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Johnny Depp (John Christopher Depp)

( Actor)

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Biography Johnny Depp (John Christopher Depp)
photo Johnny Depp (John Christopher Depp)
Date of Birth: 09/06/1963

Johnny Depp (real name: John Christopher Depp III) was born in 1963, spent his childhood in Florida, constantly moving. His parents did-lis when he was 15 years old. In the 20 years he starred in the first "Nightmare on Elm Street" and then in several other lightweight youth films. In 1987-1990, he played in the popular television series "21 Jump Street and became one of the most promising young Hollywood stars. His face - in the pages of magazines and the walls of the girls' bedroom. At this point, Depp shows, . does not want to be pop idol: when, after years of hiatus, he appears on the silver screen, . He chooses the films of such directors, . as the king of bad taste, John Waters (Cry-Baby, . 1990) and trash-esthete Tim Burton ( "Edward Scissorhands"),
. It is on the set of the film Burton, Depp met in the Winona Ryder, with whom they were married in 1990. At that time, Depp did a tattoo Winona Forever - "Winona Forever". The choice of films showed that Depp refuses to mainstream Hollywood star career for teenagers, preferring to work with interesting directors, whose projects have always been on the verge of art Hausa.

The year 1993 was a turning point for Depp. In its own club The Viper Room ( "Gadyushnik and one-neous play on the word VIP) dies of a drug overdose, his friend, the young actor River Phoenix. In the same year, Depp parted with Uanonoy Ryder, then changing his tattoo on Wino Forever - "The wine is always on". It was only the first of the scandals that accompanied the period of life Depp: In 1994, after he had made a terrible defeat in the room an expensive New York hotel, he was briefly detained by police.

. At the same time, . he continues in films, . who would rather be called festivals: in 1993 he played in "dreams of Arizona" by Emir Kusturica, . and in 1994 played the role of the legendary producer of "bad movie" Ed Wood in the eponymous film by Tim Burton,
. His characters are always a little dreamers out of this world and the beauty inherent in the very Depp makes them even more "ethereal" - we can say that Edward Scissorhands asked for many years canon deppovskih roles. Vertex in this list should take a central role in the film by Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man" (1995), in which Depp played on the traveling Wild West and the transcendent world's namesake (reincarnation?) English poet-mystic William Blake. Disturbed black-and-white film Jarmusch has failed utterly in the American box office, but received several prestigious awards.

. Statements Depp to more massive genres, . such as a thriller ( "time", . 1995) or police film ( "Donnie Brasco", . 1997) give a good business results and further strengthens the reputation of Depp as one of the most gifted actors of his generation,
. In 1997 he was the film "The Brave", . cool greeted the audience and the critics, . then leaves the directing and removed in a shocking fil-me Terry Gilliam's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, . put on the famous novel by Hunter S. Thompson, . which tells about the adventures of crazy drug "alter ego" of the author in 1970,
. In this film, Depp refuses image "handsome": nalyso he shaved his face almost constantly distorted wide-angle shooting.

. In 1999, Depp was withdrawn in the dark futurological thriller "The Astronaut's Wife" and in the new film by Tim Burton's "The Sleeping dingle"
. Work on the film by Roman Polanski "Ninth Gate" requires of him a long stay in Europe. By the time the novel Depp with French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis, which was preceded by th different lengths with Cheryl Finn, Kate Moss and other celebrities, for-executors of the birth of his daughter, Lily-Rose Melody Depp,. In the end, Depp announced that he intends to settle in France.

. During 2000, should reach the screens, three new movie with Johnny Depp, taken by such filmmakers as Sally Porter (The Man Who Cried), Lass Halstrem ( "Chocolate") and Ted Demme
. On this list one can see that Depp is true to itself in its allegiances to the ordinary directors and films, attracted to art-house.

. Johnny Depp's favorite cars - a white Mercedes with an open top and a Porsche.

. On the face of Johnny lot of scars, but the big screen, it unnoticed.

. His father Depp half Cherokee Indian
. There is also an admixture of blood of the Irish and German.

Johnny Depp has its own bar on Sunset Boulevard, and he was there in his spare time he serves behind the bar. In addition, Johnny Paris has a restaurant Man Ray.

. Depp refused to participate in the movies: "Interview with the Vampire" (the role played by Tom Cruise), "Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt)," Speed "(Keanu Reeves).

. During the filming of "Ed Wood" Johnny was so accustomed to women's clothing, which almost ceased to shoot her than plunged into horror hotel workers.

. In Depp's 340 T-shirts and all black
. Also loves his white panamku.

Johnny with director Hunter sat in a hotel room five days bezvylazno. It was a bet. Defeated Depp.

Favorite alcohol Johnny - Whiskey Wild Turkey, Rubbing Alcohol, port and Zubrovka "

. Honorary Cesar - 1998

. Winner in the categories:
. Best actor in a horror movie
. 2000 Sleepy Hollow / Sleepy Hollow

. 1984 - "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
. 1985 - "Private Resort" (Private Resort)
. 1987-1990 - "21 Jump Street" (21 Jump Street)
. 1990 - "Cry-Baby" (Cry-Baby)
. 1990 - "Edward Scissorhands" (Edward Scissorhands)
. 1991 - Final Nightmare "(Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare)
. 1993 - "Anizonsky dream" (Arizona Dream)
. 1993 - "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" (What's Eating Gilbert Grape)
. 1994 - "Ed Wood" (Ed Wood)
. 1995 - "Dead Man" (Dead Man)
. 1995 - "At the last moment" (Nick of Time)
. 1997 - "Donnie Brasco" (Donnie Brasco)
. 1997 - "The Brave" (Brave, The)
. 1998 - "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
. 1999 - "The Ninth Gate" (Ninth Gate, The)
. 1999 - "The Astronaut's Wife" (Astronaut's Wife, The)
. 1999 - "Sleepy Hollow" (Sleepy Hollow)
. 2000 - "The Man Who Cried" (Man Who Cried, The)


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    Johnny Depp (John Christopher Depp), photo, biography
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