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Woody Allen

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Biography Woody Allen
photo Woody Allen
Real name: Allen Stewart Konigsberg. Born 1/12/1935 in New York.
As a student at New York University began to write sketches for television, nightclubs and magazines. In 1965, Mr.. adopted for staging. His first script "What's new, kiskaN, and Allen got himself a small role in the film, which became for him a good advertisement.
In 1969. Allen made his debut as a director on the screen comedy "Take the Money and Run" and has since supported a movie in three persons screenwriter, actor, director. Only in rare cases, Allen denies himself the pleasure to perform which he himself invented a joke.
. Short, red-haired, with a big nose and with a face strewn with freckles, Allen, it seems, by nature created for the role of the clown, was not immediately find his own performing style
. In the early scenes ( "Bananas", 1970; "played again, Sam", 1971, "Sleep", 1973, "Love and Death", 1975) he was clearly imitating the rough-edged style of the Marx Brothers. Pressure absurd, sarcastic mockery of the public, transparent courtship of the fair sex all that an actor has appeared under their influence. Without much trouble, Woody managed to gain a reputation for ingenious mocker, a brilliant master of the secrets of comedy. However, he made all efforts to get rid of the Joker Role, hohmacha, in a word, "not a serious person, and he succeeded.
. In the movie "Annie Hall" (1977), "Manhattan" (1980), "Memories of" Stardust "(1980) appeared Woody Allen is not a comedy, and drama, and sometimes even tragic actor
. Itself performing style has undergone radical change. Instead of satirical tone came melancholy introspection. Smashing satire became sad banter at himself, his weaknesses, handicap, handicapped. And although in these pictures, too many witty jokes and funny scenes, a sense of bitterness and regret that overpowers them. The time when Woody komikoval and sprinkled jokes, it took forever. The only reminder of those times was the film "Zelig" (1983), a real masterpiece Allenarezhissera and actor. His riotous imagination has created a fantastic image of a unique human individual, capable without any effort to change his appearance and easily out of any situation. Woody came up with this image, to show how dangerous conformity to society, for the moral health of the nation.
As the protagonist of his own films, Allen had refused to withdraw and the other directors. His best work "frontman" 'M. Ritt (1976), in which he played a little man, the will of fate involved in the story and is in its millstones. Howard Prince antipode lyrical actor, thin, exposed to doubt the intellectual, looking at the world through the prism of irony. But this did not stop Allen to be persuasive in the role of the Philistine, who has decided to put together a little capital in the misfortune of others.
. In recent years, Woody mostly played small roles in his films (with Broadway Danny Rose ", 1984," Crimes and Misdemeanors, "1989;" Shadows and Fog ", 1991)
. He has changed in appearance, aged, has lost its former zeal. Itself performing style "Allen became less flamboyant, but more subtle and expressive, helping to create a touching in his helpless way of modern intellectual. The most prominent is where his story in the movie "Nyuyorkskie History" (1989), showing an unequal fight shy bachelor Sheldon Miles from the authoritarian mother.
With all the passion of surrendering film, Allen never forgot and literature. He is the author of six comic books.
In. Allen was married three times and had numerous love affairs. His most recent alliance with Mia Farrow ended in scandal after she accused Woody in an intimate relationship with her foster daughter twenty Sung Yu Previn. By the way, shortly before Allen made a film "Husbands and Wives" (1992), in which the hero picks a love affair with a young student.

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Woody Allen, photo, biography
Woody Allen, photo, biography Woody Allen  Actor, photo, biography
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