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Dustin Hoffman

( Actor)

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Biography Dustin Hoffman
Born 8/8/1937 in Los Angeles. Was named after the famous comedian Dustin Farnuma, the beloved actor's mother. Going to become a pianist, studied at the Conservatory and at the acting department, Pasadena Playhouse.
. In 1958 he arrived in New York, tried several times to enter the acting class, but always got rejected due to its "nestsenicheskoy" appearance
. He worked as an orderly, toy demonstrator in a store, was engaged in a reprint of manuscripts. In the end, the famous teacher Lee Strasberg still took the boy in the class actor in the concert hall at Carnegie Hall. With the same labor Hoffman penetrated the theater and cinema. However, he needed a whole year of work on the professional stage to receive the prestigious award "Obi". The triumph for him was and performance in Mike Nichols film The Graduate (1967).
He plays the awkward, totally inert young man Ben Braddock, whose boredom leads away for the sake of his future bride's mother. It also upsets the wedding with the young daughter of her lover. Faced with the cynicism of the older generation, the hitherto timid Ben decided to open rebellion, and shows with a lot of courage, temperament and determination. The share of "The Graduate" dropped a huge success. He embodied the tenets of youth ideology 60-ies, prove as an organic part of the counterculture, as the film "Easy Rider", the Beatles music, Vudstoksky Festival. Sam Hoffman became the hero of the younger generation, strongly flung the value of fathers.
Even more impressive was his performance in the film "Midnight Cowboy" D. Schlesinger (1969), where he performed the role of dying from tuberculosis thieves Rico nicknamed Rat. In fact, quite a young man, he appears to a decrepit old man so disfigured his appearance, disease and suffering. Puffy face covered with sweat and beard, matted hair, not knowing the crest, bad leg, waddling gait. Rico trades fraud and petty theft. Knowing that his days were numbered, he harbors the impossible dream of a warm sun of Florida and died on the way to a heavenly place.
. Godfather Hoffman in film, Mike Nichols warned him of this role, believing that it can put an end to a good start career
. But Hoffman did his best to remove from the Schlesinger. He knew that these paintings promise him much more creative achievements and discoveries, than the role of wealthy Americans. Thus, already in the first papers Hoffman clearly recorded two main lines of the dramatic and characteristic.
70's began to Hoffman film "Straw Dogs" (1971), set the tone for all subsequent works of the actor. Alex was correct, accurate, in a suit and large glasses, he personifies the image of an intellectual, formed a university environment. Life puts it before the need to protect not only their dignity, but also life. And in the eyes of spectators quietest intellectual into a sophisticated killer coolly despatch a gang of six people.
. The image of an intellectual, compelled to do battle with the harsh reality and becomes a very cruel, dominant in the work of Hoffman's 70-ies
. He stands in the center of movie "Papillon" (1973), "All the President's Men" (1976), "Marathon Man" (1976), "embarked on an honest way" (1978). But ended the 70-ies peacefully melodrama "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979), which brought the actor Oscar, and 80 th began the charming comedy "Tootsie" (1982).
Hoffman unsurpassed master of disguise. Does anyone could suspect that the universal favorite, the actress Roads Michaels is in fact a disguised man, Michael DorsomN It is not only successful in a wig and makeup. Hoffman accurately copies facial expressions, gestures and manners of women, presenting them in slightly exaggerated form. Comedy effect occurs when, forgetting, Michael demonstrates the men's manners.
He has no equal right where you want to create a bright and expressive drawing of the role. That's why it was successful image of Raymond Babbitt, for which the actor received an Oscar ( "Rain Man", 1988), a mentally ill man whose whole life had passed in the walls of the hospital and who is accustomed to follow a careful ritual. Tried in vain to teach his brother to a normal life, Raymond returns to his familiar world of hospital. It is impossible to watch without compassion for this small, self-absorbed, chtoto constantly murmuring under his breath, man, with downcast eyes coming to life. No doubt, the way Raymond is a logical continuation of the line pariah Rico. Although the film "Rain Man" is not the monstrous accumulation of horrors that surrounded Rico, the final result of the film is not less anxious. It is no accident the film ends with a direct appeal to the audience Hoffman to send money to the fund mentally ill people.
. Near Raymond seems remarkably pale respectable butcher Vito, the hero of "Family Business" (1989), vainly trying to shield his son from a crime
. Here, Hoffman is clearly losing the colorful Sean Connery, who created the image of a charming old rogue and rascal.
Hoffman is one of those authors who brilliantly denied the basic covenant of old Hollywood: the exterior of the actor of his fate. Bring him to work in film 30-50-ies., His lot would become characteristic of the role of the second plan. He was able to try your hand virtually all genres of film melodramas ( "John and Mary", . 1969 "Kramer vs. Kramer", . 1979), . Westerns ( "Little Big Man", . 1970), . thrillers ( "Straw Dogs", . "Marathon Man", . 1976), . biographical films ( "Lenny", . 1974 Agat, . 1979), . adventure tapes ( "Butterfly", . "Ishtar", . 1987), . comedies ( "Alfredo, . Alfredo, . 1972; "American Graffiti", . 1982),
. And this despite the fact that Hoffman is difficult actor. It can show rudeness, intolerance, dictatorial. And his partner Meryl Streep ( "Kramer vs. Kramer") and Jessica Lange ( "Tootsie") reminisced about working with him in these words, that they would be better not to hear his descendants.
. For a quarter-century career Hoffmann develops remarkably smoothly, and is the high bar, which was installed at the beginning of a creative way, never fell
. Although, like any creative person, he has come, and victory and defeat, but the first is immeasurably greater.
. In the late 70-ies Hoffman divorced his first wife Anne Byrne married to whom he had two children, and married a lawyer Gottzegen Lisa, the granddaughter of his friend's mother, with whom they raise five sons and daughters.

. About me: 'I began to attend psychoanalyst soon after I came to New York to become an actor
. I had huge problems, I kept repeating the same disastrous mistakes. Was Psychotherapy. I constantly dismissed. Everywhere. I could not control myself, I am no one wanted to understand. Through polgola sessions of psychoanalysis, I got the role on Broadway ". Then I appeared in 'graduates'. For people like me, not crazy, but very nervous - psychoanalysis is simply necessary

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