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Will Smith (Will Smith)

( Actor)

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Biography Will Smith (Will Smith)
photo Will Smith (Will Smith)
Will Smith was the second child of four children, Willard Smith Sr., who worked in a refrigeration company, and his wife, Caroline. Will grew up in a middle class family in West Philadelphia and the school has earned the nickname "Prince" - because thanks to his charm and gab deftly extricate himself from all kinds of trouble.

Thanks to advances in learning, Will received a proposal for scholarships from MIT, but declined to school, choosing a career in show business. Inspired by contemporary music, almost a dozen years, Smith began to play "rap" and at a party, met up with Jeff Townes. Soon they began performing together as DJ jazzy Jeff and the Prince of Cool, and together they released two platinum albums, one of which received Grammy Awards. When the duo's popularity has declined, Smith took up - and spent a lot of money - a house, cars and jewelry.

But he was looking for a new field of application of their forces when, in 1989, met Benny Medina, the administrator of "Warner Brothers" - have had to plan a sitcom, which is based on Smith's life in Beverly Hills. Smith liked the idea, as he liked, and NBC, which in 1990 launched a "tough Prince of Bel-Air". The plot was simple - Will basically played himself, intelligent boy from West Philadelphia, entered in Beverly Hills. Serial, . was produced by Quincy Jones, . was six years, . and its success has allowed Smith to pay the debts on taxes, . Although he became a millionaire at the age of eighteen, . and enter into a professional Hollywood circles, . where it took as his other African-Americans: Jones, . Bill Cosby, . Whoopi Goldberg, . Sidney Poitier, . Denzel Washington.,

. Incidentally, it was not the last time Will help advice when Smith had the courage to play in a movie
. Critics took note after Smith's movie "Six Degrees of exclusion" (1993). Success came with the militants "Bad Boys" (1995), and Will's career has moved up the hill - was showered with offers, and he began to ask for $ 5 million for filming. In 1996, Smith played in "Independence Day" heroic pilot Steven Hiller, fighting with aliens. Sadly, although the actor was the undoubted star of his three-year marriage to Sheri Zampino ended in December 1995 in divorce, and their son stayed with his mother.

Summer of 1997, Smith returned to the rap and sci-fi genre blockbuster "Men in Black". The success of the single "Men in Black" inspired him to new work in the studio, and in November 1997 to sell released their first album in four years "in the style of the Big Willy". Year of Will and his old love Jada Pinkett completed the wedding ceremony in New Year's Eve. Currently, Smith intends to withdraw the draft "Snake Eyes" and play a major role in the drama of baseball director John Singleton.

. Winner in the categories: Best Actor
. 1999 - Enemy of the State
. / Enemy of the State
. 1998 - Men in black
. / Men in Black
. 1997 - Independence Day
. / Independence Day

. Winner in the categories: Best Actor
. 2002 - Ali / Ali
. Best Kiss
. (a stranger)
. Best song for the movie 1998 - Men in black
. / Men in Black
. Best Kiss
. (with Vivica Hey
. Fox)
. 1997 - Independence Day
. / Independence Day

. Winner in the categories: Worst song to the movie worst screen duo (with Kevin Kline)
. 2000 - Wild Wild West
. / Wild Wild West

. Men in Black 2
. / Men in Black II, 2002
. Ali
. / Ali, 2001
. Legend of Beggere Vincennes
. / The Legend of Bagger Vance, 2000
. Wild Wild West
. / Wild Wild West, 1999
. Enemy of the State
. / Enemy of the State, 1998
. Men in Black
. / Men in Black, 1997
. Independence Day
. / Independence Day, 1996
. Bad Boys
. / Bad Boys, 1995
. Made in America
. / Made in America, 1993
. Six degrees of alienation
. / Six Degrees of Separation, 1993

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  • I am interested in one detail, whether the actors contacted directly? As aficionados я-п+я+п¦я-я-я¦я¦ madly poobschyatsya with him if reslno then please contact me by e-mail!
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    Will Smith (Will Smith), photo, biography
    Will Smith (Will Smith), photo, biography Will Smith (Will Smith)  Actor, photo, biography
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