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Cher (Cher)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Cher (Cher)
photo Cher (Cher)
Activity: singer, actress, director, producer
. Real name: Sherilyn Sarkisian La Pierre (Cherylyn Sarkisian La Pierre)
. Date of birth: 20.05.46
. Place of Birth: El Centro, California (USA)
. Height: 172 (cm)
. Education: Secondary incomplete
. Similar People: Sonny Bono, Gregg Allman (ex-husbands); Chestiti Bono, Eli Blue Allman (daughter)

. Sher refers to the constellation of 70 artists, who retained the title of "Superstar" and 90-x
. Her recent album, "Believe" created a furor by taking a leading place in the Western and Russian charts. Sher had time to try yourself and as a singer, Aktru-ciple theater and cinema, television presenter, and always succeeded.

. Once her name sounded like Sherilyn Sarkisian La Pierre, a stage name was the result of dramatic reduction in their own name.

. When Cher (then Sherilyn) year old, her father left the family, leaving the girl in the care of mother
. Mother married eight times, three times - for the same man. The very same Sherilyn ran away from home at sixteen, worked as a backing vocalist, and once in a cafe, where co-Bira musicians, met her future husband, Sony Bono. True, there is an alternative to dating, according to which they had first met at the studio during the recording. The point is that Cher has lived for two years with Sony under one roof - she cleaned his house, he did not demand payment for an apartment. Two years of pure, tselomud-sured relations - highly unusual, given that this VRE-name the main slogan of young people was: "Do not engage in war, Make Love."

. Only when Cher was eighteen years old, they were married, forming a duet - "Caesar and Cleo"
. By 1965, a sweet pair reached the summit of popularity, their song "I Got You Babe" to compete effectively with the works of the Beatles. In March 1969, they had a daughter, and after a while the couple appear on the C-PBS with the program "Comedy Hour Sony and Cher". In short, the case they are not bad, but in 1974 they were practically the same file for divorce.

. Sher did not spend long free man, and soon married "for the bad boy rock and roll" Greg Alma, bore him a son and husband of four years, divorced
. Sher led a very eventful life. Chosen for himself rather extravagant image on stage and in life, she allowed herself a lot, especially since her music career has developed quite successfully. Sher twisted love affairs with such celebrities as actor Val Kilmer (Val Kilmer), a musician Gene Simmons (Gene Simmons) in the group "Kiss", guitarist "Bon Jovi" Richie Sambora (Richie Sambora), not to mention the men are not so well known. To look sexier, Cher suffered several plastic surgeries, including breast.

However, love love, but it did not forget Cher. In the 80 years she decided to try herself as an actress, and the surprise of many, she is turned out very well even. With the same success, she played a lesbian in "Silkwood," sprightly mother in "Mask" and the widow of an Italian to "discourage". Its twice awarded the Golden Globe in 1985, Sher was awarded Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival. In Russia, Sher is strongly associated with one of vedmochek from the film "The Witches of Eastwick." In 1996, Cher attempted to show themselves in directing, . placing one of the episodes in trehseriynom movie "If These Walls Could Talk", . filmed for a TV channel HBO, . as well as starred in this film in one of the main roles - a woman doctor, . which kills abnormal enemy abortov.Nedavno Cher starred in film "Tea with Mussolini" has received brilliant reviews from audiences and critics.,

. After the break, Sherilyn again think about the music career
. At the studio Warner Bros began recording her new album, Believe. Sher had returned. Latest singles Cher - confession of a woman, still ready to love, but able to find the strength to live without love. Without the love, which is not.

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  • art for Cher (Cher)
  • Eli - not the daughter, and son, Sher! I'm just in love with the Armenian "GRANDMA "!
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    Cher (Cher), photo, biography
    Cher (Cher), photo, biography Cher (Cher)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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