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Cary Grant

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Biography Cary Grant
photo Cary Grant
). Real name: Archibald Alexander Leach. Born 18/1/1904 in Bristol (England), died 29.2.1986 in Davenport (pc. Iowa). Few in the American film actors, who would be so classically embodied the traits of a star, like Cary Grant. He himself admitted that "played itself to perfection '. And Catherine
Hepburn - his partner - a woman intelligent and observant, like a shrewdly observed: 'Carey learned a lot over the years on screen. But for serious roles, he will not do: too superficial. But the public from him and does not require them. He - his handsome face with dark eyes and neatly combed hair, a pleasant voice and a sense of time '. That was enough to survive in the cinema for more than three decades.
Looking at the secular, elegant, witty playboy, how Grant appeared as on-screen and off, it was hard to get rid of the thought of aristocratic origin of the person. In fact, he was born in the British poor, 13 years old ran away from home, joined the itinerant acrobatic troupe, which arrived in 1920, and Mr.. America. What he is only there had to deal with! He sang, danced, juggled, read thoughts from a distance, selling neckties, worked a lifeguard at Coney Island. With the help of composer Arthur Ham-mershteyna, noticing a pretty guy got on the New York stage. But, speaking in the performances 'Golden Dawn', 'Polly', 'Boom Boom', 'Nikki', does not show a particularly.
In the early 30's decided to try his luck in Hollywood, sufliruya debutante during the test: as a result they took him removed, but it - no. It first appeared on the screen in 1932. in the musical 'Such is the night'. Similar supporting actor and played in other films this year: 'Sinners in the sun', 'bright and cheerful, we are going to hell', 'The devil and the deep', 'Blond Venus'. However, the approval Mae West, that Grant was an extra when the actress invited him in his film "She caused him harm '(1933), incorrectly. By this time he has already starred in the films 'Hot Saturday' and 'Madame Butterfly' (both - 1932). Success came only in the late 30's, when Grant made a series of romantic comedies 'horrible truth' (1937), 'Bringing up Baby' (1938), 'His Girl Friday' (1940) and others. It was here that he created the image of an elegant, charming bon vivant, not without a sense of humor and nothing
not taken seriously. His heroes - always bachelors of those who dream about women, but only waiting for her - the only ... Grant was able to charm the fairer sex without causing jealousy with a strong half of mankind; play fools, without compromising himself, equally comfortable feel in any situation and act correctly in any society. He grins and grimaces, comic confusion and ironic insight, raised eyebrows and a faint shrug of the shoulders - all of these, though identical, manners were signs of a seasoned professional.
Organic naturalness of this actor, his romantic charm noticed a. Hitchcock, whose thrillers in Grant became obedient wax in the hands of masters. He took it in four films: 'Suspicion' (1941), 'notorious' (1946), 'To Catch a Thief' (1955) and 'On the north by Northwest' (1959). Mostly in negative roles of characters: a murderer, a thief, a suspect in a crime, etc.. Soft, slightly teasing himself a smile and the manner in conjunction with the Executive Role 'Alphonse hard look' is given an unexpected effect, giving the images of that diversity, which this star has always lacked.
Ambiguity nature Grant, who so brilliantly won Hitchcock, unlike the screen image of his human nature, especially clearly manifested in the privacy of the actor. He was officially married four times, but marriage, as a rule, lasted only two or three years. First wife (1933-1935) was a blond Virgil-tion Cherry - partner Charlie Chaplin in the film 'City Lights''. In 1942 was the turn of a wealthy heiress Barbara Hutton. Seven years later, Grant was married to Betsy Drake, with whom he starred in the films 'There is room for one' (1952) and 'empty thing' (1952). In 1965, was entered into marriage with actress Diane Cannon, who a year later gave birth to the actor his only child - a daughter, Jennifer. But this - last - the family soon disintegrated, and the court's wife accused her husband of using drugs and beating her with servants. In addition, the actor is too fond of the supernatural and often became a plaything in the hands of every charlatan.
In the 60's, when the tastes of the audience is changing and time stars are disappearing, Grant shook his old days in comedy 'Operation' petticoat '(1960) B. Edwards' Touch of Mink "(1962) Delbert Mann thriller 'Charade' (1963) Art. Donena, then in 1966, the general left the cinema. He began work at a large cosmetics company: the client is melted from a simple meeting with former idol
. Despite limited acting opportunities (all his attempts to play in the movies, . close to life, . type 'Only a lonely heart', . 1944, . unsuccessful), . sameness of most established on-screen images, . scandals in his personal life, . who devoted his admirers tried to ignore, . Cary Grant stayed in the history of American cinema, not only as a skilled professional, . and a prominent representative of the 'golden age' of Hollywood,

. Filmography: 'accuses', . 1933; 'Eagle and the Hawk', . 1933 'Ship of players', . 1933; 'I'm not an angel', . 1933; 'Alice in Wonderland', . 1933; 'The Princess and the thirty days', . 1934; 'Born to be bad', . 1934; 'Kiss and namazh lips', . 1934; 'Ladies should listen', . 1934; 'Log, . Madame ', . 1935; 'Wings in the Dark', . 1935; 'last outpost', . 1935; 'Sylvia Scarlett', . 1936; 'big brown eyes', . 1936; 'Susie', . 1936; 'wedding present', . 1936; 'When you're in love', . 1937; 'Romance and wealth', . 1937; 'Topper', . 1937; 'favorite of New York', . 1937; 'Holiday', . 1938; 'Gunga Din', . 1939; 'Only angels have wings', . 1939; 'only lip service', . 1939; 'My lovely wife', . 1940; 'Howards of Virginia', . 1940; 'Philadelphia Story', . 1940; 'Penny Serenade', . 1941; 'The whole town is talking', . 1942; 'Once the honeymoon', . 1942; 'Mr. Lucky', . 1943; 'Purpose - Tokyo', . 1944; 'There Was', . 1944, 'Arsenic and Old Lace', . 1944; 'without reservations', . 1946; 'Night and Day', . 1946; 'Bachelors teenage girl', . 1947; 'wife of Bishop', . 1947; 'M-r Blendings builds a house of their dreams', . 1948; 'I was a Male War Bride', . 1949; 'wife of his dreams', . 1958, 'An Affair', . 1957; 'Pride and Passion', . 1957; 'Kiss them for me', . 1957; 'Careless', . 1958; 'floating house', . 1958; 'grass is greener', . 1961; 'Papa Gus', . 1964; 'Go, . and not run ', . 1966.,

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Cary Grant, photo, biography
Cary Grant, photo, biography Cary Grant  Actor, photo, biography
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