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Bette Davis (Davis, Bette).

( Actor)

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Biography Bette Davis (Davis, Bette).
Real name: Ruth Elizabeth. Born 5.4.1908 in g. Lowell (pc. Massachusetts), died 6/10/1989 in Nyuili on the Seine (France). Graduated Meriardenskuyu ballet school and drama school, John Anderson in New York.
Girl of twenty came to Davis in the American cinema. By this time she has already managed to speak to the theatrical stage. Talented Broadway actress immediately became interested in Hollywood, but the first screen test was unsuccessful: felt that her appearance is not good enough for movies. However, this did not deter the debutante. In this young girl had a feeling the will, tenacity, the ability to go firmly to the target. And finally in 1930. Davis appeared in the film 'Bad sister', which is not played the heroine, and her modest relative. The real success was only seventh painting - 'The man who played God' (1932). Now she appears as a wily seductress ( "Ex-Lady ', 1933;' Fog over Frisco ', 1934,' Fashion in 1934 ', etc.). The most interesting of the paintings of the first period has been Davis 'Cabin in the cotton' (1932), which was in the USSR in the 30 years under the name 'Betrayal Marvin Blake'. While there she played the frivolous and spoiled daughter of a wealthy planter - a vulgar girl with a standard set of tools of seduction, then here and there slip some notes of sincerity, humanity, something of its. Success was the performance and the role of Mildred in the film adaptation of Somerset Maugham's novel "Of Human Bondage '(1934). Davis has shown here is not just an Englishwoman, and a representative of colorful layer of Londoners - Cockney - with their caustic humor and a kind of dialect. Breaking the canons of Hollywood, the actress was not afraid to appear on the screen, ugly, badly dressed, dying of tuberculosis in a dirty little room. In response to this role, Davis was nominated for the Oscar, but it was only in the following year for his film 'Dangerous' (1935), where her heroine actress sacrificed for the sake of love, mercy.
Second 'Oscar', she was awarded three years later for the film 'Jezebel', in which she convincingly demonstrated the transformation of the nature of the heroine from excessive pride to full obedience to a loving woman. This is particularly evident, and especially acting talents Davis, preferred the word movement, gesture, expressive figures. In the main episodes - reception at the heroine, in the bank, at the ball - almost no text. But, for example, in the scene waiting the arrival of his beloved Julia impatience, possession of a girl expressing how needlessly, she moves from place to place vases of flowers, iterates lie on a platter fruit. Even in a dramatic school dance teacher said that Davis has a rare gift to express emotions plastically, whole body, as a dancer. In 'Iyo-brought' this feature is manifested in full. Ability to hold, move, wear clothes made ugly in general, this beautiful actress.
The name of the director William Wyler and associated second-biggest success Davis - Performance by Reggina Giddens in the film 'Chanterelle''(1941) - adaptation of Lillian Hellman's famous play. Participation in it allowed the actress to complete a portrait of the type of woman to whom she touches throwing most of its previous successful works. Cruelty and cynicism - are the main driving forces of the indomitable nature. A goal is - wealth and power, for which it is prepared even to kill husband.
The resonance of this role was so great that in 1941. Davis was elected president of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and she became the first woman awarded this high office. The actress has always had a very progressive views, was a fierce supporter of Roosevelt and an active fighter against fascism. During the war years starred in the anti-Nazi film 'Die Wacht am Rhein' (1943). In the 50's - the years of dominance of McCarthyism in the United States - Davis acted in 'storm center' (1956) and in 'All About Eve' (1950) - in the deep essence antimak-kartistskih pictures. Last - the story of betrayal, namely, it was the most characteristic feature of McCarthyite processes. Having met on the set with actor Gary Merrilom, Davis fell in love with him, although he was much younger, and married. But in family life the actress is not bad luck: he suffered from the most independent character, an actress, which she so often showed on the screen. First time she tied the knot in 1932. another youth - jazz musician, with whom divorced seven years. Second husband - a hotel manager - died in an accident. Third - changed her to the servants and demanded a divorce alimony. Alliance with Merrilom also proved short-lived.
In 'A pleasant event' (1956, in our hire - 'Wedding Breakfast'), which appeared on the screen shortly after the break, the audience saw on the screen of an entirely new Davis - an old woman with a ponderous figure, a heavy gait and bags under the eyes. Here she first played the head of the working family and did so quite convincingly.
After the success in 1962. film 'What Ever Happened to Baby DzheynN', where Davis has shown a vicious and cruel old woman, these roles have become a constant of Role. That she and 'dead twin' (1964), and 'Where did she go lyubovN' (1964), and 'Nurse' (1965) and others. The last significant work actress - in the 'August whales' (1987), where it appeared the blind old woman with bad character.
Filmography: 'Seed', 1931; 'The way back home', 1931; 'threat', 1932 'Hell House', 1932 'A big', 1932, 'The rich are always with us', 1932, 'The three together', 1932; 'Dark horse'. 1932, '20 000 years in Sing Sing ', . 1933; 'jumper', . 1933; 'working man', . 1933; 'Bureau of Missing Persons', . 1933; 'Big shock', . 1934; 'Jimmy-Fryer', . 1934; 'Housewife', . 1934; 'border town', . 1935; 'Girl with a Tenth Avenue', . 1935, 'The woman with the first band', . 1935, 'Special Agent', . 1935; 'petrified forest', . 1936; 'Golden Arrow', . 1936; 'Satan met a lady',
. 1936; 'labeled a woman', . 1937; 'Kid Galahed', . 1937; 'I'm looking for love', . 1937; 'the woman', . 1937; 'Sisters', . 1938; 'grim victory', . 1939; 'Huarets', . 1939; 'Old Maid', . 1939; 'Private Life of Elizabeth and Essex', . 1939; 'All and the sky into the bargain', . 1940 'Letter', . 1940; 'Great Lie', . 1941; 'bride arrived cash on delivery', . 1941; 'Man, . who came to dinner ', . 1941; 'This is our life', . 1942; 'Forward, . traveler ', . 1942; 'Thank Your Lucky Stars', . 1943; 'Old friend', . 1943; 'Mr. Skef-fington', . 1944; 'Hollywood Canteen', . 1944; 'Green shoots', . 1945; 'Stolen Life', . 1946; 'Fraud', . 1946; 'Winter Meeting', . 1948; 'The June Bride', . 1948; 'beyond the forest', . 1949; 'fees on demand', . 1951; 'poison another person', . 1951; 'phone call a stranger', . 1952; 'Star', . 1952; 'virgin queen', . 1955; 'John Paul Jones', . 1959; 'Scapegoat', . 1959; 'bag of miracles', . 1961; 'Boredom', . 1963; 'Quiet, . quieter, . dear Charlotte ', . 1964; 'Anniversary', . 1967; 'adjacent rooms', . 1969; 'Bunny 0'Heyr', . 1971; t / f 'Madame Sin', . 1972; t / f 'Judge and Jake Wyler', . 1972; 'game of cards in a scientific', . 1972; t / f 'Scream, . Peggy Beauty ', . 1973; 'burnt offerings', . 1976; t / f 'disappearance Amy', . 1976; t / f 'dark secrets Harvest-Home', . 1978; 'Return from Witch Mountain', . 1978; 'Death on the Nile' 1978 (with us - 'fateful journey') t / f 'Alien: the history of the mother and daughter', . 1979 t / f 'White Mama', . 1980; 'observer in the woods', . 1980; t / f 'heavenward', . 1980; t / f 'Family reunion', . 1981 t / f 'Piano for Mrs. Cimino', . 1981 t / f 'Little Gloria finally happy', . 1982 t / f 'right to choose the way', . 1983; t / f 'Hotel', . 1983; t / f 'Murder with Mirrors', . 1985; 'wicked stepmother', . 1989.,

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Bette Davis (Davis, Bette)., photo, biography
Bette Davis (Davis, Bette)., photo, biography Bette Davis (Davis, Bette).  Actor, photo, biography
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