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Ingrid Bergman (Bergman, Ingrid).

( Actress)

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Biography Ingrid Bergman (Bergman, Ingrid).
photo Ingrid Bergman (Bergman, Ingrid).
Born 29.8.1915 in Stockholm, died 29.8.1982 in London.
Began her career at the studio 'Svensk Film'. Appearing first in the crowd, soon became a leading actress of Swedish cinema, having to withdraw in four years in ten movies. The most popular and featured a love melodrama 'Intermezzo' (1936), tells the story of love humble music teacher, Anita Hoffman, the famous violinist. There's something to it and drew attention to himself, David Selznick, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Hollywood, who had decided to re-screen version of the story ( 'Intermezzo, a Love story', 1939). Ingrid Bergman was the greatest achievement not only for him but for the whole of American cinema 40-ies. It has long been on the actress does not appear so disposing appearance. Her large, typically Scandinavian face with plump cheeks, sensual mouth, bushy blond hair and a charming open smile attracted freshness and innocence. Bergman came to Hollywood, where there reigns such actresses as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, who played a 'female predator'. Bergman favorably differs from them in appearance and character, the very nature of it was destined to become a heroine.
Picture put forward this actress in a number of leading stars, has become the 'Casablanca' (1942), successfully connected the schema of a love triangle with the theme of anti-fascist resistance. Bergman played the wife of an underground anti-fascist Ilse Laszlo. In order to save her husband, she refused to love the noble Rick Blaine, in the role made famous by Humphrey Bogart, who created the enigmatic image of an American secret protector of refugees from the Third Reich.
Even greater laurels brought a picture of the actress 'Gaslight' (1944). Her heroine, Paul falls into the power of her husband-offender and became obedient instrument of his treacherous plans. Throughout the film Bergman had to demonstrate the full range of human emotions - joy, . confusion, . confusion, . humiliation, . fear, . despair, . emotional numbness, . insight, . contempt, . Finally, . healing rage, . which exempts it from the fatal depending,
. In response to this role, the actress received her first Oscar. 'Gaslight' attracted the attention of a performer. Hitchcock. In 40-ies he made three films with Bergman - 'Bewitched' (1945), 'notorious' (1946), 'Under the sign of Capricorn' (1949). Particularly successful was her performance in the second of them, where Ingrid has created an interesting image of the daughter of a Nazi criminal, forced to pay for the sins of the father. Herself an actress of his best work in Hollywood believed musical comedy "The Bells of St. Mary's Church '(1945), in which Benedict had played a nun, which unites the service of God with sports, boksiruya in nun's habit.
Hollywood brought Ingrid Bergman fame and money, but he could not give her full satisfaction of their work. She did not want to be a romantic heroine, trying to play a prostitute ( 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde', 1941; 'Saratogskaya Railway', 1946), nuns, doctors ( 'Bewitched'). 'You just ruin his career, if you try to be unrecognizable in each role' - warned the actress Michael Curtiz, director 'Casablanca'. But Bergman could not agree with this. In 1949, she gave several films P. Rossellini, the founder of Italian neorealism. Their naive simplicity stunned Hollywood star. Ingrid asked the director to the proposals for joint work. He wrote the screenplay for her film "Stromboli, land of God '(1950) - about a small volcanic island in the Aegean Sea, where the post-Second World War soldiers Antonio brought with him from the camp Lett Karin. But escaping from a detention, she went to another. She rebelled, tried to break free, lost all faith in himself, and only responsible for the life of the unborn child kept her from committing suicide ... However, subsequent work Rossellini-Bergman ( 'Europe, 51', 1952, 'We, the women', 1953; 'Journey to Italy', 1954, 'Fear', 1954) were not so successful because of the different creative individuals and director Actresses. Bergman U best be a romantic heroine, Rossellini also gravitated to reality with its grounded problems.
Shortly after filming 'Stromboli' And. Bergman gave birth to a son, Roberto Rossellini, and divorced her first husband, Peter Lindstrom. For many Americans, the behavior of the star, regarded as the 'Girls and Bad Girls of America', was a shock. Anathema to the actress sounded even in the U.S. Congress. But it was not an American citizen and until his death remained a Swedish citizenship. Despite the raging scandal, the actress feel quite happy, and soon gave birth to twins: Isota, Ingrid and Isabella.
In 1954, Rossellini set for Bergman Honegger oratorio "Jeanne d'Arc at the stake '. With this performance, soon picturized, the family traveled all over Europe. During this tour as a tour of their creative differences deepened. Almost with relief Rossellini received a proposal to remove a documentary film in India. A Bergman began performing in the play 'Tea and sympathy'. Since then it has firmly linked its fate to the theater. Tall, slender, with large features and a loud voice, it was created for the stage, and direct contact with the audience excited her, forcing play better and better.
In 1958, Rossellini returned from India, along with a young Indian woman Sonali. Ingrid agreed to divorce, and soon she married theatrical producer Lars Schmidt. He was searching for his wife's play, find filmmakers. Almost every year for twenty years, there was a new show with its participation. Some of them became a television movie: 'Turn of the Screw', 1959; '24 hours in the life of women ', 1961;' Hedda Gabler ', 1963;' human voice ', 1967, etc..
In 1956, there were reconciliation and. Bergman to Hollywood. In pursuance of the role of Anastasia in the eponymous film, the daughter of last Russian tsar, allegedly missed the shot, the actress won her second Oscar. Especially popular in America used a gay comedy "Cactus Flower '(1969), in which Ingrid brilliantly performed the role of a spinster, which was able to marry his own boss. Third 'Oscar' - has for supporting actress - has brought her participation in the detective thriller 'Murder on the Orient Express' (1974), where she played a nanny-Swede Greta Olson.
The most remarkable work of its 70-ies became 'Autumn Sonata', staged by Ingmar Bergman (1978). The actress has created an image of the famous pianist Charlotte Andergast, which during a short stay in the house of the daughters reveals a deep chasm of misunderstanding between themselves and their. The very same Ingrid maintained excellent relations with their four children. But in the footsteps of the mother only went to Isabella Rossellini.
Past seven years of life, Bergman was seriously ill (breast cancer), underwent three operations. A little after recovering from illness, she wanted to go on stage because I knew: each performance may be the last. And when the forces were already quite at the end, starred in his latest work - television movie 'A woman named Golda "(1982), where she played Golda Meir.
The actress died on the day of his 67-anniversary surrounded by family and friends
. Filmography: 'Count the bridge of the monks', . 1935; 'Surf', . 1935; 'Svedenhelmy', . 1935; 'Walpurgis Night', . 1935, 'On the sunny side', . 1936; 'Dollar', . 1938; 'four friends', . 1938; 'The woman's face', . 1938; 'one night', . 1939; 'Night in June', . 1940; 'Adam had four sons', . 1941; 'Anger in Heaven', . 1941; 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', . 1943; 'Arc de Triomphe', . 1948; 'Joan of Arc', . 1949; 'Elena and men', . 1956; 'Careless', . 1958; 'Tavern of the Sixth Happiness', . 1958; 'Again farewell', . 1959; 'Do you BramsaN', . 1961; 'visit', . 1964; 'Yellow Rolls-Royce', . 1964; 'Stimulators', . 1967; 'Walk in the spring rain', . 1970; 'From entangled dossier Mrs. Bzzil Frankueyler',
. 1973; 'This will show the time', 1976.

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Ingrid Bergman (Bergman, Ingrid)., photo, biography
Ingrid Bergman (Bergman, Ingrid)., photo, biography Ingrid Bergman (Bergman, Ingrid).  Actress, photo, biography
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