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James Woods (Woods James)

( Actor)

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Biography James Woods (Woods James)
photo James Woods (Woods James)
Born 18.4.1947 in Vernale (pc. Utah). He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the Faculty of Political Science.
. Woods grew up in a family of professional military, and even a Catholic, where - although the actor himself about it and not say - probably, has established a strict command economy and a severe moral and other foundations
. The result of education, on the one hand, were the brilliant achievements in the study (the highest score in the final examination in English, full scholarship Institute of Technology), on the other - children giperartikulyatsiya, ie. slurred speech, fears, complexes, self-doubt. (It is difficult to suspect a similar artist who, '''El Salvador, 1986, amazed all the virtuosity of diction, blending the perfect Spanish with an elegant intellectual of English, in turn broken savory podzabornaya expressions. I was even nominated for this role at the 'Oscars'.) Progress on a scientific first, and then on the artistic endeavors have been a peculiar attempt to overcome his own ugliness, and the desire to show their superiority over those around them.
. Try their luck in a number vnebrodveyskih theaters, James in 1972
. debuted in the film simultaneously in the two tapes: 'Hickey and God' and 'guests' E. Kazan. Ten years later, the actor said that, having tried himself in more than 125 performances and films, he finally goes to the main roles ...
. Woods is composed of bones, skin and nerves; their allies in its intelligence and motor reactivity did not seem too typical of American actors alloy
. But he is not very American actor, rather - a European and even Russian. Maybe it every time too much on the screen or it supersedes all other or sought to impose itself, make people forget about his ugliness, love. And this exposes the soul.

Portrait Woods will not be complete without mention of his strange attraction to women. Magnetism, coupled with negative obaya tion, draws, of course, not all, but no man can match immediately to all tastes. And, perhaps, women's charms in the Woods is what he does not give them the values. To him - or his characters? - A woman - things that he takes them in passing, uses the female friends - must be the same with kemto talk ( 'The Way We Were', 1973), mistresses ( 'Once in America', 1984) or witness ( 'policeman', 1988). But in most movies with this actor the fairer sex is not given even a minor role ( 'Onion Field', 1979 'A split image', 1982, etc.). In the world of paranoid egotism, James Woods, women have no place.

Situations in which almost always are the heroes of the actor, usually in dramatic and psychological terms jigger not stand. In nauchnofantasticheskom 'Videodrome' (1983) conflict between man and machine is transferred to the character, he turns into a live video player, and Woods in the stomach - that looks extremely uncomfortable - insert tape. In 'Onion Field' his protest against the company is pouring into psychopathic killing police officers, but in prison he perekovyvaetsya, their education and turned into a yuppie version of tyuremnogomoseksualny.

In the 'police', being on the other side of the law, he pursues the killer and a sadistic, almost resorting to the methods pursued, and in the 'split image' of his hero, says that in his childhood, he probably dreamed of becoming a criminal. In this gallery of images alone is refined, . calculating gangster from 'Once in America', . but the other characters, . not being able to rely on the sturdy plot, . Woods portrays as emotionally, . sincerely and authentically, . that they gain volume, . they believe, . including the holder belly, . absorbing videotapes.,

. Winner in the categories: Best Actor
. in the miniseries or a movie,
. filmed for TV
. 1987 - Promise
. / Promise

. Final Fantasy
. / Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, 2001 (voice)
. Scary Movie 2
. / Scary Movie 2, 2001
. Every Sunday
. / Any Given Sunday, 1999
. The General's Daughter
. / General's Daughter, The, 1999
. Virgin Suicides
. / Virgin Suicides, The, 1999
. True Crime
. / True Crime, 1999
. Vampires
. / Vampires, 1998
. Contact
. / Contact, 1997
. Ghosts of Mississippi
. / Ghosts Of Mississippi, 1996
. Casino
. / Casino, 1995
. Nixon
. / Nixon, 1995
. Specialist
. / The Specialist, 1994
. Escape
. / The Getaway, 1994
. Straight Talk
. / Straight Talk, 1992
. Citizen Cohn
. / Citizen Cohn, 1992
. Chaplin
. / Chaplin, 1992
. Naprolom
. / The Hard Way, 1991
. Doping
. / The Boost, 1988
. Police
. / Cop, 1988
. Bestseller
. / Best Seller, 1987
. El Salvador
. / Salvador, 1986
. Joshua now and then
. / Joshua Then And Now, 1985
. Cat's Eye
. / Cat's Eye, 1985
. Once in America
. / Once Upon A Time In America, 1984
. Videodrome
. / Videodrome, 1983
. Eyewitness
. / Eyewitness, 1981

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    James Woods (Woods James), photo, biography
    James Woods (Woods James), photo, biography James Woods (Woods James)  Actor, photo, biography
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