomin Stubbe role in the film Alexander Saltykov "And there was evening and the morning" and the role in the film Gettelya V. Georgieva, "Strong in spirit".

Filming a movie gave YM Solomin meetings with prominent directors and actors. Enormous fortune for himself, he finds work and friendship with Akira Kurosawa, Ottakarom Vavra, Mikhail Kalatozov, Mark Donskoy, Komaki Kurihara, Jeanne Moreau, Marina Vlady.

In his native Maly Yuri Solomin played more than fifty roles of Russian and Western repertoire. Among them - title role in performances of "Inspector", "King of Fyodor Ivanovich" "Deeps," "Man-Thing," "Uncle Vanya", "Cyrano de Bergerac", "Living Corpse," "Seagull", "Fan Lady Uindermier" other. Of particular favorite, and perhaps his best theatrical work considered Voyminskogo in the play Chekhov "Uncle Vanya" and the role of Cyrano in the play "Cyrano de Bergerac".

Since the last piece in YM Solomin relates a curious episode of the People's Artist of USSR MI tsar's at a time when the great master was artistic director of the Maly Theater.

MI Tsarev knew Yuri Solomin ever since drama school, was his teacher. But after more than 25 years of work Solomin in the theater when Tsarev asked: "What kind of role you dream?". It was faith and hope in the actor, who proved their right to choose. Solomin replied that he wanted to play Cyrano. A year later, his dream has come true, before Mikhail Ivanovich at Arts Council proposed to put the play "Cyrano de Bergerac". Asked who would be put and answered: "Rachik Ghaplanyan - And who will play Cyrano? - Said - I'll think," and was soon appointed to the role of Yuri Methodievich.

In memory of M. Solomin, Mikhail I. Tsarev remained a brilliant director, a great actor, a man by giving him the role of a dream. With him Yuri Solomin can put the two geniuses of Russian acting school - Igor Ilyinsky and Elena Nikolaevna Gogoleva, . Actors unique talents, . absolute authority, . which Solomin had the great fortune to be close friends on the stage and make friends in life,

Since 1980. M. Solomin began working as a director. Since then, he has put "The Forest" in Bulgaria, the Maly Theater: "The Inspector", "Seagull", "Forest", "Intrigue and Love", as well as several performances at the High School theatrical im.M.S.Schepkina. In movies and on TV to make a film: "The scandalous incident in Brikmille" by Priestley, 3-part film "The shore of his life," "In the beginning was the word". As a director and actor worked in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Japan. He was awarded the prize for student work in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Kobe (Japan).

Since 1961. year M. Solomin teaches at his alma mater, the High School theatrical im.M.S.Schepkina is his professor, is constantly engaged in master classes with students of America, Japan, South Korea.

In 1988. M. Solomin team of the State Academic Maly Theater was elected (the first among the leaders of the theater in the long history), its artistic director, and then appointed by the decision of the Government of Russia. Over the years, he managed to keep the traditions of theater, . virtually re-create the repertoire, . maintaining the play "King of Fyodor Ivanovich" in the formulation Ravenskih and "The Cherry Orchard" directed by Elias, . preserve unique theatrical symphony orchestra, . the theater (over 600 people), . including a unique troupe, . of which the master of the domestic and world theater People's Artist of the USSR AN Annenkov, . People's Artists of the USSR Bystritskaya E., . V. Korshunov, . E. Samoilov, . People's Artists of Russia V. Babyatinsky, . J. Sander, . Bochkarev, . B. Fighters, . Yuri Vasiliev, . Yevdokimov, . V. Ezepov, . T. Eremeeva, . Yu Kayurov, . V. Konyaev, . N. Kornienko, . Kochetkov, . I. LIKS, . E. Martsevich, . Mikhailov, . I. Muraveva, . Pavlov, . V. Pankov, . Potapov, . M. Sedov, . E. Solodova, . V. Solomin, . AL Yudin, . nearly thirty Honored Artist of Russia, . talented young,

In 1990. M. Solomin was appointed Minister of Culture of the first RF Government. For 2-year tenure he was able to solve a number of important issues related to the organization of living theater companies, the development of children's creativity. So, . he was able to prepare and issue a Decision of the Council of Ministers of Russia on the reorganization of theaters, . has abolished a number of obsolete postulates, . rules and regulations, . impede creative directors, . Actors, . that at some point contributed to the creative activity of theaters,

M. Solomin - People's Artist of USSR People's Artist of Kyrgyzstan, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Marii-El, the winner of State Prize of Russia, winner of the award "Golden Aries" for his outstanding contribution to the development of national cinema. He was elected president of the Association of Russian Drama Theater (MATRA), headed by the Fund "St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square", is an academician of the International Academy of creativity, corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Education. He was awarded with the Friendship of Peoples, "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree, the Japanese Order of contribution to world culture, "Order of the Russian Church Pavoslavnoy 'Prince Daniel of Moscow', as well as a medal glory Cheats" for number 1. Russian Biographical Institute elected "Man of the Year - 1998" for outstanding achievements in the arts.

By the nature of its activities YM Solomin had to meet with a great number of the most influential and famous people. They include Queen Elizabeth II, President of State, Heads of Governments, eminent scientists, cultural workers and artists, public figures. But among them are several people who in the biography of M. Solomin played a special role. They came to his aid at a difficult time associated with serious illness which overcame, and, perhaps, be born again. Special thanks M. Solomin connects with the names of prominent physicians: Ye.I. Chazov, MI Perelman, Professor RI Akchurin, a surgeon from Kiev, Yuri Ganulom, doctors Mezaevym VP and SV Rozanova.

Special pride M. Solomin - his granddaughter, Alexandra, a small professional musician, who brilliantly passed the interview for admission to the prestigious London School, which gave the right to free education throughout the course. She participated in major concerts in Moscow and London, where he lives with his parents. At home and at the dacha M. Solomin surround his favorite dog - Shepherd Maclay, cats Leva and Prince, and cats Merlinda and Darling.

Lives and works in g. Moscow. Address: Russia, Mr.. Moscow, Theater Square, 1 / 6, Small Theater.

Biographies Photos
  • Photo S. M. Solomin Gallery Michael Guterman "Random Portraits" on the server "Theater.

  • "At the head of the national heritage". Extensive interviews with South. M. Solomin in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta (11 July 1998), biographical data. Posted on the site "show business Grigory Zaslavsky.

  • "Chekhov actor at the Maly Theater. Article to the 65 anniversary of S. M. Solomin in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" (17 June 2000). Photo. Posted on the site "show business Grigory Zaslavsky.

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Yuri Solomin Methodievich, photo, biography
Yuri Solomin Methodievich, photo, biography Yuri Solomin Methodievich  Actor and film and theater director, photo, biography
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