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James Stewart (Stewart James).

( Actor)

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Biography James Stewart (Stewart James).
photo James Stewart (Stewart James).
Real name: Maitland. Born 20.5.1908 in r. Indiana (pc. Pennsylvania). In 1932, Mr.. graduated from the faculty of architecture at Princeton University.
'Most complete actor-personality' - the so-called 30-ies. this is very high, thin shatena careful with gray eyes and a shy smile. During this period created the image of ordinary Americans - a nice, . naive, . honest man, . which seek to take advantage of the rich and powerful, . but, . naturally, . defeated, . because he is endowed with not only the mind and practical minds, . and humor,

. The son of the owner of the shop ironmongery (when Stewart reached fame, . he received Oscar and other awards proudly flaunted in the window), . James became interested in theater still in the university: in addition to, . that he was a magician and accordionist, . he was diagnosed and explicit comedy talent,
. During his speech, a student troupe on Broadway with the play 'Carrie Nation' (1932) Stewart, appearing on stage at the minute and a half, received a reward of laughter and applause. Tasted them, the young man forgot about the architecture and devoted himself wholly to the theater. In the plays 'good-bye Again', 'All good Americans', 'Divided into three', 'Night Journey' actor was immediate, funny, has its own unique charm. It seemed that this man by nature created for the cinema and he was not slow them interested.
Stewart made his debut on screen in 1935 as a police reporter in the film 'Specialist killings'. But it took five years and fifteen movies, to achieve true success. It came with pictures of Frank Capra 'That you do not carry with them' (1938), 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' (1939) (in our rental - 'Senator'), 'Life is wonderful' (1947). With this director's actor created his famed image of an ordinary man, born in the small town of law-abiding parents, stubbornly and persistently an advocate for the interests of others like it, nothing outstanding people. 'Unusually usual' press dubbed him. James variations on this image in different genres: melodrama 'for each other' (1939), westerns 'Destry back in the saddle' (1940), Comedy 'is not the time to joke' (1940), etc.. In Stewart had his own style of play: rough, ragged, nervous, where sentimentality is constantly interbed humor. Halting speech, shy manner of communication indicated that he was not just any secular knight, insolent and selfish, but man, albeit hairy, but positive. It is for this role, James was 'Oscar' in 'Philadelphia Story' (1940), having already passed the Central Executive Cary Grant.
During the war, Stewart was the first movie star, a past volunteer for the army, although its earnings fell at the same time with 12 thousand dollars a month to twenty-one (so to receive the ordinary). Since James was able to fly a plane (he has long had its own), he enlisted in the Air Force, where he, by September 1945, became a colonel with many awards. (Remaining in the reserve and otherwise cooperating with the military aircraft, . actor rose to her rank of brigadier general before.) Since the late 40's, James began to depart from the usual image, . trying a different Role, . including the negative characters: the cynical reporter in "Call Nortsayd 777 '(1948), . Teacher's killers in 'rope' (1948), . smuggler in 'Ma-laya' (1950), . drinkers in 'Harvey' (1950),
. In the 50 th actor often played in the 'new' roles in the western, unworldly people far from ideal, but in essence - not bad. ( 'Winchester 73', . 1950; 'Broken Arrow', . 1950; 'Turn the River', . 1952; 'Far Country', . 1955; 'The Man from Laramie', . 1955; 'Man, . who killed Liberty Velansa ', . 1962.) Then he went to a series of popular biographies: 'The history of Glenn Miller' (1954), . aviator Charles Lindbergh in the 'Spirit of SW,
. Louis' (1957), the gangster boss, the inventor of 30-caliber rifle in the "Carbine Williams" (1952) and others.
The greatest achievements actor reached in the thriller by Alfred Hitchcock: 'Rear Window' (1945), 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' (1956), 'Vertigo' (1958). For the role of counsel at the trial of an army officer in the 'Anatomy of a Murder' Otto Premindzhera (1959) was the fifth time nominated for 'Oscars', but won Venice International Film Festival and the New York critics. In the 60's, 70's singular success on the screen he was no longer. Roles played by repeating earlier or at all, he only appeared in episodes. The need to earn money from Stewart absent, because the long job in the movie made him a multimillionaire. Besides, he was the first back in 1940. introduced the practice of obtaining his acting - in addition to the fees - a percentage of profits from the show pattern. And since his film has always enjoyed success, the amount received by U.S. grew and grew.
James married late - at 41 - to Gloria McLean, with a happy past four decades. In addition to the two boys - her children from her first marriage, the couple raised their own twin girls, born in 1951. This 'almost the most normal of the Hollywood stars', as poisonous noticed once obozrevatelnitsa Lowell Parsons, enjoys photography, loves golf, fishing, picnics.
Not only on screen but in real life Stewart is those with whom the audience would like to identify themselves in a cruel and cynical world.
80-s capped a long screen life of the actor a string of awards. In 1980, it presented the American Film Institute. In 1984, he received the 'Oscar'. In 1985, he was awarded a special prize at Cannes International Film Festival 38. In 1987, it took off on the television documentary "James Stewart - a wonderful life '
. Filmography: 'Rosemary', . 1936; 'The next time we'll love', . 1936; 'wife against the secretaries', . 1936, 'A girl from a small town', . 1936; 'Speed', . 1936; 'luxury Hussey', . 1936; 'Born to Dance', . 1936; 'After the Thin Man', . 1936; 'Last gangster', . 1937; 'Seventh Heaven', . 1937; 'blue gold', . 1937; 'On the hearts of men', . 1938; 'lively lady', . 1938; 'used angel', . 1938; 'The world is beautiful', . 1939; 'Madness on Ice 1939', . 1939; 'Shop around the corner', . 1940; 'Hurricane Death', . 1940; 'move in with me', . 1941; 'pot of gold', . 1941; 'Girl Revue Zigfilda', . 1941; 'Magic City', . 1947; 'Miracles do happen', . 1948; 'You should be happy', . 1949; 'History of Stratton-on', . 1949; 'Snatch', . 1950, 'The sky is no highway', . 1951; 'The performance on the ground', . 1952; 'bare peak', . 1953; 'Bay of Storms', . 1953; 'Order strategic aviation', . 1956; 'Night Flight', . 1957; 'Bell, . Book and Candle ', . 1958, 'The Tale of the FBI', . 1959; 'Mountain Road', . 1960; 'The two rode together', . 1961; 'Mr. Hobbs takes a vacation', . 1962; 'Take it, . she's my ', . 1963; 'Cheyenne Autumn', . 1964; 'Dear Brigitte', . 1965; 'Shenandoah', . 1965; 'Flight' Phoenix ', . 1965; 'rare breed', . 1966; 'Fiery creek', . 1968; 'Bandolero! ", . 1968; 'Cheyenne Social Club', . 1970; 'parade of fools', . 1971; 'That's Entertainment! ", . 1974; 'Shooter', . 1976; 'Airport-77', . 1977; 'long sleep', . 1978; 'Magic of Lassie', . 1978, 'The Story of Africa', . 1981.,


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James Stewart (Stewart James)., photo, biography
James Stewart (Stewart James)., photo, biography James Stewart (Stewart James).  Actor, photo, biography
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