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COLON Fedor Petrovich

( artist, sculptor, medalist)

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Biography COLON Fedor Petrovich
photo COLON Fedor Petrovich
F. P. Tolstoy belonged to a noble family, and he was waiting for a brilliant career. In 1802. He graduated from the Marine Corps with the rank of warrant officer and then did the volnoprihodyaschim student in Arts. His attraction to art was irresistible, and he in 1804, Mr.. resigned, giving up not only your career, but also a strong position in the life. Creative interests Tolstoy was not quite normal. He is most fascinated by those arts, which at that time traditionally considered as "side" or even "not serious", but it is working in them, Tolstoy achieved impressive results and has made known his name.

In Arts he started modeling reliefs in wax and created a series of small (11я?11 cm), but the expressive portraits (A. F. Dudinov, K. A. Leberecht, P. A. Tolstoy's self-portrait, etc.), as well as the reliefs on the ancient themes ( "The triumphal entry of Alexander of Macedon in Babylon", 1809, etc.). The successes he had seen, and in 1810, Mr.. He was assigned to the St. Petersburg Mint to create medals. Tolstoy was an excellent study and this specialty, requiring skills in a tiny box, symbolically convey an important idea, as well as ownership of time-consuming and complicated technique. Experience gained at the Mint, Tolstoy in handy when creating one of his best works - a series of 21 medallions, the Patriotic War of 1812-14 he. On the disk diameter of 16 cm were sealed in allegorical form the most important events of this war. The medallions were made of wax on the slate boards, and later cast in plaster. Another product of capital Tolstoy was a series of illustrations for the poem and. F. Bogdanovich's "Darling", shifting the myth of the love of Cupid and Psyche (1820's - early 1830). In this strict and poetic creation, performed a confident hand of a master, reflecting his fascination with antiquity elk. All 67 drawings he repeated in the engraving burin, which perfectly captured his new technique. Tolstoy achieved excellent results even in silhouette - a technique popular mainly among the fans and almost did not take seriously by professionals. It served him for creating complex scenes and people's army life, as well as episodes of World War II battle.

A rare variety of creative interests differed Tolstoy's life. Even an elderly man in 1838, he composed the ballet "The Aeolian flute" - wrote the libretto, costumes and performed for more than 60 drawings, which are defined in the choreography, and four years later wrote a second ballet - "Echo". But, unfortunately, none of them has been put on the stage. Tolstoy was encyclopedic educated man, besides all of that he took, wanted to learn thoroughly, all brought something of their own: inventing recipes of new paint and adhesives, used the original techniques and improvements.

Long life the way Tolstoy quite well with. In 1828, Mr.. he became vice-president of the Academy of Arts, in 1842-m - a professor of medal of, in 1849 - also on the sculpture, and in 1859-m - friend (ie Vice) President. By the end of his life, he, however, began to go blind, and then completely lost his sight, but even then remained just as active, reflective and engaging man, how he knew from a young age.

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COLON Fedor Petrovich, photo, biography
COLON Fedor Petrovich, photo, biography COLON Fedor Petrovich  artist, sculptor, medalist, photo, biography
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