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Jane Fonda (Fonda Jane)

( Actor)

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Biography Jane Fonda (Fonda Jane)
photo Jane Fonda (Fonda Jane)
Born 21/12/1937 in New York. Although she was the daughter of the famous Henry Fonda, girl's childhood was far from serene. When she was ten years old, there was a tragedy: his mother, in the past - a secular beauty Francis Brokou - committed suicide in a fit of mental disorder. Father kept to himself and was even less talkative than before. For some time, Jane and younger brother Peter lived with him and his grandmother in New York (just in this period, the Fund performed on Broadway), then she was sent to Vassar - the best women's college in the U.S.. After graduating she went to Paris to study painting. Returning to America, studied languages, played music, appeared on the pages of fashion magazine Vogue as fashion models. The outcome of this pretty girl - a copy of his father, but in a soft female version - changed the meeting with Lee Strasberg in 1958. He found her talent and advised her to learn "the actress". In his Actors Studio Jane and mastered in two years - from 1958 to 1960-th - the basics of professional skill. Jane's debut in film helped Joshua Logan - one youth T. Funds - invited her to the central role in the incredible story "(1960) - comedy, action which is deployed in the college. Fund played here in essence samoyu themselves - a typical American girl - trimmed, smiling, in a short skirt, and opened a slender legs, and knitted T-shirt, tight profitable high chest. This, . soon become familiar image, . not changed and "change places", . when, . becoming in 1964 the wife of French director Roger Vadim, . Jane started acting in his films: "Runaround" (1964), . "Extraction" (1966), . "Extraordinary stories" (1968), . "Barbarella" (1968),
. Male - this Svengali sex goddesses - tried to make her second Brigitte Bardot, and all these pictures of the Fund was sort of "cat" - plump, seductive, openly showing their feminine charms. -Established image of a Role and threatened to turn its bearer into a typical movie star, remains on the screen as long as there are youth and beauty. It was here that Jane and has demonstrated its inherent will and determination. In 1968, having received an invitation to play in a Sydney Pollack's "They Shoot Horses, do not liN" - friends and our audience - she and her daughter Vanessa chest ever left France, Vadim and usual way of. Pollack's film showed the world a totally new look, Jane - the actress who was not afraid to appear on the screen, tired, haggard-looking, poorly dressed for the sake of truth and vitality of the character played by her. Participation in a dance marathon, the Great Depression era in the United States was for her heroine - Gloria - the last attempt to survive. When she failed, she asked her partner to shoot her ... Award of the New York critics immediately created a fund halo Servants of genuine art, which further strengthened the "Klyut" (1971) - detective story about sexual maniac, kill prostitutes. Tu from them, which managed to survive thanks to the courage of the hero-detective (Donald Sutherland), brilliantly played by Jane, received for this role, the long-awaited Oscar. Its boiling temper was not enough professional. But if before the screen brightens up the monotony of life celebrities numerous novels, luxury toilets, expensive diamonds, a host of admirers, then Jane preferred the familiar set of social activities. It was promoted and a new husband - Tom Hayden - a former leader of Students for a Democratic Society. (Together with him and his son Troy eighteen months she came to Leningrad to take the "Blue Bird", . 1976, . which is very effectively played the night.) Among other masters of the screen Fund successfully opposed the war in Vietnam, . participated in protest marches in the U.S., . been at the front fighting, . on U.S. military bases overseas, . starred as herself in the documentary film "F,
. T. A. "(the initial letters of the words" Release the army ") - a political show for the soldiers (1972). Since this activity is connected and the second peak of her creativity: the role of American women who love a man, crippled in Vietnam, and gradually realize the full horror of this war. ( "Homecoming" Hal Ashby, 1978, again Oscar.) Growth of civic consciousness and the actress had dictated the choice of many other films, in which Jane starred in the 70-ies. The social comedy about the problems of unemployment ( "Fun adventure Dick and Jane", 1977), anti-fascist drama "Julia" (1977), the fight against nuclear danger ( "China Syndrome", 1979), environmental protection ( "Electric Horseman", 1979), and dp. In all these roles the actress was confident professional, energetic, active: the images of journalists and public figures are for her now as commonplace as in the early 70's - prostitutes. 80's marked a decline in the work of Funds. Civic glow faded, and her character was more space on the screen. She started acting at least, was once inconspicuous. Even in an autobiographical role in the movie "On Golden Pond" (1981) clearly outplayed the father of a daughter. Paintings as "Agnes of God" (1985), "The next morning" (1986), "Old gringo" (1989) and does have passed without success. But Jane is not allowed to forget about me. Taking care of his own figure, she has invented an exercise program for women, known as "aerobics". Cassettes, in which the Fund itself to show them off, huge editions differed not only in America but around the world, bringing more than fame and a very tangible financial income. In 1991, the Fund for the third time she married - for Ted Turner - the owner of a television company "Ti-bi-si", for her leaving his wife and five children. Together with Jane several trips to Moscow and would even come here mass sports races, in which the front runner.

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Jane Fonda (Fonda Jane), photo, biography
Jane Fonda (Fonda Jane), photo, biography Jane Fonda (Fonda Jane)  Actor, photo, biography
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