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Andy Garcia (Garcia Andy)

( Film actor)

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Biography Andy Garcia (Garcia Andy)
photo Andy Garcia (Garcia Andy)
Date of Birth: 12/04/1956

Winner of the colorful exterior of a macho Latin lover and a brutal mafia Andy Garcia (real name Andrц╘s Arturo Garcц╜a Menц╘ndez) was born in Havana on April 12, 1956 in the family of a prosperous lawyer. Andy was born with a Siamese twin brother, whose size was no more than a tennis ball. Surgical intervention prevented Andy blood relatives - the only reminder of the brothers left a scar on his shoulder. Change of political regime leads to the emigration of the parents of the future actor in Miami, USA, in 1961.

Andy dreams of a boy's basketball career, but illness prevents this. After school, Andy tries to force in a small theater in Florida, and in 1978 moved to boblizhe to the Hollywood hills in Los Angeles, plays in the independent theatrical troupe, appearing regularly on television. Only 5 years later, . in 1983, Garcia made his debut in film, . but pay attention to the actor after his involvement in Hal Ashby's last film "8 Million Ways to Die" (1986), . where his hero, . villainous drug dealer, . after a series of atrocities effectively killed by a bullet, . released by hand, an alcoholic cop in the performance of Jeff Bridges,
. In the 80's he had withdrawn more often in action films, alternating the role of police and criminals. But the star for him becoming involved in the third part gangster saga of Francis Ford Coppola's "Godfather" (1990), where he plays the nephew of Don Corleone Vincent Mancini. Acceptance confirms the nomination at the Oscar for best supporting actress.

. Andy is famous for its Puritanism - he is a loyal husband in life (his marriage with another descendant of Cuban immigrants, . charming Marivaux lasts about 20 years, . Garcia is a happy father of three daughters) and the screen was not seen in explicit sex scenes,
. Perhaps, this is the asceticism prevented Garcia become a truly big star. While in the 90 Garcia has successfully worked with a variety of artists. The British Stephen Frears he plays in the satirical comedy "Hero", where his partners are Dustin Hoffman and Geena Davis. The Mexicans, Luis Mandoki, firmly settled in Hollywood, he was withdrawn in the moralistic melodrama "When a man loves a woman" about the dangers of alcohol. By the way, Puritanism did not allow Andy to play even an alcoholic - his valiant character pulls from the bottom of the drunken wife-bedolagu performed Meg Ryan. The role of a gangster who has decided to engage with a criminal past, Garcia played in the independent film by Gary Fleder, "What do the dead man in Denver.

In 1993, Garcia made his debut in directing, making documentaries "Drill ... Other such rate is no longer ". This is a poetic declaration of love for the Cuban musician "drill" Lopez, a reputation for the inventor of mambo. Apparently affects isolation from the homeland, and conceived the project after playing the movie "Lost City" is dedicated to Havana from 50-ies, rapid pre-revolutionary period. In 2000, Andy Garcia has begun working with Michelangelo Antonioni on the preparatory phase of the new draft European classics "Just to be together" (Just To Be Together).

. Filmography:
. 1983 - "Night in Heaven" (A Night in Heaven), a bartender TJ;
. 1986 - "8 Million Ways to Die" (8 Million Ways to Die), Angel Moldonado;
. 1987 - "The Untouchables" (The Untouchables), George Stone;
. 1989 - "black rain" (Black Rain), Charlie Vincent;
. 1990 - "The show of force" (A Show of Force), Luis Angel Mora;
. 1990 - "An internal investigation" (Internal Affairs), Raymond Avila;
. 1990 - "The Godfather, Part III" (Mario Puzo's The Godfather: Part III), Vincent Mancini;
. 1991 - "Dead Again" (Dead Again), Gray Baker
. 1992 - "Hero" (Hero), John Babber
. 1992 - "Jennifer 8" (Jennifer Eight), John Berlin
. 1994 - "When a man loves a woman" (When a Man Loves a Woman), Michael Green
. 1995 - "What do the dead man in Denver" (Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead), Jimmy "Holy Man"
. 1995 - "to steal big, steal from the small" (Steal Big, Steal Little), Ruben Martinez / Robert Martin
. 1997 - "Night of the Manhattan" (Night Falls on Manhattan, Sean Casey
. 1997 - "Death in Granada" (Death in Granada), Lorca
. 1997 - "Gangsters" (Hoodlum), Lucky Luciano
. 1998 - Desperate Measures "(Desperate Measures), Frank Conner
. 1999 - "Lucky ticket" (Just the Ticket), Gary Stark.


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Andy Garcia (Garcia Andy), photo, biography
Andy Garcia (Garcia Andy), photo, biography Andy Garcia (Garcia Andy)  Film actor, photo, biography
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