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Martin Sheen (Sheen Martin)

( Actor)

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Biography Martin Sheen (Sheen Martin)
photo Martin Sheen (Sheen Martin)
Real name: Ramon Estevez. Born 3/8/1940 in Dayton (pc. Ohio).
The son of Spanish and Irish immigrant, Martin Sheen is a hellish mixture of two nationalities, and manifested in appearance and in temperament, and character. Strange blue eyes with large proteins, located on the "neutral" person with a very regular features that can dramatically change the expression, allowing the holder to perform the role in a range of maniacs to simpletons. His usual languid sleepy afternoon siesta, suddenly explodes uncontrollable emotion - when required by the image. A determination and fearlessness of the Spanish conquistadors, combined with the eternal Irish militancy in the struggle for justice, manifested in the social engagement Bus. Without him, costing rare charity or liberal campaign, . He was repeatedly arrested for taking part in all kinds, . most antinuclear, . Demonstrations, . on television, he - the author and performer of original political docu-drama, . describing the activities of the Kennedys, . counsel John Dean, . chief witness Watergate process, . other,
Unique identity of the actor, the real nugget is not receiving special education, Shin drew attention in 1964, playing in the sensational Broadway play "It was about roses" (in 1968. production was transferred to the screen). His "universities" was working as a janitor, messenger, car washers, seller soda. Frequent communication with various people developed in him not mock the ability, as might happen with the actor's comedy talent, and ability to penetrate the subtle nuances of human psychology. Attention to detail was the basis of behavioral skills to their future occupations. Observation and analytical skills could sooner or later lead to the profession of tire producer: on television, he made his debut tape "Children having children" and to the movies with their own scenario set the movie "Cadence" (1990).
Appeal to the new craft was partly forced. The fact is that the screen is not too lucky Shin. Every now and then exploited some one facet of his talent. In his first work - a virtuoso performance image of a sadistic terrorizing with a friend a car of a train station in the "Incident" (1967), the actor has managed to create a very impressive image. After that, he appeared as a maniac, a pervert in the endless variations of "Lolita, occurring psychopath" (as, for example, in the movie "The girl, who lives down the street", 1976). Devoid of any moral and ethical principles of the murderer, guided only by the fear of pursuit ( "Outland", 1973). Man overly concerned about social injustices of the world order. Here, referring to the topic closest to him and being, respectively, very reliable, bus, despite all efforts, are rarely able to diversify the images of a union-derov and other similar typecasting ( "Wall Street", 1987).
Only one director saw all the diversity of talent of this actor: F. F. Coppola took off his bus in one of the central role of the famous "Apocalypse Now" (1979). Along with Marlon Brando as if it represented two poles of human folly, generated by the war. But in the final of the pole in contact, . full circle, . hunter (the hero tire sent to kill hero Brando, . released from the obedience and founded his own colony-state) and the victim was then changed places, . not merged, and then displaying a mutilated life consciousness,
. To pass on the screen image and not even a symbol, but a kind of philosophical concept, it is necessary not only high director's craft, but the real acting talent. In Mummery Shin did not give Brando, and it is - no doubt the standard of skill.
I tire of four children. Three - Emilio, Ramon and his daughter Renee were true name - Estevez. The third son, Charlie, has inherited his father's nickname - Shin. All four of them - actors.

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Martin Sheen (Sheen Martin), photo, biography
Martin Sheen (Sheen Martin), photo, biography Martin Sheen (Sheen Martin)  Actor, photo, biography
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