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Johnny Depp

( Actor)

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Johnny Depp (Depp Jonny).
Actor, director.
Johnny Depp was born June 9, 1963, Mr.. in the town Ovensboro (Kentucky).
Movies, even in the era of computerization of its total needs in a romantic hero. In the 90 years, this is not a simple mission was assigned to the fragile shoulders of Johnny Depp. Romantic charm hovers over many of his characters. Meager gestures, sad eyes, a minimum of words, and suddenly - a sudden explosion of emotions, leading to rupture of the hero with the world - this schema that are built most of his roles. Nature gave Johnny Depp's unusual appearance. Jet-black hair, particularly of the eyes, plump sensual mouth and turbulent temper confirm the assumption that in his veins the blood of the Indian. Family Depp was considered in Ovensboro disadvantaged. Another schoolboy Johnny began to use drugs. At age 16 he left home and joined the rock group "Kids". In 1987, a goal from Johnny Depp began acting in TV series "Jump Street, 21", which made him famous throughout America.
Decisive influence on the fate of Johnny Depp has had his meeting with director Tim Burton ( "Batman"). He decided to entrust the young actor the role of a monster with a mechanical gait and klatsayuschimi scissors instead of hands ( "Edward - Scissorhands, 1990). Johnny Depp has done with the task. However, in that its hero - a wretched cripple, to quickly forget, as you see in front of a brilliant artist, a creative new reality of what falls under his scissors - the trees, dogs, women's hairstyles, blocks of ice. But no matter how talented or was Edward, the human world rejects it, forcing the return to his solitude.
. Since then, the role of the mysterious eccentrics, . feel their alienation, . become a feature of Johnny Depp in the movie: long-haired simulator Bester Keaton, . becoming the only other girl's insane ( "Benny and Joon, . 1993), a beautiful young man with mental health issues, . living in an imaginary world of strong passions ( "Don Juan De Marco", . 1995), a young man, . imagined himself a poet William Blake ( "Dead Man", . 1995),
. Aura of romanticism surrounding Depp, there is even in this very realistic film like "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", produced in America, the Swedish director Holstromom. Johnny Depp played him in the eldest son of a widow whose husband committed suicide. Circumstances forced him to take upon its shoulders the care of their own brothers.
Johnny Depp but has not received any special education, a decade of work in film is not passed in vain. Each new role demonstrates his increased skill and desire to expand its Role. Actual exam was for him the film "Ed Wood" (dir. T. Burton, 1994), dedicated to the life and work of Hollywood director Wood. This mediocre craftsman, . exiled from Hollywood after the movie "Glen or Glenda - I changed my sex" (1953), . in the 80 years was announced by the artist-innovator, . far ahead of its time, . and his film "Glen or Glenda" - a manifesto of sexual minorities,
. It is known that Wood was a transvestite, and of all things feminine wardrobe especially fond of angora sweaters, nice body tickling.
Directed by Tim Burton, without a moment's doubt, who should play the main role. However, the producers had some misgivings about the "driver's" gait Burton favorite, still rides his motorcycle super-power. After a few rehearsals and see the movie "Glen or Glenda" actor absorbed light, just the dances gait Wood. However gait changed and dramatic style of Johnny Depp. She was relaxed and easy. Most of all was surprised director Tim Burton: "I've never seen Johnny in such a direct and open". Indeed, in this movie, Johnny Depp used to a whole new arsenal of expressive tools. It shows a sort of Ed Wood incorrigible optimist and somewhat paranoid, sincerely believes in his own genius. The enthusiasm and optimism helped to overcome voodoo universal contempt and leave some traces in the world of cinema.
No less interesting was an address by the actor in the criminal genre - the film "Donnie Brasco" (1996). FBI agent who managed to gain the confidence of the boss of a criminal organization (Al Pacino), is experiencing severe internal drama of the need to bring those who saw him as a reliable and trusted friend. As the hour of slaughter, in the soul of Donny is growing confusion and terror of the inevitability of betrayal. Donnie ceases to communicate with family, do not get in touch with the police. But, ultimately, the duty police officer takes precedence over ordinary human feelings. Information provided by him led to the arrest of 200 people and killed the boss. Duration gloomy melancholy, environmental hero, gave special color to the figure of Donnie Brasco and the entire film.
. A certain turn in the creative biography of Johnny Depp became a film "just in time" (1995), . in which he vigorously and excitedly played the role of terrorist involuntarily, . who took the gun in the hands exclusively of the need to save the life of her child,
. Points in a thin gold-rimmed spectacles, close-cropped hair, an elegant suit and tie completely changed the face of Johnny Depp. But most importantly, by way of Gene Watson, Johnny Depp has demonstrated what can spend the most different roles, not just the ones where necessary eerieness introspection and outright hostility towards the world. And this is the good news about the idol of American teenagers that turned into an interesting and versatile actor. Johnny Depp in 1997. debuted in the cinema as rezhissser film "The Brave". And although he did not use

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  • LucyVesterna for Johnny Depp
  • In all his films, he just gorgeous, love it)))
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