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Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)

( Actress)

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Born June 21, 1973 in Los - Angeles (California, USA). His father, Geoffrey Lewis - actor, mother, Glenys Betli - artist - schedule. In cinema Juliet debuted in 1980 in the film `Any Which Way You Can` Clint Eastwood, and she began to seriously be removed in twelve years on television. At the age of fourteen years, Juliette has been at her request, the court considered an adult, that child labor laws do not restrict the development of her career, and moved to Hollywood. The first of its prominent role - in a sensational TV movie 'Too young to die'. Young, . but already a famous actress known to audiences primarily on such pictures, . as `Cape Fear '(1991) Martin Scorsese - her first Oscar nomination for` `, . 'Husbands and Wives' (1992) Woody Allen, . `Natural Born Killers` (1994) Oliver Stone, . `From Dusk Till Dawn '(1996) with George Clooney and Harvey Keitel.,

. Article:
. At the age of 14 years, Juliette Lewis appealed to the Court of California, to
. it was officially recognized by an adult
. Why? And then - to a law prohibiting children under 16 years of work, it is excluded. In her 15 years with a bang out of high school, and some time later, she left her parents. It remains to add that in 16 young actress became the bride of Brad Pitt.

At 18 she was nominated for Oscar and won a prize 'Golden Globe' for the role of sexual teenage girl in the film 'Cape Fear'. She is always possible role of hysterical, but devilishly seductive, early in the grown up girls. Mastery dramatic actress, she confirmed a woman playing a difficult fate in 'husbands and wives' Woody Allen. And when, in 1994, came on the screens' Natural Born Killers "Oliver Stone, the audience (and a film industry professionals) are simply dazzled by how to play and that is capable of this so young talent.
Her heroines were always out of this world, communicate with loonies, flirted with danger. Unfortunately, psychology has little displace the heroines of her own: a talented actress struck up drugs, alcohol and depression.

Juliette herself argues that all the problems began when she broke up with Brad. However, the underlying cause should seem to look in the difficult childhood. Lewis was born in Hollywood family. Her father, a dramatic actor Geoffrey Lewis, parted with her mother, a painter-decorator, when she was only two years. My daughter stayed with her father. He took the baby with him to the shooting because of her house no one to leave. The first film, starring Juliette (though in the crowd) was released more than 20 years ago. Young actress is not shooting inspired 'It was hot, dusty and terribly boring'.

Nevertheless, almost tasted the charms of actor's profession, Juliette plunged into her head. At age 12 she played the first big role in the television series 'Family matters', and at 14, having a legal right to work five hours a day, has devoted himself exclusively to improving the skills of acting. Took off from the parental home, she moved to a former friend of his father, Karen Black, 48-year-old actress, which quickly found a common language. Barely a few days, and Juliette was arrested in one of the nightclubs as a minor for consumption of alcoholic beverages. Then drive to the police and showered. True, the first time the officer on duty let Juliet, when he heard her famous father, who had come for my daughter to the police station, and even gave him the police report. Ever since this landmark document, increased to an enormous size, adorns one of the rooms in her house. Then, at fifteen, she stole his father's car: they just wanted to ride with a girlfriend in Hollywood, 'as adults'. The father immediately discovered the theft and told the police, neither sleep nor the spirit of not knowing that her daughter has. Juliet quickly found, but it is tough watching fighters (although it would be better to say: After playing in them), decided to flog a police jeep to race and not fitted into the turn at high speed. Then the reasons for detention were more serious: drugs.

It was then, in 1989, she met no one had known Brad Pitt while filming 'Too young to die? ". Brad was over the age of 10 years, Juliette. As usual in Hollywood, on-set affair began, overgrown in many beautiful relationships. They lived together for four happy years and have already decided that we were married in a couple of years, but fate had a different way. Juliette and Brad's relationship ended after a joint survey in the film 'California', where Pitt played a murderer, and Lewis - his girlfriend without a murmur. Brad began work on the film 'Seven' with Gwyneth Paltrow, and his new passion overflowed. Five years after the break Juliet confessed in an interview that still loves him, can never forget that no man in the world can not take his place. But today, perhaps, her glance and the first great love has been changed: 'It's funny to remember our beautiful novel'.

After the 'California' Juliette starred in a whole repertoire of successful films. Her acting talent has shaken even experienced audience. She played with Gary Oldman in 'wounded Romeo', with Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio in the film 'What's eating Gilbert Grape, "with Woody Harrelson in" Natural Born Killers'. There is a continuing inspiration. This is a normal phenomenon in Hollywood. But I never allowed myself to fall in love with a partner, even such a bright, as Clooney and Woody Harrelson. I just get used to the image and how to try on her feelings and emotions of her heroine. And if some of the actors said that he never starts a novel at work, then it's simply disingenuous'.

Directed by Oliver Stone, after filming 'Natural Born Killers' said about her: 'Young, cruel, hungry predator, a lover to flex its muscles'.

George Clooney said about his young partner: 'It is an amazing actress, a very strong personality and very talented'. Most Lewis also enjoyed working with Clooney, . on the other, she replied as follows: 'Johnny Depp with his reputation lady was on the set a shy young man, . who has a sense of humor is not all right, . DiCaprio looked stupid and immature boys; Oldman - inscrutable creature extraterrestrial origin ... ' Only here with Robert De Niro play was a little scary: Lewis was very afraid to make a blunder Maitre,
. However, she not only failed the role, but got over it two prestigious awards ...

Juliette is now recognized that even in 13 smoked grass, but closer to 20 hooked on serious drugs. 'I am no longer able to renounce them, and on the set without them could not. Life ceased to please me. But I do not blame the fact that she was unable to protect themselves from this, neither parents nor friends, neither Brad nor movies, which starred. I just proved to be weaker than thought. I understood that to stop, but how to do it, do not know. Almost a half years I was locked in his own house in order to 'clean up' the soul and 'wash' glass through which I look at life. I'm sure I was able to escape completely from the yoke of the past, and no longer afraid to look into the future '.

Now, in a strict girl in a modest black dress and garnished with a bundle of hair not know that reckless teenage hooligan. The only thing that gives her stormy past - a bright tattoo on his shoulder. 'I will get rid of it', - Juliette adds apologetically, as if schoolgirl caught on copying.

In 1996 she starred in the film 'Evening Star', where she played the granddaughter of Shirley MacLaine. This tape has had on Lewis is so depressing impact that it refuses to even watch it. After working on his actress voluntarily underwent a course of treatment in a rehabilitation center near Florida, where her mother lives. Some years it took Juliet to look into yourself. Three and a half years of it nobody has heard, however it is not forgotten. But she returned, her first role after the break - 24-year-old girl, held a special training school for the mentally retarded and is trying now to break the barrier that separates it from the world, and become a full member of society.

'I went to school for children who are lagging behind in development for a long time watching a girl - recalls Juliet. - She said, and emotions were written on her face. I took her facial expressions and mannerisms. I have long searched for, as I share what my heroine is lagging behind in development, but full of life. And it is here realized that my former problems with drugs - not the most serious in the world.
The time when I was playing tough girls and was trying to imitate them in life. I want to help other heroines make people think about what they spend precious time allotted to them by God on this earth. I know that have the unique ability to be totally unsuitable for the screen. Can be a stunning beauty, but can and ugly.
Most of even the talented actresses simply can not be ugly and playing ordinary people. I can. 'm Not afraid to show the nasty side of human nature '.

Now she is working on micro-finance projects in London. Amazingly, this happens just a few miles from the studio where they filmed her ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt. Juliet says that she has no desire to see his ex-boyfriend, and that all feelings have long passed into oblivion. But the devil is not joking?..

Yes, it seems, little Juliette really grown up: changed not only the appearance, but their lives. The more recently she has been married. Steve Berra, a professional skateboarder, - a man from a totally different world. Such marriages are a rarity in Hollywood. 'We met with friends and did not advertise our relationships for a long time. It may seem that this is another my teenage prank, but it is not so. I found Steve that unsuccessfully searched for in men. He - my support. This is an infinite tenderness and confidence that is essential for every woman '.

While the immediate plans of the actress is not part of the extended family, Juliet admits that he dreams of a time when his career will be able to defer to the second plan and devote himself to children.

Well, it seems, 'bad girl' is actually changed. She has a family and a lot of suggestions from well-known directors. It remains to see what choice they make and what will please us in the near future. Actress, . however, . no hurry to sign contracts, . After all, now is not the only concern in her life: 'Once I had a lot of difficulties and unpleasant worries, . and now the only problem on the horizon - with whom I celebrate the day of birth: mother, . father or husband's family ',

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  • Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)

Photos of Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)
Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)

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Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis), photo, biography
Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis), photo, biography Juliette Lewis (Juliette Lewis)  Actress, photo, biography
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