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Wesley Snipes (Wesley Snipes)

( Actor)

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Biography Wesley Snipes (Wesley Snipes)
photo Wesley Snipes (Wesley Snipes)
Wesley Snipes was born July 31, 1962 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Shortly after the birth of Wesley, his mother moved to New York, where she single-handedly brought up her son and three daughters. Mother was brought up by his intellectual and a perfectionist. It was her first time devoted to classes of young Wesley at the Manhattan School of Performing Arts (the same one that was shown in the movie "Glory"), where the boy worked long and hard drama, choreography and vocal.

In the end, he stopped at the hypocrisy, because it was easy to represent yourself to be the heroes. When Wesley was in high school, his mother unexpectedly returned to Florida, and he had to part with the Manhattan School. In Florida, as Wesley and his friends put puppet show Struttin 'Street Stuff, which they performed in the parks.

. After school, Snipes returned to New York, enrolled at the University of New York at the department acting and graduated with honors, receiving a Bachelor of
. Like most novice actors, after graduation Snipes had to change a dozen works, before he found a place on the stage. Began his career by shooting in advertising and Broadway debut in the drama, on the war in Vietnam - "Winter boys."

. But - really the beginning of everything put a video clip "Bad", where Snipes played a young gangster who threatened Michael Jackson
. The game attracted the attention of actor Spike Lee, and he invited Snipes to appear in "Mo 'Better Blues" and then in the "Jungle Fever". Leaving pictures Snipes became a celebrity.

They say tests on the movie "Wild Cats" Snipes intimidated - and conquered - Goldie Hawn vulgar compliment to her gorgeous bust. Wesley was soon recognized as one of the main actors' hopes, but in People magazine poll made the list of 50 men Krasavchikov. Acted in a number of paintings of sports ( "Golden Street" (1986), . "Major League" (1989), . White Can not Jump "(1992, . nomination for the MTV Movie Awards)), . Wesley gained fame in dramatic or tragikomediynyh tapes so-called New York School, . such as the "King of New York Abel Ferrara (1990), . "New Jack City Mario Van Peebles (1991, . nomination for the MTV Movie Awards), . "Sugar Hill" Leon Itsaso (1993), . which played renegades, . criminals or people, . way or another do not fit into normal life.,

. The success of the New York bands with Snipes made Hollywood pay attention to the new singer - he played police officers in the movies "Passenger 57" (1992) and "Rising Sun" (1993), . in the latter part of which has already been rewritten in per Snipes,

. During this period, the actor was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards for "Dancing on Water" (1992) and the Image Awards for "American Dream" (1996).

. How would an elemental talent and natural temperament of the actor allow him organically exist on the screen in the most unexpected circumstances - "Demolition Man" (1993, . nomination for the MTV Movie Awards), he clearly outplay Sylvester Stallone, . Distinguishing depicting hooligan from the future,
. In the manner of farce played transvestite in the film "To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar" (1995). In addition to filming in action movies and thrillers such as "Money Train" (1995) and "fan" (1996) does not refuse to participate in the melodramatic stories, "In anticipation of expiration" (1995) and "Appointment for one night" (1997, Best actor Film Festival in Venice).

. For the "servants of the law" Snipes, along with Tommy Lee Jones was nominated for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
. Of recent successes in the genre "Action" should be called a dramatic image poluvampira-polucheloveka in horror blockbuster "Blade" (1998, prize Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and a nomination at the MTV Movie Awards).

. During his career, Snipes has produced a lot (for him a dozen of projects) and actively participated in sports: carried away "Kapoeta" - a form of Brazilian martial arts - and reached the fifth given, can now wear a black belt ..
. About his personal life Snipes refused to speak. But we know that in the breaks between filming he lives in his home in Malibu. From ex-wife April he had a 12-year-old son Jilani. April and Wesley were divorced in 1990, but try to maintain a good relationship for the sake of the child

. Winner in the categories: Best Actor in a horror movie
. 1999 - Blade / Blade

. International Venice Film Festival winner in the categories: Best Actor
. 1997 - Appointment for one night / One Night Stand

. Blade 2
. / Blade II, 2002
. The Art of War
. / Art Of War, The, 2000
. Bay in the bone
. / Play It to the Bone, 1999
. Blade
. / Blade, 1998
. Servants Act
. / US
. Marshals, 1998
. Appointment for one night
. / One Night Stand, 1997 Murder in the White House
. / Murder At 1600, 1997
. American Dream
. / America's Dream, 1996
. A fan
. / Fan, The, 1996
. To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar
. / To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, 1995
. In anticipation of expiration
. / Waiting to Exhale, 1995
. Money Train
. / Money Train, 1995
. Drop Zone
. / Drop Zone, 1994
. Sugar Hill
. / Sugar Hill, 1993
. Destroyer
. / Demolition Man, 1993
. Rising Sun
. / Rising Sun, 1993
. Boiling Point
. / Boiling Point, 1993
. Passenger 57
. / Passenger 57, 1992
. Dancing Water
. / Waterdance, The, 1992
. White Can not Jump
. / White Men Can't Jump, 1992
. Jungle Fever
. / Jungle Fever, 1991
. New Jack City
. / New Jack City, 1991
. Mo 'Better Blues
. / Mo 'Better Blues, 1990
. King of New York
. / King Of New York, 1990
. Major League
. / Major League, 1989
. Golden Street
. / Streets Of Gold, 1986
. Wildcats
. / Wildcats, 1986

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Wesley Snipes (Wesley Snipes), photo, biography
Wesley Snipes (Wesley Snipes), photo, biography Wesley Snipes (Wesley Snipes)  Actor, photo, biography
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