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Leontiev Valery Yakovlevich

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Leontiev Valery Yakovlevich
Date of Birth: March 19, 1949

Place of Birth: Ust-Usa, Komi

Place of residence: Moscow, Russia

Valery Yakovlevich Leontiev - one of the most prominent representatives of Russia's show business. From the most modern artists it features an extremely successful and the appropriate mix of vocal, dance and drama skills. This actor began his career in Soviet times, and actively continues to this day.

He was born March 19, 1949 in the village of Ust-Usa Komi. His father, Yakov Stepanovich Leontiev - a veterinarian, a specialist in deer. Because of his father's profession childhood Valeria was traveling across the tundra. However, in 1961, doctors advised Yakov Stepanovich climate change, and he and his son, Valery, and his wife Catherine Ivanovna Leontyeva moved to the Volga River town Yurievets where Valery went to the sixth grade. Like many children, Valery childhood studied drawing, dancing, went to the drama club, sang in the choir. He became a soloist in his own words, because once it became clear that "I sing the loudest".

After the 8 th grade he attempted to enter the Murom Radio Engineering College, not passed the exam and returned to finish the ten-year Yurievets. Valeria was a dream profession oceanographer, . he wanted to go to Vladivostok exams in Far Eastern State University, . but this plan was foiled by the most prosaic reason: it turns out the stars, . at least, . future, . also have problems with money,
. It is hard to imagine that either the parents Valeria slightly richer, worked like now where anything can quite unknown expert ocean depths Leontiev, and our modern Estrada would be deprived of one of its founders.

However, this was not the only frustrate the plan of his life. For wanting to be followed oceanologer hope to show himself in the theatrical arts, and our hero went to Moscow to enroll GITIS. Moreover, in his own words, the success he had little doubt - because after all, in his own Yuryevets had the opportunity to gain experience by playing in various performances on the stage of the local House of Culture. But here, Valery met serious obstacles, one of which turned out to be insurmountable: a shy provincial "Ocana" and "trying to say as little as possible words," Valery took documents from the admissions committee.

So, never took place - it did not take place, not a failure - is the second attempt to stay in a profession. And now, an oceanographer and a failed actor returned to Yurievets and joined a worker at a brick factory, where haul trucks with raw brick from the press to the drying racks. Later he was engaged in similar work and in Anapa, where some time his parents had lived. Then he worked tesemschikom-greaser on a flax spinning factory in Yuryevets, . replaced a few more trades, . and unknown, . on what finally stopped next to your choice Casanova, . if the older sister had not decided, . that time my brother to get higher education,

. Thus was Valery in Vorkuta, where he worked as a lab assistant at the Institute of Foundations and Underground Structures, then - a draftsman in the design institute, and in parallel studied at night school Vorkuta branch of the Leningrad Mining Institute

Of course, the creative nature of Valery gave him no peace and there: he participated in amateur art design institute, the Institute of Mining and DC miners and builders dedicating it all free, and not very free time. Perhaps the people who lived at that time in Vorkuta, and remember him on stage in plays such as "really been pestering the Apostle Andrei Makayonok, where he played Babe, operetta" The Circus lights fires, Milutin, "Black Dragon", "Don Renaldo is in battle ".

Around the same time, Valery makes its first steps as a solo artist. When in 1971 in Vorkuta held a regional contest "Song-71" Valery won it second place with a song of Freedom "Carnival". His first concert on April 9, 1972. in DC miners and builders Vorkuta. Of course, of his own songs, then there could be no question, the basis of the repertoire were songs from the popular film "Let Them Talk".

However, all these were only the first steps lay the beginner, and could not think of Valery becoming a professional musician, especially as no studies at the Mining Institute, nor the work has not brought him the moral satisfaction. Also in 1972, in Syktyvkar The republican festival-contest among amateur creative youth "We are looking for talents". Fifteen top contestants were supposed to go get an education in the All-creative studio pop art. It seemed that Valery finally lucky, he hoped that much this time will not miss his chance and go to study in Moscow.

But here was not without adventure: playing in the last "really been pestering the apostle," Leont'ev broken leg. However, even this did not prevent him to go to Syktyvkar and receive a diploma of I degree. He left the institute and again went to Moscow to comprehend the mysteries of Excellence under the leadership of Georgy Vinogradov.

However, studies did not last long: a year later the director of Syktyvkar Philharmonic A. I. Strelchenko during the next visit Workshop remained extremely dissatisfied with the results of training and took a group home - to work. That's half-taught Leont'ev became a professional entertainer, and started working in the company of young enthusiasts - members of the ensemble "The Dreamers". Already in December, he gave his first "professional" concert in the village near Loim Syktyvkar. Begin an endless tour, but what else can dream of a twenty-man, fascinated by his profession, if not this? During the first few years he earned his first badge of honor - "Excellent work in the countryside"

. 1974 presented yet, . probably, . the few admirers of the band "The Dreamers" program "Joy in the way", . and a year later, Valeri became a soloist of the ensemble Republican Philharmonic "Echo" (by the way, . some sources do not mention "Dreamer", . and say, . that Valery began working immediately with "echoes"),
. With this ensemble he travels the most and still. The first program "Echo" became "Carnival in the north", followed by "Smile northern lands". In 1977, Valeri, who has not yet had time to draw the attention of the powerful originality of his work, but maybe he has not had time to open up and show that his very eccentricity, participated in the celebration of 60 anniversary of October. And this year there was a familiarity, her mark on all the creative ways the singer - Getting Leontief and the concert hall "October" in St. Petersburg. True, the first time he saw this room not as a performer, but as a spectator at a concert, Karel Gott, but probably already begun a long-term romance and the singer's Hall, singer and Cities. It has been another year, . and Valery went to the scene "October", . not yet in a solo concert, . but, . unless, . it was a huge step forward, . because there is a huge gap between the rural scene and club scene of the central hall of the city, . but also a city, . as Petersburg,

A year later, Valery, along with "echoes" joined the Gorky Philharmonic. It was in this city, he finally got his first apartment! And in August I took part in the All-Union competition for the best performance of songs of the socialist countries in Yalta. Among other material he had brought with him a song (if you can call a song work, lasting over 10 minutes) David Tukhmanov on poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky's "In memory of guitarist. Leontiev first ventured to perform this song, and did not regret it: the result - I prize for solo singing section. It was during this contest with Valerie's father died ...

Generally, 1979 was very rich in events: here and the first concert in Moscow at the Central Cultural Center, and the first minion with songs B. Rivchuna and P. Aedonitskogo. But the most notable event in the life of Valery occurred, probably in November - it was familiar with David Tuhmanov. It simply could not take place after the staggering success of the Yalta. The composer himself said: "I can not say, . that in the first hours of our acquaintance, I was able to give him an objective evaluation: I saw in him a singer of a universal, . combining vocal, . actor and plastic possibilities, . which subsequently opened so brightly on the stage,
. I have not felt in him a vibrant personality, stubborn, persistent and workable, then it did not feel the spirituality, sensitivity, which was revealed later in the joint work. But the main thing I noticed: musicality, good singing data, Technical, fluency in contemporary performing tricks ". And work has begun. The work, which lasted more than one year and gave the audience a whole block of wonderful songs.

Again did not disappoint Tukhmanov Leontief (or Leontiev - Tuhmanova??) In Sopot July 7, 1980. There, at 16 International Festival of Pop Song "Golden Orpheus", Valery I waited Award for the song "Dance Time in the sun" on the verses Semen Kirsanov. Besides the first prize Valery yet received a special prize of the Bulgarian fashion magazine "Lada" for the best stage costumes (which he, incidentally, invented and sewed yourself).

From that moment it seemed that began a rapid ascent to pop Valeria Olympus. The first concerts were in Moscow's Palace of Culture, in the 80 th he sang in the Variety Theater, Luzhniki, "October", participated in all kinds of prefabricated concerts. In September, the competition-festival of popular Soviet song "Yerevan-81" young and promising singer Leontiev received the prize of the public and the newspaper "Evening Yerevan".

But in the late seventies, it was clear how much is not like this singer at all, what could boast our Variety. Naturally, this otherness, this "stupid" habit to have a view of questionable help in improving relations with the "right" people. In the 81-m Leontiev was excommunicated from Moscow, on air time there was no question. Song disc jockey "was written for the New Year" blue fire "and was to be the first appearance of Valery on the screen, but she was cut from the transfer of two hours before the ether. On the evening of a concert hall "Russia", he was supposed to represent Tuhmanova and until recently participated in rehearsals, but in concert he was not allowed. Translation of "Golden Orpheus", the DOT has become a popular singer is practically the first ether (before he was shown only once in the "Musical kiosk" with the song "There, in September"). But it is in the early eighties, during the most intense fighting, Valery met Raimonds Pauls and Laura Quint - people who have had a strong influence on his work. 29 пЄп?п?п°п?я€я? 81, he participated in a creative evening of Pauls "We have guests maestro" in Moscow's Variety Theater with songs to poems by Andrei Voznesensky "Muse", . in those years Pauls was a kind of stepping, . rise which could not all,

82 year Valery Leontiev, a favorite of the public and odious figure for the authorities, meets in BKZ "October". All while the Leontief did not take Moscow, he is firmly entrenched in the scene of this room, there were many of the premiere of his show: "Poet Valery Leontiev" 82, "I'm just a singer" 83, "I ran through life" 84, "Alone with all "85," Star story "86. It was in St. Petersburg in 82 пЁпЎпЄя? surgeon Ralph Raikin (brother of Arcadia) made him an operation and removed a tumor from his throat. Then the future performing career Valeria was in question, and he began to think about higher education, which he never received, despite numerous attempts. He entered the Institute of Culture. Krupskaya specialty "director massive representations". Fortunately, it turned out that Valery could sing, next year he spent in the city on the Neva 18 sold-out concerts with the new program "I'm just a singer, but the study did not give up.

In 83 Valery again changed the "registration" - joined Voroshilovgrad Philharmonic, at 84 got his first major award - Gorky League.
Now he has participated in all sorts of creative evenings (sometimes even in Moscow). Almost every year of the publication, at least one new album, singer. The first giant "Muse" was released in 83, followed by "Dialogue" Pauls and the "Premiere" Morozov (84), "Velvet Season" Pauls and the "Disco Club 16" (86), 87 a mysterious "double album released Finland. Then - "I'm just a singer" (88), . "Wicked Way" and "matter of taste" (90), . by the way, . Then there were the first CD "A matter of taste", . giants "Night", . "Last night", . "Full Moon" and "the gate of the Lord" went out in 93, . "Night" then came out on CD, . "Full Moon" - a year later along with another disc - "Touch",
. And, finally, in 95 out discs "On the way to Hollywood," "There, in September" and "Ah, Opening Day ...", and in 98 -" Santa Barbara ".

In December 85 Valery in a group of artists traveled to Afghanistan. Long time could not be known to the public the song "The Afghan wind", . written by Igor Nikolaev and Nikolai Zinoviev, . could not be known because, . too candidly depicts the suffering, . caused by the war - in fact following the official version, . no war and there was,
. Leontiev did not remain indifferent to another tragedy that occurred a year later - to Chernobyl. 20-23 August 1986, he served in the village of Cape Verde.

To 86 пЁпЎпЄя? is an event may be having little value, but left their mark in the hearts of fans Valeria: published a transfer of "Musical Ring" with the Leontief. After 11 years, she gained a second wind: "Ring-97" presented to the public fight Leontief-86 with Leontiev-97. It should be noted that the latter won with a score of 1248 - 1142.

Despite the fact that the 86-th in close tandem Tukhmanov - Leont'ev given disintegrated, Valery took part in a creative evening of the composer in Moscow. In June, the city of Zielona Gora in Poland was the Soviet Song Festival, where Valery was the guest of honor, in July participated in the cultural program of the Goodwill Games in November - in the international festival "Moscow - Rome with songs of peace" in the Luzhniki Stadium. It was in this year's changes in the political arena of the country, finally, the actor returned to Moscow public - 15 i19 August last his solo concerts in the concert hall "Russia"

. The following year proved to be rich in foreign tour - 28 December 86 until January 15, 87 - to Czechoslovakia from February 26 to March 12 - to Bulgaria, from June 27 until July 22 participated in the international competition "Gala-87" in Cuba, with 19 until August 23 was an honorary guest of the International Song Festival in Sopot in Poland,
. From 7 to 23 October, Valery participated in the cultural program days of the USSR in Hungary. New 88 year singer met in India - where he toured from November 21, 87 to 07 я?пҐп?п°я€я? 88 as part of the festival of the USSR in India.

Of course, it should be noted that in 87 Valery graduated from the Institute of Culture. His thesis was a program of "Confession", which only time was on the scene "October" 15 February. According to others, this program showed Valery St. Petersburg public from 26 April to 8 May, and passed the commission of the Institute, only 11-th. But all sources agree on one thing - the submission was made at the "excellent". And in November, the benefit Leontiev ceased to be persona non grata, he was awarded the title "Honored Artist of Ukraine".

Unfortunately, since then, as an artist has access to venues, all the premiere held in Moscow. From 16 to 26 June 88 th at the stage of "Russia", he showed his new program. This opera was written by a composer from St. Petersburg Laura Quint and poet Vladimir Kostrov "Giordano", dedicated to Giordano Bruno. It Valeri played multiple roles: Bruno himself, a clown and Satan. In the opera, attended by Larisa Dolina, Paul Smeyan, Alexander Zhermovsky (one of the biggest memes of our time), Vladimir Pankratov (soloist with the Leningrad Opera Theater), etc.. At the premiere of "Russia" was Annie Girardot, after the play, she waited until Valery will remove makeup, to personally express my respect for him as an actor. Returned "Jordan" on stage "Russia" on February 1 next year and went to 12, only after that, from 20 to 25 February, he finally was presented to the St. Petersburg audience. And in November 88 Leont'ev put more "matter of taste" (again in "Russia") and moved to Moscow. By the way, led by Valery hit parade TASS up to 1988.

So, year 1989. In May, Valery liked him back in India. Another project, unfortunately (or fortunately?) Does not become a reality - shooting in the role of Jesus Christ in the film Ukrainian director N. Mashchenko. Valery passed test, but refused to withdraw - afraid to take responsibility. A man once played Jesus, then life must behave accordingly.

1990 - premiere of the new program in SC "Olympic" - "I think I have not lived". And almost the whole of November (from 2 to 28) Valery held in concerts in the U.S..

The second time he went to the U.S. in May next year, then in September (U.S. and Canada). In the same year were India (October) and Germany. In April, Valery, finally, played in the film - the film Gennadiy Glagolev "Psychic" Odessa Film Studio.

May 15 in Monte-Carlo International Festival "World Music Awards, which Valeri won a prize - the Golden treble clef, and on 26 August, he became the winner of the contest" Profi-91 "in the category" Best Singer ". And in the same year he was able to complete the construction of his house in Moscow and move it. And with 18 to 22 November the public once again enjoying a new solo concert singer in "Russia"

. In 1992, Valery continued his victorious march to Russia, . and not only for her: in April, he was an honorary guest of the festival "Steps to Parnassus" in "Russia", . June 21 participated in the festival "Stars of the stars" in Red Square, . in July represented Russia at the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk,
. In May, went on tour to Israel in September - October, again in the U.S. and Canada.

Perhaps, many will recall that it was in 92 directly during a concert killed Igor Tal'kov. Around 1988 began co Talkov and Leontiev, Valeri sang quite a lot of songs of Igor, many were written specially for him. And in 1992, Valery gave a concert in Russia, the entire collection of which was transferred to the mother of the deceased author and artist.

Around 1993 there was a noticeable shift in the work of Valery, roughly speaking, one can say that he moved from the "program" to "super show". The first such "super-show" was "Full Moon", in which we find ourselves today, we almost Leontief. From 8 to Oct. 19 premiere of the show was held in Russia ", from October 28 to November 7 in the" October ", and then in Kiev, and finally, 15 - 19 December in Moscow again.

24 and 25 July 1994 in "October" was another very interesting program - "Beauty and Casanova," "Beauty" which was Gina Lollobrigida. 30.08 - 03.09 - Once again, Israel. That same year brought him the first Ovation.

In February 1995, work began on the new disc "On the way to Hollywood," and the studio "AGM" in Hollywood, was recorded 11 new songs of composer Yuri Chernavskii and poet Alexander Markiewicz. And in April, directed by David Griffin shot a clip for the song. Meanwhile, the audience of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga, met in the show "In captivity Casanova". Once again, having won the domestic spaces, Valery again went to the United States (2 - 11 June) and Israel (28 September - 3 October).

The new show "On the way to Hollywood" was presented to Muscovites 14 - March 17, 1996, St Petersburg - 19 - 24 March. Earlier Valery again visited Germany. March 9 he was awarded the long-deserved title of "People's Artist of Russia", and 4 September, he won the Moscow government in the field of literature and art. In May - June, most of our stars joined in the team and went around the country to agitate Russians to vote for Yeltsin. They visited 23 cities in Russia under the slogan "Vote, or else lose!". Of course, the action was not charity, it is true, we want to believe that agitate for some other politicians, they would go even for money. In September, Valery once again went to Israel, but in the end of the year, from October 30 to November 3, "Russia" again saw "On the way to Hollywood".

1997 started well for Valeria - in January he was nominated for the RF State Prize in the Arts in 1996 for the concert program "Full Moon" and "On the way to Hollywood". Following tradition, once a wound to celebrate his birthday (March 19) on the stage of "October", Valery came to Peter and from 19 to 23 again show "On the way to Hollywood" on the banks of the Neva. In July, 97 new artist represented Russia at the festival "Slavic Bazaar", September 5-7, and took part in the celebrating of the 850 anniversary of Moscow

. Around this time, began a creative collaboration with the composer Igor Leontief cool and creative in the evenings steep, which took place from 10 to 13 April on the scene "of Russia Valery sang two songs:" A small cafe and Huntress Diana
. Until then, the singer and composer quite closely communicated, but never worked together, and both seemed very happy with the status quo. From 4 to 19 October, "Russia has once again been creative in the evening cool, and Valery introduced a few new songs of this composer. Now preparing to release an album under the title "Photographer of dreams", all songs which were written Krutoy.

In the spring of 97, at St. Petersburg concerts, Valeri said goodbye to "On the way to Hollywood". However, St Petersburg could see the show again from 3 to 5 October. The singer suddenly brought "Hollywood" in honor of the anniversary 30 th season BKZ. Meanwhile, the approach was a new show, 12 songs for which were recorded with the same authors in Hollywood.

October 16 at the scene concert hall "Russia" is awarded the National Prize of Russia's annual Ovation. Leontiev was named best soloist in 1996, and "On the way to Hollywood" - the best show. In December, as a result of the annual television contest "Song of the Year - 97", he was awarded a special prize "for his great contribution to the development of Russia's pop" in the category "Singer of the Year".

March 29, 1998 on "Star Square" before the concert hall "Russia" was laid down just plate - star Valery Leontiev. In honor of this event in "Russia" held a concert. By laying ceremony of the star was released to coincide with the album "Santa Barbara". A July 21 Valery gave a solo concert in Vitebsk during the festival "Slavic Bazaar". Unfortunately, instead of the familiar "Todes" the audience was presented a new show-ballet.

I'd like to believe that the star is built into the concrete, did not eclipse the star, giving us its light from the scene that lie ahead Valeria new horizons that for many years, we will come to his concerts

. And still want to believe, . what is, . Valery a year that passes its attention of admirers of his talent in St. Petersburg - a pure accident, . that even slightly, . and again he will come on the scene BKZ, . with whom he has always been and, . hope, . are such a good relationship,
. Year - too long, and Leontiev is long overdue to please St. Petersburg with his presence.

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