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Vince Vaughn / Vince Vaughn /

( Actor)

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Vincent Anthony Vaughn (Vincent Anthony Vaughn) was born March 28, 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). He became the third and probably the most sought-after child in the family (but that time he already had two older sisters). The mother of the family had a tendency to double-V - hence the name of Vince, his sisters (Valerie, Victoria), as well as the names of pets (dogs): Viking, Vero and Vladimir.

His father Vernon was born in Brewster (Ohio). To feed his family, he went to work on the railroad, leaving the family farm, which does not bring much income. This was followed by work at the plant in a psychiatric hospital and a private firm. Vince's mother, Sharon, was a local beauty queen. She first tried his hand at hairdressing business, was after the real estate agents. Until now, she collects some newspaper clippings and photos of Vince, and very proud of. In 1991, Vince's parents divorced.

From childhood to follow the trodden path and his peers to be a model child of Vince did not work. When the boy was 5 years old, the school psychiatrist advised him to take tablets for calming hyperactivity disorder - a time Vince even attended a special class.

. Even when Vince started to get involved in play-acting, with 8 years playing in musical theater Dedi Uorbeksa
. At school he was a popular athlete, an actor and at the same time, the humorist, who was nearly left for the second year. To ensure that completed the last year, he ran for class president, won and was released from school.

Vince could become a professional athlete, but in 17 years had an accident and hurt his back. Some weeks he spent in the hospital - the doctor advised him to leave the sport and Vince has shifted all its attention on the actors' game. As soon began to seem that everything in life is adjusted, Vince collected bags and headed for Hollywood - if he was not yet twenty. The next seven years he has worked in almost complete obscurity - made some progress on television, but his real target was the big screen.

. Vince's first leading role was in the movie 'Rudy' / Rudy /, but most of the scenes with his participation was cut and the film debut turned doubtful
. Here he met his best friend Jon Favreau, who was born in the East, such as making his way actor. John wrote the screenplay for the film 'Party People' / Swingers /, who directed the director Doug Liman. They described their own lives and those of unemployed actors. Their friendship and the real adventure formed the basis for the film. Do me a favor to his friend, starring in the film, Vince had no idea what this role will be a push for his career. Vince and John, as Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, create their own tickets from the 'actor's non-existence'. They caught the moment, and Hollywood just answered them in kind.

Film about two friends, losers, roamed the streets and bars of Los Angeles has become a cult hit. Painting unexpectedly received critical acclaim, although it has not become a big commercial hit. The character of Trent, based on the personality and individuality of the Vince made him a true sex symbol. A phrase from the lexicon of the hero Vaughn: 'beautiful babies' and 'you're money' have become fashionable and still Vince periodically asked to pronounce them.

It was in this role, Vince said Steven Spielberg and invited sequel "Jurassic Park. Ribbon gave Vince promotion, in which he needed at the moment.

But we can not say that Vaughn immediately showered great offers - he had a small role in the film 'The Locusts', then followed by a drama about New York limo driver - 'Return to Paradise' / Return to Paradise /. Vince's hero must return to Malaysia to save the life of an old friend (played by Joaquin Phoenix), who was sentenced to death for drug smuggling. In 1998, the screens went black comedy "Clay Pigeons' / Clay Pigeons /, where Vince played a serial killer, sociopath.

. The film's cool and dry place '/ A Cool, Dry Place / he plays a lawyer, after a divorce, trying to defend their right to education of son
. However, we can say that this family melodrama in the end received only a 'cool and dry' feedback from both critics and viewers from.

In 1998, Vince played Norman Bates in the remake of Hitchcock's 'Psycho' / Psycho /, which took Gus Van Sant. The film was greeted with a rather cool and the game Vince was pretty mixed reviews.

After the failure of 'psychosis' Vince took a couple of years to rest, and in 2000 it reappeared on the big screen with a pair of films.

First there was a 'cage' / The Cell / - thriller, became one of the best from a visual point of view, the project. Jennifer Lopez plays a child psychologist, who dug in the brains of comatose serial killer (Vincent D'Onofrio) to find out where the hidden one of his victims. Vince plays an FBI agent who leads the case.

. Then followed another thriller - 'The Phantom Menace' / Domestic Disturbance / John Travolta, which was replaced by Vince Role and already has played the main villain, stepfather, hides from his new family in its true colors.

. In 2003, together with Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson, Vaughn starred in the film 'old school' / Old School / director Todd Phillips
. The film is practically unknown in Russia (by virtue of a purely American subjects, we have been released straight to video) was a success in the United States, and became the first major breakthrough in recent years, Vince. Tape has become one of the many joint activities tacit kinobandy 'The Frat Pack', which includes Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson and Ben Stiller

. Comedy, . that these guys take off, . Tosu cast in different versions are almost always successful - 'Starsky and Hutch' / Starsky and Hutch / Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, . where Vaughn played the role of mafia; 'bouncers' / Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story /, . which also proved to be chic Ben Stiller, . opposed for the plot of the movie hero Vince,
. Also had a small role in a benefit performance of Will Ferrell's 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy' / Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy /.

. And, lastly, coming in this year's 'Wedding Crashers', where in addition to Vaughan and Wilson, in a small, but very memorable role was lit Will Ferrell
. The fee for this role, Vince was about $ 3 million, although its next work actor will have an order of magnitude larger - Ribbon 'gap' / The Break Up / bring in his piggy bank about $ 12 million.


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Vince Vaughn / Vince Vaughn /, photo, biography
Vince Vaughn / Vince Vaughn /, photo, biography Vince Vaughn / Vince Vaughn /  Actor, photo, biography
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