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Andy Garcia / Andy Garcia /

( Actor)

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Biography Andy Garcia / Andy Garcia /
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NDI Garcia (Andy Garcia). Real name: Andres Arturo Garcia Menendez.
Born in Havana on 12 April 1956. in the family of Cuban lawyer.
He was five years old when his parents, who did not take a revolution, emigrated to Miami, where Andy learned from childhood that Hispanics is not easy to get rid of the label inferiority. At first, he dreamed of becoming a basketball player, but the illness has violated these plans, and after school, Andy Garcia once decided to try his acting opportunities in one of the local theaters in Florida, which determined his fate once and for all. In 1978. He moved to Los Angeles, acted in independent theatrical groups, from time to time taking off in small episodes on TV. Seven years Andy Garcia held in Hollywood, picking up any work in anticipation of any interesting roles in the film, from refusing Role waiter with a replica
. Seemed, . with his winning looks handsome Cuban with thin features, . velvety brown eyes and sleek plastic, . it will be provided with the role of first lover, . however, the first noticeable appearance of Andy Garcia took the silver screen in the film Hoda Ashby '8 Million Ways to Die '(1986), . where he played a pretty despicable type of drug dealer,
. And all the subsequent decade, the actor was involved mainly in the genre paintings of the criminal, . then the role of criminal, . a police, . being played by the representatives of the law differed, . usually, . honesty and sense of duty ( 'Untouchables', . 'Black rain', . 'Internal affairs'),
Andy Garcia is known in Hollywood as a sensitive partner in the set, while not losing their own individuality, he starred with Michael Douglas and Richard Gere, his idol Sean Connery and Kevin Costner. 'Finest hour' actor struck when in 1990. released film F. Coppola's 'Godfather W' and E. Garcia, who played here a nephew of Don Corleone Vincent Mancini, striving for power and ready for a brutal struggle, was nominated for an Oscar for supporting actress. Coppola, who noticed a striking resemblance to Garcia with Al Pacino, said of his new artist: '0 n actor is not only beautiful, but thin, in his game is an irrational and emotional start. And the audience loves him '.
Although such a recognized success in the career of Andy Garcia is not repeated, in his account a few interesting diverse roles in films 90 years. In the tape with. Frears 'Hero', he creates an image of the pretender, the American homeless men, who took advantage of this opportunity, impersonating a man who saved the passengers crashed plane (the real hero is Dustin Hoffman). Garcia Lzhegeroy easily convinces everyone in his modesty, quiet generosity and other virtues, reveling in the attention of the press and television, and almost forgetting about his deceit. Known for its puritanical approach to sex scenes on the screen (this actor has never appeared in the nude), . Garcia accepted the offer of director Luis Mandoki (Mexican origin) to play the main role in the melodrama "When a man loves a woman ', . which attracted by the prospect of disclosure of the nature of psychological,
. His character - the pilot, Michael - in every way trying to save his wife, a schoolteacher from alcoholism, showing tolerance and generosity. Noble - the main dominant of another character, Andy Garcia - a former gangster, who can not start a new honest life in a fairly modern styling of the original gangster film 'What the dead in Denver' D Producer. Fleder. His hero, nicknamed 'Jimmy Holy Man' as if 'white crow' among the gangsters, he looks and behaves like a decent person, charming, loyal friends, but at a critical moment surely demonstrates the skills of professional. Jimmy emerges in the guise of a doomed man, branded a dark past, and awareness of the inevitable finale lends the poetry of his short novel of a girl who was nothing about him and not know.
Andy Garcia, reached a firm position in Hollywood, still feels cut off from their homeland, a culture which he feels strongly related. Not long ago conceived accidentally directorial staging Garcia 'Lost City' is devoted to Havana late 50-ies, the eve of the revolution in Cuba. His first directing experience - documentary 1993. "Drill" ... Such a different rhythm no more '- of the Cuban artists' Cachan' Lopez, the creator of the mambo. He likes strong family, the actor married for over 15 years, his wife, Marivaux also from Cuban exiles, they have three daughters.

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Andy Garcia / Andy Garcia /, photo, biography
Andy Garcia / Andy Garcia /, photo, biography Andy Garcia / Andy Garcia /  Actor, photo, biography
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