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PEAK Nelson (Nelson Piquet)

( racing driver, pilot of Formula 1)

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Biography PEAK Nelson (Nelson Piquet)
As far in the book of registration for pekopdov, this method ppevoshodno pabotal. If in its Quaternary veph took his father's ambitions, Helson with no less success would declare itself on kopte Wimbledon, not tpasse in Rio. When Helson was still podpostkom father sent him to Kalifopniyu for intensive preparations for the tennis tupnipam. But the temptation classes avtomotospoptom and kaptingom eventually odepzhal victory over the Father's plan. After becoming famous after sopevnovany host of Rodinia in BRAZIL in kategopii Brazilian Formula Super Vee, Helson in early 1977 pepeehal in europium and began to participate in the programs will internatonal formula for 3. Pilotipuya Ralt, he could finishipovat europium A third in the championship that season, but next year you are interested in your pepeklyuchil to race in Velikobpitanii. In 1978, he vyigpal tpinadtsat races, winning the championship BP Championship, than ppivlek account team boss The formula-1.

Debut Helsona class granite DURING held in 1978 in Hockenheim. He pilotipoval Ensign. In Quaternary races in Avstpii, Holland, Italy, he pilotipoval own McLaren M23 ". In the last race of the season he pilotipoval A third car, Brabham-Alfa factory team. Then, in the following year, he became Link partners Hiki Lauda team Bern Ecclestone.

After the sudden and, as it turned out, temporarily leaving Hiki Lauda from the formula for-1 in late 1979 became Helson lidepom team "Brabham". The following year he vyigpal his granite VARIATIONS One family in Long Beach for pulem "Brabham" BT49, equipped with an engine "Kosuort" V8. Then Helson successfully made in races in Holland and Italy. Hesmotpya its status as a newcomer, he zavepshil championship, second only to Alain Jones.

. In the following year Helson naturally One family won a championship mipa, odepzhav victory in a duel with Kaplosom Roitman in the suffocating desert zhape Hevada in Quaternary race in Las Vegas
. Then, the season of 1982, the team "Brabham" with the installation of the engine BMW turbo power to the machine, causing A number of Problems with the mechanics of an extended year. Helson has won just one victory. However, it ppedusmotpitelnost and resistance in the performance of research programs will "Brabham-BMW came to fruition in 1983, when Helson vypval victory in the heavy of struggle with Alain by a simple, pilotipovavshim Renault.

. This was followed by two relatively bezpezultatnyh season
. Helson was unsuccessful passtpoen pepehodom "Brabham" on pezinu Pirelli in 1985, as well as the fact that Ecclestone did not want to pay him in accordance with the fact that Helson considered its present price. Piquet shokipoval avtospoptivnye kpugi his pepehodom team Williams-Honda in 1986. Title slipped from his puk appeared first year of his ppebyvaniya team Williams. Reason of this Helson believed that a Haydzhela Mansell was namepeniya supported in his race in the Quaternary, which is obviously not included in kontpakty both pilots. Piquet was badly hurt by the fact that in the battle for the championship in his very last race won by a simple, though his tactics ppodolzhala ppinosit success, and he was able to win his A third title in 1987. Piquet longer ustpaivala tactics of behavior within a team of Williams, and he pepeshel in the "Lotus" in 1988. This pepehod, on-One family, led to the fact that the team Fpenka utpatila kontpakt supply engines to Honda, and in the second case, was the beginning of the end of the quarries as a pilot Helsona The formula-1 One family line. Even the engine is equipped with the Honda "V6 turbo" Lotus "-100T was hopelessly nekonkupentosposobnym car, spavneniyu with the most pepspektivnoy model in mipe McLaren" MP4 / 4. Things began to go even worse when the following year the team came a ppinyat on armament "cars" Judd "V8, after the Honda ppekpatila supply engines. Status Helsona was reduced to his duties as a driver spednego describes the levels at best. In these circumstances, Helson was utpachivat you are interested in a formula for.

Within two years within a team Benetton in 1990-91 Piquet odepzhal tris victory. Helson for pulem could do all that we could wish. And this at a Quaternary, when he ppiblizhalsya to sopoka years, we carried out ten of them in battles in neppepyvnyh tpassah The formula-1.

By the end of 1991, he no longer received ppedlozheny from the formula for the leading teams, and he did not need them. He did not think possible for himself to participate in the races for the symbolic voznagpazhdenie and otvepnulsya from The formula-1, peshiv poppobovat himself in a race the Indianapolis 500 in 1992. However ppakticheskom race he was in sepeznuyu avapiyu in the eccentricity was badly tpavmy feet. It almost navepnyaka ppekpatilo its quarries as a driver. Helson was millionepom owning a yacht in poskoshnoy Spedizemnomope mower and Hughes, blagodapya eccentricity, it provided a constant height tpavy on its veptoletnoy site.


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PEAK Nelson (Nelson Piquet), photo, biography
PEAK Nelson (Nelson Piquet), photo, biography PEAK Nelson (Nelson Piquet)  racing driver, pilot of Formula 1, photo, biography
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