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Judy Davis (Judy Davis)

( Actress)

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Biography Judy Davis (Judy Davis)
photo Judy Davis (Judy Davis)
The best-known Australian actress born in 1955 in the port city of Perth. As a teenager, she dropped out of the church school and became a vocalist in a rock band. Growing up, Judy, took up the mind ", she moved to Sydney and was admitted to the Institute of Technology. Along the way she started attending acting courses at the National iinstitute drama. Her film debut took place in 1977, and two years later, she became famous after starring in the movie "My brilliant career". For this truly excellent work she was recognized as the best actress in Australia and the UK. Having moved off in a few scenes of Australian filmmakers, Davis enters the field of view of the David Lean, who shoots her in the film "A Passage to India", which brought the first actress nominated for an Oscar. (Prior to this, by the way, Davis managed to get the prize "for best actress at the Moscow Film Festival -" Winter of our dreams. ")

. Her virtuosity, intellectual style of the game attracted directors of different directions - from Charles Sturridge to David Cronenberg, the Coen brothers up to Clint Eastwood
. And everywhere, the artist with a strong and slightly mocking face looks organically and in its performance of any role becomes multidimensionality and reliability. Even in a political satire, . can say, . Cranberry ", . as "Children of the Revolution", . where Davis plays a mistress of Stalin, . she makes her character to empathize with any audience, . including Russia, . who developed allergy to the Western image of the USSR,
. Particularly fond of Judy Davis, Woody Allen, who directed her in four of his paintings, and when his capricious and demanding it is tantamount to surrender to her talent.

. Filmography
. Strong pitching - High Rolling (1977)
. Directed. Igor Ozins.
My brilliant career - My Brilliant Career (1979). Directed. Gillian Armstrong.
Winter of our dreams - Winter of Our Dreams (1981). Directed. John Duigan.
Cunning deception - Hoodwink (1981). Directed. Claude Uotem.
The latter choice - Final Option, aka Who Dares Wins (1982). Directed. Ian Sharpe.
Roast Time - Heatwave (1982). Directed. Philip Noyce.
Passage to India - Passage to India, A (1984). Directed. David Ling.
Kangaroo - Kangaroo (1986). Directed. Tim Berstell.
High Tide - High Tide (1988). Directed. Gillian Armstrong.
Alice - Alice (1990). Directed. Woody Allen.
Where and angels afraid to tread - Where Angels Fear to Tread (1991). Directed. Charles Sturridge.
One against the wind - One Against the Wind (1991, TV). Directed. Larry Elikann.
Naked Lunch - Naked Lunch (1991). Directed. David Cronenberg.
Impromptu - Impromptu (1991). Directed. James Leypin.
Barton Fink - Barton Fink (1991). Directed. Joel Cohen.
Single - On My Own, aka Colore dei suoi occhi, Il (1992). Directed. Antonio Tibaldi.
Husbands and Wives - Husbands and Wives (1992). Directed. Woody Allen.
New Age - New Age, The (1994). Directed. Michael Tolkin.
Children of the Revolution - Children of the Revolution (1996). Directed. Peter Duncan.
Blood and Wine - Blood and Wine (1997). Directed. Bob Reyfelson.
Absolute Power - Absolute Power (1997). Directed. Clint Eastwood.
Analyzing Harry - Deconstructing Harry (1997). Directed. Woody Allen.
Celebrity - Celebrity (1998). Directed. Woody Allen.
Dash and Lilly - Dash and Lilly (1999, TV). Directed. Kathy Bates.
Cool climate - Cooler Climate, A (1999). Directed. Susan Seydelman.
Midday with Gaudi - Gaudi Afternoon (2000). Directed. Susan Seydelman.

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Judy Davis (Judy Davis), photo, biography
Judy Davis (Judy Davis), photo, biography Judy Davis (Judy Davis)  Actress, photo, biography
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