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Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller)

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Biography Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller)
Ben Stiller was born November 30, 1965 in New York, USA, in a family of actors. Ben's father, Jerry Stiller, was a variety show humorist and his mother, Anne of the World, was shot on television. Ben and his sister, Amy learned show business in a family atmosphere, imitating mom and dad - would write funny as they thought, pictures and push them in front of older. In 10 years, Ben made his debut in front of the camera: he appeared in guest roles in television series "Kate McShane", where the main role played by his mother.

In 1976, the mother and father bought him a 8-millimeter movie camera. Ben immediately enlisted his sister to his assistants and began to shoot-yourself cinema, in which he usually inventive revenge tall man, haunted him in the street. In 1983, Stiller graduated from high school and enrolled at the University of California at kinootdelenie. Held there for a year, he decided that it is not borrowed for themselves is nothing new, and so he returned to New York and enrolled in acting class.

. Soon he found himself an agent and in 1985 received one of the main roles in the Broadway play "The House of blue leaves" John Guara
. The play was a huge success, won four awards "Tony" and Ben Stiller gained a reputation as a promising young actor. But he had not yet decided on what path it should go - for acting or directing. Playing in the play, he shot and mounted parallel polulyubitelskie short films, which usually played by his colleagues in the theater. Especially big success was a 10-minute parody of Martin Scorsese film "The Color of Money" where he played Stiller Tom Cruise and his partner, John Mehouni - Paul Newman. Film with this film came to the table producers humorous TV show "Live broadcast on Saturday evening, and they immediately bought the rights to it.

In 1987, the director's creation Stiller was first shown on TV. He immediately began to be invited to act in films and on television. He is very good debut on the big screen - in "Empire of the Sun" by Steven Spielberg, then starred in the TV version of the play "The House of blue leaves" on the TV channel PBS; and, . Finally, . received an invitation to enter into a permanent transfer of the live broadcast on Saturday night ", . which is the highest recognition for a comedian,
. However, the "live" Stiller spent one season. He does not fit into the style of the show - his own sense of humor was much darker and sardonichnee. In 1990, Stiller received a proposal from the MTV set sitcom "Back to Brooklyn". His work so impressed that he offered to go to a weekly entertainment TV show on musical themes. Stiller bravely agreed, the show turned out great, but the musical theme in it was not enough, and so a year later at the MTV dismissed him. However, Stiller immediately invited the cable channel Fox, and Ben continued his mockery of show business. The highlight of his early television career began to transfer, parodied series "Beverly Hills, 90210". She, incidentally, provoked the wrath of a powerful producer Aaron Spelling, is producing this series.

. It is difficult to say whether the attacks have affected Spelling v. Ben Stiller Show "on the fate of its author, but they certainly did not improve his relationship with TV critics
. "Who is this Ben Stiller, had assumed the sole right to establish criteria so funny?" - Ask at the time the Washington Post. - Actually this is just an upstart with a large family connections in show business, which in the name of parents, scratched his airtime ". Fox covered the "Ben Stiller Show" just six months after his debut. However, Stiller and his co Judd Apatow got as a consolation prize Emmy Award for best scenario work. This award was for Stiller pass to Hollywood.

. In 1994, he made scathing satirical strip "Reality Bites", which recognized the "Requiem for Generation X" - the college students who do not wish to accept the world as it is
. In this picture, Stiller played a major role, but in small roles, he invited his mother Ann and sister Amy Worldwide Stiller. Cameo role in "Reality ..." played by Jeanne Tripplehorn, then girlfriend lives Stiller. In Cinemas' reality ... " passed unnoticed, but later became a cult hit on video. This Stiller unable to get a second director's work: in 1996 he put the black comedy "Cable Guy" with Jim Carrey. Not all viewers appreciate dark humor director; issue of "Cable Guy" considered a commercial failure, despite respectable fees - about 60 million in domestic box office. However, against the background of the 20 millionth fee Jim Carrey, they no longer seem trustworthy. And while Stiller got on the other side of the camera. Also in 1996, he starred in the low-budget tragicomedy "Do not wake a sleeping dog, and two years later, spectacularly lit up in the wildly successful comedy" Everyone's crazy about Mary ". Since then, invariably referred to as Stiller actor. And indeed - in recent years he has starred in many films: the drama "Your friends and neighbors Neil La Bute; kinokomikse" Mysterious People "; poludokumentalnoy-poluimprovizatsionnoy tape of James Toback" Black and White ", a comedy of manners" Keeping the faith ", . where he played the lover of a rabbi.,

. A little more - and Stiller will be a real movie star
. When in May 2000, he celebrated the wedding to actress Christine Taylor, on the celebration brought together many paparazzi. Of course, one can not take into account the fact that Ben's fiancee - also a celebrity: Taylor played Marcia Brady in the film version of the popular series "Family Brady". Stiller and Taylor met in 1999 while working on the project TV show, which he had to shoot for Fox. The project was never realized, but now Stiller does not blame the leaders of Fox that they are already the second time, let him. "Ultimately, everything pays off - laughing, he says. - Television was the source of the greatest disappointments in my life. And at the same time, thanks to television, I find his wife, which you can only dream. Fortunately, I did not have to please the bride's parents as it makes my hero in the movie "Meet The Parents."

. Incidentally, the main role in "Dating", brought together in the American box office over 100 million dollars and became one of the most unexpected sensation in Hollywood, was supposed to play Jim Carrey.

. In the near future the sexiest comedian of America (on a poll the magazine People) will begin work on the second series of paintings
. Screenwriter Jim Herttsfeld already received an order for the script the movie "Meet the Fokker (Fokker - the parents of the hero Stiller). In this tape the audience is waiting for catastrophically fail organized parents' familiarity with the parents of the bride groom

. Winner in the categories:
. Best comedy role
. 2001 - Meet The Parents / Meet the Parents
. Best Kiss
. 1999 - Something about Mary / There's Something About Mary
. Zoolander
. / Zoolander, 2001
. Meet The Parents
. / Meet The Parents, 2000
. Keeping the faith
. / Keeping The Faith, 2000
. Kings rock
. / Suburbans, The, 1999
. Black and white
. / Black And White, 1999
. Mysterious people
. / Mystery Men, 1999
. Eternal Midnight
. / Permanent Midnight, 1998
. Something about Mary
. / There's Something About Mary, 1998
. Principle investigator Zero
. / Zero Effect, 1998
. Cable
. / Cable Guy, The, 1996
. Do not wake a sleeping dog
. / Flirting With Disaster, 1996
. Zhirtresty
. / Heavyweights, 1995
. Reality Bites
. / Reality Bites, 1994
. Empire of the Sun
. / Empire Of The Sun, 1987

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Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller), photo, biography
Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller), photo, biography Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller)  Actor, photo, biography
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